Save 32% on This Espresso Machine, You Fancy So-and-So

Gevi Espresso Machine | $102 | Amazon

Gevi Espresso Machine | $102 | Amazon

I’m slowly acquiring coffee-making doodads and whatsits, and although I haven’t delved into a full-on espresso machine, I find this deal on a Gevi espresso machine to be incredibly tempting. For just a hair over $100, you can pick up this 1,100W espresso maker, complete with milk frother steam wand, tamper, and more. A clear temperature dial shows you how hot your steamy water is—they go out of their way to point out this is suitable for beginners, like old pros just I guess know the temperature by how it smells? I don’t know, but look, it’s an espresso machine, reviewers are fond of it, and it’s probably great. But if you buy it, as usual, you have to make an espresso drink for me. I like a latte with lavender syrup because I’m a fancy boy.

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