Ergoal One Office Chair, Holika Holika Sale, Metroid Dread (Pre-Order), VitalSleep Snoring Bundle, Rockspace WiFi Range Extender, And More

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WiFi 2100 Mbps WiFi Range Extender | $54 | Amazon | Clip coupon

You have your router setup upstairs but your Xbox all the way down in the basement? Just far enough away to introduce lag or disconnect periodically over WiFi with no feasible way to thread an ethernet cable directly to the router through your walls and ceiling? A WiFi Range Extender can help minimize lag for data transmission time. Adding additional access points around your home can help alleviate WiFi dead spots due to thick walls or rooms just being a bit out of reach from the router. This model can add coverage of up to 1292 square feet and provides up to 1734 Mbps performance over 5 GHz networks and supports fiber internet up to 2100 Mbps. It’s universally compatible with any router, so no need to worry about that replacing yours to take advantage of a larger span of WiFi. This WiFi Range Extender is listed at $90, but you can get it for a full 40% off by clipping the coupon on the item page.

EZVIZ WiFi video doorbell | $90 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

Ring Doorbell has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years, but for many, it can still be tough to justify spending $180. This EZVIZ WiFi video doorbell offers an affordable alternative at half the price. The video captures a 180-degree field of view, night vision of up to 16ft, and an omni-directional microphone with noise suppression and echo cancellation facilitating two-way communication. Pull up the video feed on the supported app and be alerted on your phone when someone is in view. You can go back and watch up to three hours of cloud-saved footage. It also comes with faceplates in various colors to better match the outside of your home. Amazon has the EZVIZ WiFi video doorbell for $100, but you can save and additional $10 when clipping the coupon on the item page.

25% off All Meal Plans | Real Eats | GETREAL25

I’ve been using Real Eats on and off the last year, and boy has it been a game-changer for someone very busy. A review box came my way, and I’ve been in love pretty much since. There is something for everyone with plans ranging from fours meals a week to twelve. For the rest of the month, grab 25% off any plan you pick to start your journey through the tasty world of sous vide meals.

Apple MagSafe Charger | $30 | Amazon

Apple’s Lightning cable did wonders for those of us who struggle to get our USB cables plugged in the right way, but it’s still a pain to get just right in the dark sometimes. The company’s newly reborn MagSafe Charger, however, magnetically slaps a charger (or a slew of other accessories) to the back of your iPhone 12 without hogging up your Lightning port. Finally solving the issue of not being able to plug in headphones and charge at the same time (though it does not solve the issue of me not owning lightning port headphones).

Metroid Dread (Pre-order)| $60 | Walmart

Perhaps the biggest surprise announcement this year was that of the upcoming Metroid game that isn’t Metroid Prime 4. No, Metroid Dread is a sidescroller made by the same team behind Samus Returns. Story-wise, this is set after the events of Metroid Fusion making it the last in the timeline and it will supposedly conclude this story arc. Most intriguing is the games inclusion the robot E.M.M.I—a new Resident Evil styled enemy always in pursuit of you. Surely the moments with E.M.M.I is what earns the game’s title its namesake. Metroid Dread is available for pre-order now and releases October 8th, 2021. Pre-ordering from Walmart will get you an exclusive Metroid Dread Samus Mug. Pour yourself a little coffee and have yourself some breakfast in dread.

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct Watch | $180 | Amazon

A must-own for anyone who takes fitness seriously. With GPS and a heart rate monitor, you can track a ton of useful data to see how you’re improving in your runs or workout. Some fitness watches can go close to or even over a thousand dollars, but really all you need is something that can tell you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve gone, and what your heart rate is. This is all you need. You can get a Garmin Instinct for only $180 now on Amazon which is 40% off its usual price.

25% off Sitewide | Famous in Real Life | Use Code KINJA25

Famous in Real Life is crushing it in showing love for some of the greatest movies and TV shows from the last few decades. Be it The Office, Parks and Rec, or even Step Brothers, they’ve got something for every fan. Grab 25% off anything for the rest of September with our exclusive code KINJA25.

TWS SoundLiberty 80 True Wireless Earbuds | $66 | StackSocial

It’s time to get yourself a new set of earbuds. These TWS SoundLiberty 80 True Wireless Earbuds feature an AI noise cancelling microphone to make sure your friends or co-worker only here you during your Zoom calls instead of the sounds the Xbox game you’re playing when they think you’re paying attention. Along with tap controls on the side, the earbuds work with voice control. Though above all, it has quick charging. No more sitting with dead earbuds when you just left them in your bag for weeks. The earbuds will get you a full hour of playtime with only 5 minutes of charging time which is great for when you need them in a pinch. The earbuds are only $66 on StackSocial.

Up to 25% off Select Holika Holika | Lookfantastic

Holika Holika is one of my favorite Korean brands so it was really nice to see Lookfantastic have them on their roster. Right now, get up to 25% off a selection of their products at the beauty retailer. This discount will be applied automatically at checkout, no code is needed. They have a ton of brilliant stuff and you can’t go wrong with any of them but here are a few of my favorites.

Like most K-Beauty companies the sheet mask is a staple item. But they are also super fun for a chill night of relaxing. The Baby Pet line addresses an array of issues plus they are very cute. If you find you’re a bit irritated and are looking to soothe your face the cat version of the Baby Pet Magic Masks is what you need. It’s puuurrrrfect for you.

Ergoal One Ergonomic Office Chair | $457 | Ergoal

You sit at your desk all day and toil away. Isn’t it time to treat yourself with a new office chair? Maybe something like the Ergoal One Ergonomic Office Chair, which is just $457 right now at Ergoal? That’s a very steep discount, down from $1,200, for an ergonomic seat that comes with an adjustable headset, ergonomic 3D armrest, adjustable height, and a reclining function. Plus, it comes crafted out of breathable mesh to keep you cool and comfortable. It isn’t that bad to look at, either, and it’ll add a bit of class to your home workspace, proclaiming “Yes, an adult works here who cares about their posture and the health of their back.” And we all want that, right?

K-Cup Coffee (Choose Your Brand & Flavor) | $24 | Meh

Tired of fumbling around with a regular coffee maker every morning? Grab yourself a Keurig or a similarly useful K-Cup coffee machine and power up your morning routine. Then grab yourself aa pack of K-Cup Coffee of your choice for just $24 from Meh. Choose from Harry & David, Jim Beam, or Entenmann’s, and receive 72 and 80-count packs of rich, flavorful K-Cups for a simple, breezy morning. Every day. Just throw a cup in your machine, let it do its thing, then toss the cup and start fresh every single day. Plus, this price for that many K-Cups? That’s a steal.

MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station | $45 | StackSocial

Too many wires everywhere. Just, too many wires. My nightstand has become a cobweb of those white cables that came packaged with all my Apple bullshit. It’s time I stick all of that in a drawer somewhere and replace it with a dedicated charging station. Looks like I can’t do much better than this MagStack foldable 3-in-1 wireless charging station. Featuring three wireless charging spots to enable charging for your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, other Qi-compatible Android phones, and Bluetooth earbuds, this station can also be folded up and converted into a stand. Excellent use of desk space, or in my case, nightstand space. It’s good too to just know all my crap is safely in one place. The wireless charging station is currently 35% off over at StackSocial. So if you’re looking to ditch some wires from your life, this just may be for you.

Tribit Home Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound | $63 | Amazon | Use code 8YW993LO

Everyone loves music, and everyone loves convenience. Those two things come together with the Tribit Home Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound, which is just $63 right now at Amazon when you use promo code 8YW993LO, netting you 30% off. This unique-looking speaker comes with explosive sound and deep bass, and it’ll make your favorite songs sound great. But it’s also got a strip of lights around its exterior, with three different modes to swap between — it’s a party, as they’ll pulse along to the rhythm. This speaker even has a built-in alarm clock, so you can party until dawn, and then wake up for work. Whatever you want to do with music, you can do it with this cute little speaker, and we’re here for it.

PUTT BOSS Semi-Pro Series Golf Mat + Carrying Case | $68 | StackSocial | Use code: PUTT4

Hey y’all. Golf is fun. I don’t know if you know this, but golf? It’s fun. The one problem is we can’t always be golfing. You need to make a whole day of it, reserving a tee time, getting your equipment together and heading to the course, then you’re there for like 4 hours doing 18 holes. There’s a cost involed and a lot of times, the weather doesn’t hold out for it. Well, now you can get the enjoyment of golf right at your home, your office, or in your home office.

Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer | $15 | StackSocial

The Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer is a super cool little gadget that you can pick up right now via StackSocial for just $15. It’s the world’s smallest vaporizer that you can use for both waxy oils and liquid. Just look at that cute little guy. It comes with a pre-heating function and it’s compatible with any disposable cartridge with 510 thread. What’s more, it comes with a magnetic connector for quick and easy cartridge exchange. Throw it in your pocket, purse, bag, or wherever you need it, and go. Plus, it’s basically invisible in your palm, which is pretty cool. Didn’t know you wanted it ‘til now? Yeah, we figured that would be the case.

VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle | $78 | StackSocial

Do you know you snore, or have you woken loved ones up because you can’t stop sawing logs? It’s time to take matters in your own hands and stop, with the VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle, now $78 over at StackSocial. You get a 5-piece system including the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, a bottle of cleanser for the mouthpiece, a contoured sleep mask, earplugs, and a canvas pouch. The mouthpiece gives you a personalized fit to open your airway, lets you make micro-adjustments, and offers a 100% fit guarantee. Plus, it’s all FDA-cleared. Tackle that snoring problem today and get more restful sleep. And stop keeping your significant other awake.

SelectTV + KeepSolid VPN Lifetime Bundle | $80 | Stack Social | Use code: KJD20SAVE

Ever get tired of flipping between all your streaming services to browse for something to watch? Or maybe you have a specific movie in mind and you now need to check each of your streaming services individually to see if any has it. Well, SelectTV has you covered. Import all your paid streaming services into one place so you can see your full library of movies and shows available to you. And not just that, but also get 150+ live channels. Buy a lifetime subscription now, and also get lifetime access to KeepSolidVPN—accessing even more content available in different countries around the globe. The bundle is available at StackSocial for $99, but if you bring it down to $80 with the coupon code KJD20SAVE at checkout.

Lamp Depot Circular Color-Changing Lamp | $63 | StackSocial

This Lamp Depot lamp has a range of colors to suit your mood and several different modes to choose from. Watching Shrek 2 again? Make it green. Watching a compilation of all the times Grimace shows up in a McDonald’s commercial? Make it purple. Or don’t. It’s up to you. Both dimmable and remote controlled, it will also remember your previous settings the next time your turn on the lamp. We don’t need our light from light bulbs anymore. Not while we have circles.

PowerA Cuphead Nintendo Switch Controller | $38 | Amazon

How many controllers have you broken playing Cuphead? The devilishly difficult 2D game may look inviting with its old school cartoon art style, but it’s one of the toughest games around. It’s essentially a giant boss rush mode where you get killed over and over by sentient trains and cigars. It’s certainly not a game that’s friendly on the Nintendo Switch joy-cons, which you will surely smash against the nearest wall after dying to a pair of boxing frogs for the 300th time in a row. If you want a sturdier option, you can grab a PowerA Nintendo Switch controller with a special Cuphead theme for $38. The larger form factor of this wireless controller is easier to use and certainly pops with its orange paint job and cartoon doodles. It’s going to look very cool when it explodes as you crush it with your bare hands.

Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer | $25 | Ulta

Glamglow has been a staple for years for producing radiant skin. I’ve used a few of their masks, shoutout to YouthMud. I’ve always been a fan and definitely see the results. If you’re on the hunt for a primer that moisturizes and doubles as a mini highlighter Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer is it. Save 50% on this jar of wonders now.




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