3 mins ago

    This Website Exposes the Truth About Soaring Food Prices

    Spokespeople for the retailers Billa and Hofer declined WIRED’s request to comment. Nicole Berkmann, a…
    5 hours ago

    Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana Race Cars

    Porsche’s anniversary celebration isn’t limited to Europe and North America. Porsche Latin America is releasing…
    10 hours ago

    Men Overran a Job Fair for Women in Tech

    It was meant to be a week for women in tech—but this year’s Grace Hopper…
    11 hours ago

    Citroen Type Holidays Camper Van, #Citroen #Type #Holidays #Camper #Van

    Before there was such a thing as industrial design, there was the Citroen Type H…
    14 hours ago

    The 15-Minute City Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream

    Back in February, when a Conservative Party lawmaker in the UK’s House of Commons voiced…
    18 hours ago

    This Exec Is Forcing Google Into Its First Trial Over Sexist Pay Discrimination

    The industry has made modest progress since then, although cuts to staff working on improving…
    19 hours ago

    Why Silicon Valley Falls for Frauds

    Aditiya Baradwaj joined crypto-trading firm Alameda Research when it was run out of an anonymous…
    1 day ago

    Barney Movie Will Be “Not Odd,” Says Mattel CEO

    Even before the Barbie movie became one of the biggest films of 2023, it was…
    2 days ago

    The Game Theory of the Auto Strikes

    Everyone involved in the strike should be calculating what’s at stake to figure out what…
    3 days ago

    How to Use ChatGPT’s New Image Features

    ChatGPT definitely has its limits. When given a random photo of a mural, it couldn’t…
      6 days ago

      Idris Elba Is Ready to Talk About Crypto

      Idris Elba learned about crypto at the same time as almost everyone else: when prices went through the roof. The…
      6 days ago

      Amazon’s All-Powerful ‘Buy Box’ Is at the Heart of Its New Antitrust Troubles

      Anyone who has shopped on Amazon will have seen the Buy Box with its peppy yellow and orange Add to…
      6 days ago

      Nothing CMF Watch Pro | Uncrate, #CMF #Watch #Pro #Uncrate

      Nothing’s first product from its sub-brand, CMF, is a budget-friendly smartwatch. The Watch Pro boasts a large 1.96-inch AMOLED display…
      6 days ago

      Everyday Carry: Deep Blue Sea, #Everyday #Carry #Deep #Blue #Sea

      A special edition dive watch leads this fittingly blue loadout of sunglasses, knife, and wallet. Visit Uncrate for the full…
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