Insignia 50″ 4K TV, Animal Crossing Plushies, 9-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool, Revive Satin Sleep Set, and More

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Insignia 50"4K Fire TV | $310 | Amazon

Summer blockbusters are a thing again— but after you remember how expensive movie theaters are, you’re going to be looking for some good deals to make up for that expense. Why not have movie night at your place instead by spending that movie theatre snack money on this Insignia 50″4K Fire TV? It’s just $310 today at Amazon.

This is a Fire TV, so it comes out of the box ready to go with the top streaming apps already installed. What’s more, you can control the TV through your voice— all you have to do is press the microphone button on your remote and give a command to Alexa to launch apps, search for shows, play music, and more.

This 18% off deal might not last, so get it while you can! This item ships for free.

Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (64GB) | $539 | Amazon
Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (256GB) | $639 | Amazon

You can snag the newest iPad Air (4th Generation) at Amazon right now and save up to $60 off the 64GB edition, which now starts at $539 each in all colors. Looking for even more storage? Certain colors of the 256GB version are $110 off the list price at $639 right now, with others seeing lesser discounts.

If you’re looking for something more robust than the base iPad model, the iPad Air is arguably the best value of the premium bunch. It shares a lot in common with the bigger, perk-packed, and much more expensive iPad Pro. The Air doesn’t have the 120Hz display, Face ID smarts, or LiDAR camera, but it has the powerful Apple A14 Bionic chipset and Apple Pencil support, making this a sweet option for casual artists and multimedia buffs. And it comes in those fun colors, too.

Kodak FLIK X4 Home Projector | $80 | StackSocial

Since getting my projector, my general tv watching has been 100% better, especially sports. If you consume a lot of movies, games, and television, this might be just the thing you didn’t know you were missing. Kodak’s FLIK X4 Home Projector is ready to elevate any binge session and save $20 on it today.

This projector is a full entertainment system so you can do more than just watch films. View photos, slideshows, play games, and listen to music. If you plan on having a few get-togethers in the future, this will be an excellent addition to a night with friends and family. Do all this with a display of 150″ after a simple and painless setup. There are a few ways to connect to your chosen devices via HDMI and USB. It’s easy to focus with the manual wheel in the front with a resolution of around 480p, which is pretty dang sharp. The built-in speakers produce a robust sound that gets quite loud for its size. You will not want to watch anything any other way after you grab one of these. It’s truly life-changing.

This will ship for $3.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro | $150 | Amazon

Launched alongside the Galaxy S21 phones in January, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are its true rival to Apple’s excellent AirPods Pro, packing in active noise cancellation within a more traditional-looking design than the bean-like Galaxy Buds Live. Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford was pleased with Samsung’s latest and greatest true wireless ‘buds in his review:

“All this comes from a pair of true wireless earbuds that cost $30 to $50 less than their biggest competitors. So even though I’d like a bit more battery life overall and more control over its touch commands, the Galaxy Buds Pro are a great little pair of wireless headphones.”

You’ll save extra cash today over at Amazon, where the Galaxy Buds Pro are $50 under list price at $150 in Phantom Violet. The other two colors are $170 each.

Samsung 11.6” Chromebook 4 | $129 | Walmart

Enjoy the summer while you can, but back-to-school time isn’t far off. If you’re looking for an affordable laptop that can be used to browse the web, type up documents, and view media, then a Google Chromebook can be a great option.

Samsung’s Chromebook 4 is down to a jaw-dropping $129 right now at Walmart, a $101 savings off the list price. It’s modestly powered and has a compact 11.6” screen, but this lil’ device ought to do the trick if you need a laptop on a budget. It’s Google Classroom-compatible and will continue to get Chrome OS upgrades through June 2026.

Cleaning Gel Dust Cleaner for Keyboard | $5 | Amazon

We’ve spent the past year working from home and eating every meal over our keyboards. When we sign off for the day, we’re just closing Slack and staying in the same seat to open Steam. The amount of Cheeto crumbs and skin flakes to have fallen beneath our keys is enough to clone a cheese-based person. You could get a new keyboard or you can just get this $5 cleaner and make it feel new.

Apple AirPods Max | $480 | Amazon

Apple’s deluxe AirPods Max wireless headphones have been gradually slipping in price since their recent launch, and while the discounts aren’t enormous yet, we’ve now passed the 10% mark on certain styles at Amazon.

Right now, Amazon is offering $69 off the $549 list price of the AirPods Max in all colors, dropping the price to $480. Gizmodo describes these premium headphones as “annoyingly incredible,” praising the dazzling sound and active noise canceling, comfort, and integration with Apple devices, but panning the steep price and awkwardly-designed, purse-like case.

13" MacBook Pro (M1, 256GB) | $1,100 | Amazon
13" MacBook Pro (M1, 512GB) | $1,300 | Amazon

For a first-gen Apple product, the new MacBooks featuring the company’s own custom chipset reviewed surprisingly well, even from our friends at Gizmodo. And now, the M1-equipped 13″ MacBook Pro is discounted $199 off the list price of the base model with a 256GB SSD (now $1,100), while the larger-capacity 512GB model drops to $1,300 thanks to the same savings. That’s the steepest savings we’ve seen to date.

Here’s what Gizmodo’s Joanna Nelius had to say in her review of the powerful new MacBook Pro:

I do all my work and play on PC, but Apple’s M1 processor has me wondering if I really need a Windows PC for my next laptop. This is the first time in all my years of computing—ever since my dad sat me in front of a keyboard as a toddler—that I’ve ever considered getting a Mac.

Kindle Kids Edition | $70 | Amazon

If there’s a young, voracious reader in your life, consider empowering their reading habit with a Kindle Kids Edition. This child-friendly version of the popular e-reader has a two-year worry-free guarantee, which means Amazon will replace it regardless of how it met its grisly demise.

But there’s more: the included one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) provides access to loads of kid-friendly books, such as the entire Harry Potter series and quite a bit more. It has parental controls built-in too, of course, and unlike Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition tablets, this e-reader doesn’t have things like apps, games, and videos available: just books.

Save $40 off the list price right now at Amazon. The 10th-gen Kindle itself comes in just one color, but you can choose from one of four different cover designs to suit your kid’s style and personality. The Kids+ membership renews at $3/month after the included year’s worth ends, if you’re keen on keeping it.

Ergopixel 6.8ft Tripod with LED Ring Light | $60 | StackSocial

Ring lights are literal game-changers whether you are on an office zoom, recording a TikTok, or even just doing your makeup. These simple add-ons can completely change pictures and videos with almost no effort on your part. Take $9 off Ergopixel’s Ring Light accompanied by a sturdy 6.8-foot tripod,

This is a pretty standard ring light with three lighting modes, each with eleven levels of brightness. The tripod extends as high as six feet high and can get as low as four feet. It is pretty secure and will stay in place regardless of your phone weight. And yes, the phone holder is compatible with most models and brands, including iPhones and Samsungs. This setup offers a few features other cheaper ring lights don’t. Opal glass for smooth transmissions, a translucent grid pane to split beams, and an aluminum film for wider reflection. The ring light is eight inches across, and this set is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up anywhere. This is an excellent deal for a simple upgrade to all your creative endeavors.

This will ship for $3.

Acer 11” Chromebook | $129 | Walmart

Chromebooks are cheap and solid laptops—we know this, but sometimes we’re still shocked by just how affordable they can be. Case in point: Walmart is currently selling this compact 11” Acer Chromebook model for a mere $129. That’s $100 off the list price.

It’s no powerhouse, but it should do just fine with apps like Chrome, Gmail, Docs, Maps, YouTube, and more. Walmart customers give it a strong 4.4-star rating, and this notebook will receive Chrome OS updates through June 2026.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | $60 | Amazon
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet | $90 | Amazon
Amazon New Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet | $130 | Amazon

No, it’s not an iPad—but Amazon does right by parents with its Fire Kids Edition tablets. And they’re all on sale right now.

As you’ll see from the image, they’re wrapped in a thick rubber shell/convertible stand that helps protect it from dings and drops. Still, kids will find a way to break almost anything, and Amazon is ready there too. Each Kids Edition tablet has a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so if your child still manages to bust the thing, you’ve got a free replacement coming.

Amazon’s marketplace has a wide array of games, apps, books, and streaming services available, and the Kids Edition comes with the handy bonus of a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+ (FreeTime Unlimited). The gated-off service provides a wealth of kid-friendly content within a colorful launcher, and then you can choose whether or not to pay monthly once the year is done.

Right now, Amazon is knocking $40 off the 7″ tablet, $50 off the 8” HD tablet, or $70 off the recently-upgraded 10″ HD tablet making it an ideal time to bring one (or more) of these durable devices into your family. Grab ‘em in multiple colors.

Little Buddy Isabella Plush | $10 | Amazon
Little Buddy Tom Nook Plush | $10 | Amazon
Little Buddy K.K. Slider Plush | $10 | Amazon

Want to show off your love for Animal Crossing in your home? You can get a Little Buddy plush in your choice of Isabella, Tom Nook, or K.K. Slider for just $10 right now!

I love the Tom Nook one, personally. I don’t know why people are so hard on the guy. I would love an interest-free home loan that I can pay whenever I feel like it. And no town or island is complete without the eternally-positive Isabella and a performance from K.K. Slider, so you gotta grab them too, right?

These plushies are seriously cute and would look fabulous on your bookshelf or chilling on your bedside table. They also would make a great gift for your Animal Crossing obsessed niece or nephew. Grab one or all three while the deal is good!

Hitman 2 (XBO) | $12 | Microsoft

Kotaku describes Hitman 2 as a “regrettable party guest simulator” and “a board game you play with yourself,” but however you want to think of it, it’s an excellent video game. And now, you can grab a copy for your Xbox One for just $12. Take on the role of Agent 47 as he adorns a Flamingo mascot costume and kick Formula 1 racers down cellar entrances to their deaths. Or just like shoot a guy.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition | $22 | Microsoft

If you’ve ever played Super Smash Bros. and said to yourself, “I wish these were all anime characters instead,” Jump Force Deluxe Edition is for you. Well, maybe. While it’s more akin to a traditional arcade fighting game like Mortal Kombat or even Dragon Ball FighterZ, the premise is undoubtedly similar: Here are a bunch of characters you’re familiar with. Now make them fight. Outside the fighting, however, your Shonen faves—including Dragon Ball Z’s Goku, Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece (ya-yo ya-yo) origin, and Naruto from Naruto—can explore an AI-filled hub world. But the clear focus is on fighting, even if it is simplistic.

Mortal Kombat 11 (XSX) | $20 | Microsoft

Get over here … and buy Mortal Kombat 11! Microsoft currently has the game down to $20 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X. It’s a bit of great timing, because the new Mortal Kombat movie came out a couple months ago which may have motivated you to seek out a good Mortal Kombat experience. The latest attempt to bring the fighting game to the big screen certainly barely even stands up against the 90’s version. But don’t worry, because the latest video game entry to the series is a banger. GET OVER HERE and download it now at a discount. Note that this is the base game and not the Ultimate version which comes with all the DLC.

MLB The Show 21 (XBO)| $40 | Target, GameStop
MLB The Show 21 (XSX)| $50 | Target, GameStop
MLB The Show 21 (PS4)| $40 | Target, GameStop
MLB The Show 21 (PS5)| $50 | Target, GameStop

Yes, it’s strange to see a Sony-made, PlayStation-branded game on Xbox — but if you want a robust, full-fledged baseball simulation this year, it’s MLB The Show 21 or nothing. If you don’t have an Xbox Game Pass subscription (it’s included there), you can snag this recent release for $20 off the list price at either GameStop or Target right now. That’s $40 on Xbox One (GameStop, Target) or $50 for the enhanced Xbox Series X/S edition (GameStop, Target). Of course, the game is also available on PlayStation consoles. You can get the PS4 version for $40 (GameStop, Target) or the PS5 version for $50 (GameStop, Target).

$50 Nintendo Gift Card | $45 | Newegg | Use code 93XRL72

You can grab a $50 Nintendo Gift Card for $45 today at Newegg when using the promo code 93XRL72. And you know what? Sure, why not? Here’s the thing: we all know that Nintendo is pretty reluctant when it comes to discounts on its big games. Though, they’ve have a change in conscience in the last month where you can get many of their Switch staples for between $40 and $50. Now its not much compared to companies like Ubisoft who slash games by $30 within six months. We can get even more off from Nintendo though. See where I’m going with this? If you save money on a gift card and use it to buy first-party Nintendo games, it’s like using a $5 coupon. Don’t tell Nintendo about this. They will surely come after me for revealing this.

Batman: Return to Arkham (XBO) | $6 | Microsoft

Two incredible games combining stealth, exploration, and being the goddam Batman. Batman: Arkham Asylum reintroduced us to classic voice roles of Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker in a more mature and bloodied world than we’d yet to experience them in. As someone who grew up on the animated series, it was an absolute treat to see them each come back in this darker setting. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a claustrophobic Metroidvania exploring just the island while Batman: Arkham City expands into a mini-open world. You can play both games in Batman: Return to Arkham for only $6.

Miitopia | $42 | Amazon

Miitopia had originally released as a 3DS game and is one of the latest ports to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. This approachable RPG taps into your and your friends’ Mii catalog to create the faces of all characters you encounter and play as through the story. This means your mom could be a wizard friend helping you along the way or the big bad of the whole campaign might be Hank Hill. You can pick up a copy from Amazon for only $42.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (XBO) | $32 | Newegg

Well there, pardner. It’s the end of the line for you. Here’s what you and me’s is gonna do. We go to the town square and stand back to back. Then we each take 10 paces. At the end of your paces, you’ll find a laptop and you can use it to buy Red Dead Redemption 2 for $32 at Newegg. I reckon it’s the most rootinest tootenst cowboy vidya game on this side of the Mississippi. While you do that, I’m gonna go take a bath. Anyways, then one of us will shoot the other and kill them. Forgot about that part. Actually, scratch that, let’s just play Red Dead Online together, amigo.

LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter | $40 | Amazon

Looking for a fun new LEGO kit to build? The new-for-2021 LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter is a nice medium-sized kit at 474 pieces, letting you build the iconic ship with expandable wings, a cockpit that opens, retractable landing gear, and even spring-loaded blasters. It comes with Luke, R2-D2, Princess Leia, and even General Dodonna… you know, the Yavin 4 military base leader. That guy!

Amazon is taking 20% off the list price right now, knocking it down to $40. And if you’re more inclined towards the Dark Side, there’s also a new-for-2021 LEGO Imperial TIE Fighter at the same level discount, now available for $32.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition | $40 | Target

Look, this has been a slow year for new games. The ongoing state of the world has slowed down video game production so we’re in a bit of a drought when it comes to big releases. While you wait for new stuff, you can either blow through dozens of games and stress over what you’ll play next to fill the silence, or just get one big one and not worry about it. For that purpose, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a great option. The Nintendo Switch action RPG is on sale for $40 and it’s a long one. Completionists can spend over 100 hours doing everything the game has to offer through its giant world. For those who played the original version, the Switch release features updated graphics, remixed music, and a brand new epilogue, so there’s some good reasons to double dip.

Collection of Mana | $20 | Amazon

It’s time to pay your respects to the classics. Collection of Mana is currently 50% off at Amazon, bringing it down to $20. It includes three genre staples: Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana. The latter was never localized in the West until now, so you can play it without having to go through some weird emulator or fan translation. The collection features local multiplayer options for anyone who wants to relive the past with a friend. Adventure forth, brave wanderers.

NBA 2K21 (Xbox One) | $13 | Amazon
NBA 2K21 (PS4) | $13 | Amazon
NBA 2K21 (XSX) | $20 | Amazon
NBA 2K21 (PS5) | $20 | Amazon

It’s basketball season, baby! And not because of the actual, real life. It’s because Space Jam is coming back and everyone’s mad about it. Let’s go! LeBron James is going to star in a new sequel and adults are raging about it because Warner Bros. cut the cartoon skunk that kisses women from it. Also, people are angry because Lola Bunny … you know what, let’s not get into this. Instead, here’s something less infuriating. NBA 2K21 is on sale for $13. This game features LeBron James, but also lacks playboy skunks and hot rabbits, so it’s basically a Space Jam video game.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze | $44 | Best Buy

The brutal and beautiful Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is one of the best games you can play on your Nintendo Switch you can grab a physical copy from Best Buy for $44 right now. If you’re looking for a fun platformer to play either solo co-op that’s a bit tougher than the latest Super Mario Brothers 2D sidescrollers, definitely give this ported Wii U title a shot. We don’t know how long this price will last, so don’t turn into a Cranky Kong if you miss out.

Pandemic | $19 | Amazon

Pandemic is one of the best co-op board games you can own, and right now, Amazon has it for $19. Here’s the gist: You and up to three other friends will need to work together to survive save the world. And if you think you can handle that, right now is an incredible time to buy. It’d be fun to roleplay this kind of situation that we’ll probably never have to experience in real life.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) | $10 | Amazon

Kingdom Hearts 3 is down to $10 today at Amazon. Considering that the RPG only came out a couple years ago, that’s a very low price. Kingdom Hearts 3 concludes the Disney/Final Fantasy hybrid trilogy that will most assuredly get another installment somewhere down the line.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (PS4) | $20 | Amazon
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (Switch) | $20 | Amazon

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for a lot of things. Action, story, characters, you name it. But it also features some iconic music. Who among us won’t belt out Simple and Clean every time we hear that hook? Then there’s the criminally underrated Sanctuary, which is my personal favorite. That’s not even to mention the series’ original score. If you want all of the tunes from Kingdom Hearts without all of the RPG shenanigans, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is on sale for $20 today. This rhythm game features over 140 tracks to play on in both shingle and multiplayer modes. If you’ve always been interesting in Kingdom Hearts, but too intimidated by it, hell, why not just play this and call it a day?

Kazuya Rubber Ducky | $15 | Amazon

At E3 this year, Nintendo shocked fans by not only announcing Tekken’s Kazuya would be joining the Super Smash Brothers roster, but also by having him toss the dead bodies of the rest of said roster off a cliff. Both brutal and true to character, Kazuya dominated the E3 conversation that day. And now, you can bring this brutality to bath time in the form of an adorable Kazuya rubber ducky that also looks like it wants to kill you in your most vulnerable state. I have never seen a rubber ducky cracking its knuckles until now, but here ya go. It’s $15 on Amazon so go order yours up today.

SecureBrite 9-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool (2-Pack) | $15 | Morning

Make that summer road trip packing list a little shorter with this SecureBrite 9-in-1 emergency auto tool over at MorningSave today. You can get a 2-pack of them for just $15!

So what all do they do? Multiple flashlight modes are possible, whether you need a steady light for changing a tire or a flashing mode for signaling for help.

These tools can also be used as a window breaker or a seatbelt cutter to help in case of emergency. If you’d like to MacGyver your way out of other tricky situations, the hook, magnets, and clamp on the tool might also be of use.

Each swivel-body tool requires 3 AAA batteries and comes in a gift box, so you can give one or both to someone you love.

If you like what you see at MorningSave deals, consider grabbing a $5 monthly membership to get unlimited shipping on orders there and at Meh, SideDeal, and Mediocritee as well.

Collapsible Trunk Organizer with Cooler 2-Pack | $20 | MorningSave

Get that messy trunk in order with this collapsible trunk organizer for 67% off today at MorningSave. You can get a 2-pack of them, so you can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or family member— give one to your mom, doesn’t she deserve a nice and clean, organized car?

What’s more, these organizers have a cooler pouch in the center, so you can keep some drinks or your lunch nice and cool on your next trip.

MorningSave deals usually go fast, so grab this one while you can! If you have a monthly membership with MorningSave for $5, you will get free shipping on every order from the site as well as Meh, SideDeal, Casemates, and Mediocritee. Otherwise, shipping is $8 for a one-time order, and you get free shipping on additional orders you place within one hour of your initial purchase.

This deal was originally published on 1/17/21 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 7/17/21.

Zerhunt Bubble Machine | $26 | Amazon

You can instantly make any event this summer better with the addition of this Zerhunt bubble machine, now available for 20% off. Seriously, when are bubbles not a welcome addition?

This bubble machine produces 4,800 bubbles a minute, so you can set it up, let her rip, and effortlessly entertain (and tire out) kids of all ages at your next event. This is perfect for parties, cookouts, weddings, and any other gathering that could use a little something extra in a snap.

Get it while it’s just $26!

Six Bottles of Wine | $40 | Firstleaf

While there are many wine subscription boxes to choose from, Firstleaf is considered one of the best. It’s been featured in Refinery29, Paste, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, and more because of one key value proposition: the wine you get on Firstleaf is not only high quality, but it’s also an incredible value—with savings up to 60% off the same bottles you would otherwise buy from your local liquor store or winery.

But Firstleaf is more than just a destination for affordable, top-shelf wine from around the world. It’s also designed to cater to your own personal taste profile. This comes by way of an online quiz, which starts off by asking whether you prefer red wine, white, or a mix of both. It then proceeds to ask nine more specific questions pertaining to your palate. Do you like sweet or dry wine? Yea or nay on an oaky California-based chardonnay? How about a Napa cab or an Argentinian malbec? How adventurous are you willing to be?

For a limited time, you can get your first six bottles for $40, plus free shipping, totaling just under $7 a bottle. There’s no code required to take advantage of this special offer. Instead, all you have to do is head over to the site and start your journey to boozy paradise.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean Upright Vacuum | $350 | Best Buy

Whether you’re still quarantining or not, your floors probably need some attention. Without upkeep, carpets can get gross, and harder surfaces can start to feel dirty and grimy. A key part of keeping your floors looking clean is staying on top of vacuuming.

You don’t need to splurge on a high-end vacuum to get the job done, though if you want to add a few niceties to the experience, and go a little more heavy duty, Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean Upright Vacuum is a strong choice, and it’s $250 off today at Best Buy. Since it doesn’t use filters, you don’t have to worry about buying more and replacing them, which might not save too much money depending on how often you vacuum, but it does alleviate a bit of the tedium of the cleaning process.

Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge | $70 | StackSocial

Trim the savings and bring your knives back to factory pointiness in seconds with a safe and effective sharpener. The Angle Pro Knife Sharpener is just that, and it’s 64% off.

Just a few pulls at the designated slot is all it takes to return your knives to their brilliance. It’s quick and easy, two things that are not suspicious at all when returning a butcher knife to ultimate sharpness. The 3-in-1 knife sharpener helps you get just the right angle at any gauge. Three ceramic wheels straighten your blades and three tungsten carbide rods put a new edge on them too. Slice and dice with ease after minimal work and in the comfort of your own home. This also comes with a three-year warranty.

The sharpener will ship for $3.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Alternative | $43 | StackSocial

Are you an eco-conscious person and looking for a safe alternative to harsh laundry detergents? Maybe natural mineral pellets are what you’ve been in search of. Ecoegg laundry is a unique way to get your dirty duds clean without harmful chemicals. This Ecoegg Laundry Egg bundle lets you do up to seventy deep cleans and dries with safer ingredients.

Completely replace detergent and fabric softener with this pair of eggs. Toss one of the pellets in the egg and watch it do its foamy work. The formula for the detergent is highly rated by Dermatest, so it’s approved for those with sensitive skin. This kit also helps keep your washing machine in order too by removing limescale and soap scum build-up. The dryer eggs cut the time needed to do the task by 28% this saving energy. You can choose from unscented, fresh linen or spring blossom.

This will ship for $3.

Concentrix 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set | $220 | StackSocial

Stainless steel is sleek and very professional-looking. Live your best Ratatouille life today and snag this Concentrix 10-piece stainless steel cookware set. It’s 46% off what its original price is.

Again, how elegant do they look all shining together? Made from pure aluminum, they distribute heat evenly and don’t take long to get to each meal’s right temperature. This is due to their tuxCORE aluminum bottoms. But don’t worry, the handles stay cool and are designed for a solid grip. The glass lids fit solidly onto each piece to trap flavor in even though they are vented. Each is also oven and dishwasher safe. They’re durable and easy to clean because each is ceramic-coated with an organic nonstick sheen that’s PTFE- and PFOA-free. If you select these, you’ll enjoy them for ages and prepare a perfect cuisine each use. This set has a 1.5-quart saucepan and a 3-quart saucepan, both with lids, an 8″ open nonstick frypan, an 11″ nonstick frypan with a lid, and an 8-quart stockpot with a lid plus a steamer insert.

This set will ship for just $3.

Yedi Mini 2-Quart Air Fryer | $40 | StackSocial

Air Fryers are such a wild trend, and just when I think its time has passed, a deal like this pops up, and everyone goes crazy. In all seriousness, my pals who have one love it. If you’re on the hunt, this Yedi Mini 2-Quart Air Fryer is 33% off.

This two-quart air fryer is powerful and efficient to turn all your goods crunchy and evenly cooked. It’s easy to use with just two controls, so all you need to do is set the timer to get cooking. Don’t let the size fool you; it can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees for ultimate crispness. Although it might seem small, it can handle quite a bit of food at one time, so if you’re thinking of making a ton of french fries, the Trudy can take it. There’s auto-shutoff, so no fear about accidentally leaving it on, but it can cook up to thirty minutes. It’s simple to use for frying and even dehydrating with very little oil. Literally savings all around. Plenty of new things to try once you get this appliance in your kitchen. It’s easy to clean out and won’t take up a lot of space on a cramped countertop.

This will ship for $3.

Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp | $90 | StackSocial

Set all kinds of moods with this Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp from the Lamp Depot. This sleek lamp is stylish and can elevate any room. It’s designed not to take up space, fit in the corner, and give off beautiful luminous light no matter the size of the area. The soft-white setting is great for reading without being too harsh. The LEDs are completely customizable and easy to set up with the remote. The color combinations are endless, so you’re sure to find the perfect hue for the ambiance that’s your vibe. The stand is sturdy and stable, so you won’t have to worry about it wobbling. Save $60 and enhance your living space with ease and innovation.

This will ship for $3.

2-Pack Fur Zapper Pet Hair Remover | $13 | StackSocial

We love our pets; we really do. We don’t love their fur on everything we own. I have a wirehaired terrier, and I can’t leave the house without taking most of him with me. If you have a shedding fluffer but need a hand in keeping hair-free, the Fur Zapper Pet Hair Remover can save the day and your outfit. This two-pack from StackSocial is the easiest solution you will ever find.

I adore my dog and all the other puppers in my life, but if I could have a day without his white hair on my clothes, that’d be amazing. The FurZappers not only help with hair but lint, dander, and anything else that might be causing you fuzzy annoyances when doing laundry. Just toss one of these in the washer and the dryer and magically separate that pet fur from your garments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewashed sweaters because of pet hair. When in the dryer, these actually heat up and become almost like sticky tape pulling everything you don’t want off and keeping your favorite items intact. Save time, energy, and water. You’re helping the environment and looking better while doing it.

This will ship for $3.

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ | $560 | Amazon | Clip coupon

Looking for a robot vacuum that does it all? Ecovacs’ recently-released Deebot N8 Pro+ is a powerful vacuum with 2,600Pa suction power, but it also mops and automatically disposes its dirt into the included bin after each run.

On top of that, laser-based LiDAR navigation helps it map out your home and avoid obstacles. I personally tested the Deebot N8 Pro+ earlier this spring and was impressed by its comprehensive cleaning capabilities. It’s a premium option at a list price of $700, no doubt, but right now you can get it for just $560 when you clip the coupon on Amazon listing (the $800 list price currently shown on Amazon is incorrect, FYI).

Don’t need the automatic dirt disposal bin? You can grab the standard Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro (no +) for $450 at Amazon. That’s a $100 savings from the list price. Just clip the coupon.

Eufy HomeVac 11S Infinity | $210 | Amazon

Dyson’s cordless stick-like design has become the premium standard for home vacuums, delivering convenience and versatility in a device that has a very small footprint. We’re seeing other makers match that approach for less cash, and the Eufy HomeVac 11S Infinity is a key example of a more affordable alternative.

No doubt, the Eufy HomeVac 11S Infinity has a very familiar design, with suction power (120AW) that’s just above the Dyson V8 line and the added benefit of swappable battery packs, with two packs included in the box. Each offers up to 40 minutes of cleaning at the lowest suction setting, although that number drops considerably at the higher power levels.

It usually sells for $300, but right now Amazon is offering 30% off the HomeVac 11S Infinity in both black and white, landing at just $210. Customers give it a strong 4.3-star rating, and it comes with multiple attachments as well as a two-year warranty for the vacuum.

Kyoku 8" Damascus Chef Knife | $69 | Amazon | Clip coupon + use code KYOKUM6P

That $10 box of kitchen knives you picked up from Walmart works well for most things, but if you’re looking for consistent cuts—and, somehow, a safer blade—then you’ll want something a bit more serious.

Take a look at Kyoku’s 8″ Damascus chef knife, which uses an 8- to 12-degree edge. You know how a hot knife glides so effortlessly through butter? Well, that’s how this cuts, but for EEEEEVERYTHING. Get one for $69 when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code KYOKUM6P.

By the way, the knife is gorgeous, as opined by Shep McAllister in his review:

At around $100, this isn’t a budget knife by any means, but it’s not an outrageously expensive one either, and it has a lot to offer for that price, both aesthetically and practically.

Save Up to 43% on Wag or Kitzy | Amazon

Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. It’s well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that it’s well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the list.

If your dog already digs Wag or you’re looking to trial a new dog food, you can save up to 43% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wag’s wet food, jerky treats, and dental chews. Be sure to browse the full selection for different varieties and size options. Compare it to what you’re feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.

Believe it or not, Amazon is also now venturing into cat food with the just-launched Kitzy line, and they’re offering similar savings right now.

HEATD Dog Bed With Removable Heating Pad | $170 | StackSocial

HEATD is a company that is dedicated to making all pets feel as comfortable as possible. But if you have an older fur friend, you know keeping them comfy is a priority, especially if they have arthritis or joint pain. HEATD’s tech brings this to your pets in the fastest and most efficient way, all with a cozy bed that’s 15% off.

There are three temperature settings depending on what the pupper requires, but it’s never hot enough to hurt them in any way. HEATD also made sure to add a timer to keep it all a little safer. This heat is delivered throughout the bed in an “M” shape to pinpoint where a good boy or girl might need a little extra soothing. It is all powered via a dual-port power bank that you can even charge your phone off of. And if you want a cooling option, flip the bed over and open up the velcro pouches and add an ice bag or two. It’s easy to wipe with a rag and is waterproof just in case there is an accident. You can put the cover only in the washer for convenience. Let it air dry, and you are good to go. Being a pet parent is a magical thing and giving your furry angels the best life is important. This bed is a great way to keep that promise to them.

This will ship for $3.

2-Pack: Revive 3-Piece Satin Sleep Set | $14 | MorningSave

If you’re in need of some beauty rest, MorningSave has a deal on this lovely Saturday you should check out.

Keep your hair out of your face, light out of your eyes, and your skin moisturized while you sleep with a Revive 3-piece satin sleep set. The satin of the scrunchie and pillowcase prevent hair breakage, and it’s supposed to help your skin retain moisture as well as prevent creases that reveal you’ve been taking a snooze. Plus, you can get a 2-pack of these sleep sets for just $14 right now— maybe give the other to a friend or your partner! Or just keep it on hand in case you need a quick gift. As long as they have long hair (a lot of people) and sleep (all people) you’re golden!

This set comes in your choice of silver, black, ivory, or pink.

If you like what you see at MorningSave deals, consider grabbing a $5 monthly membership to get unlimited shipping on orders there and at Meh, SideDeal, and Mediocritee as well.

Controller Gear Tom Nook Quilted Backpack | $36 | Amazon
Controller Gear Animal Crossing Teal Leaf Backpack | $30 | Amazon

You got a lot of stuff to carry, and sometimes pockets don’t cut it and a handbag can be cumbersome. Throw it all in one of these adorable Controller Gear Animal Crossing backpacks instead for up to 40% off today!

The best deal is this Controller Gear Animal Crossing teal backpack imprinted with the iconic leaf pattern for $30.

You can represent everyone’s favorite landlord on your bag with this Controller Gear Tom Nook quilted backpack for $36. With a deal like that, you can throw some extra bells on that mortgage or wherever else, ‘cause you’re getting style and convenience for that price!

Last but not least, snag this baby blue backpack with some of your favorite Animal Crossing neighbors for $40, a still-respectable 20% discount.

Naipo Mini Massage Gun | $49 | Amazon | Clip coupon + code FEYGL9MM

We regularly feature deals on Naipo’s full-sized massage gun, which gets snapped up en masse and has glowing reviews from Amazon customers, but now here’s a more compact alternative: the Naipo Mini Massage Gun.

As the name suggests, it’s a smaller version of the handheld percussion massager that provides sweet relief to your sore muscles, no matter where you are. It’s around the size of a smartphone and weighs less than a pound, with four swappable heads for different kinds of sensations. According to Naipo, it provides power comparable to the full-sized model despite the small size, up to 3,000rpm.

Right now, you can shave $31 off the list price of the Naipo Mini Massage Gun by clipping the coupon on the page and then popping in promo code FEYGL9MM at checkout.

Novashine Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit| $50 | StackSocial

A sparkling smile is a coveted thing. There have been plenty of tubes of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and strips to get your chompers back to pearly white. But what if you could get in a brightening session anytime, anywhere. Novashine Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit is only $50 and lets you get dazzling teeth on the go.

Each syringe is filled with hydrogen peroxide for up to twenty treatments at your convenience. The teeth whitening pen helps with touch-ups in-between sessions, no matter where you are. Once you fill the trays, use the LED light to activate the gel and start the fading process. Use the teeth shade guide to track your progress, and the whitening formula is made to minimize discomfort. For just ten minutes, every few days, start your journey to lightening stains from coffee, smoking, and life.

This will ship for $3.

Novashine Ultrasonic Toothbrush | $53 | StackSocial

Oral care is important for a multitude of reasons. Simple measures and that extra step can make a huge difference almost immediately. Novashine’s Ultrasonic Toothbrush is ready to be the hero your teeth need. This comprehensive set is 24% and worth every penny.

The Novashine Ultrasonic Toothbrush produces 36,800 ultrasonic vibrations per minute. This power efficiently scrubs away the buildup of plaque, making your mouth a lot happier. It comes with five cleaning modes for a more personalized brushing experience. The head of the brush itself is made with Dupont bristles, making it gentle on your enamel and gums. It will run up to two hours off of on charge. With a compact and wireless charging port, this toothbrush offers the most convenient tooth brushing experience. Pick from black or white and receive a one-year warranty with it.

This will ship for $3.

Dissim Inverted Lighter | $40 | StackSocial

If you’re an avid candle lover like me, a good lighter that can do its job at many angles is what you need. Dissim’s Inverted Lighter is a Kickstarter champion and can help with candles and more with a premium soft flame.

By using standard butane, this adjustable flame can be lit in pretty much any direction. And being butane, this lighter produces a low-temperature candle flame. It’s easy to get that flame going with the ergonomic grip and is stable for precision. The design is patent-pending but works brilliantly for angled flames. You’ll be able to refill the tank making this a huge upgrade from harmful disposable lighters. Rad sites like Hypebeast have recommended this lighter, and now we are adding to that list too. Grab this today for 16% less and light up your life.

This will ship for $3.

Naipo Massage Gun | $59 | Amazon | Clip coupon + code 28AI32DB

Whether you’re dealing with regular aches and pains or perhaps added soreness as you continue tackling fitness resolutions (keep going!), it might be the ideal time to pick up a percussion muscle massager to pummel away the pain.

Right now, Naipo is offering its massage gun for $59 on Amazon when you clip the coupon and input code 28AI32DB at checkout, a total savings of $91. It has five levels of intensity for working out your muscle pain and lasts up to seven hours per charge, plus it has five different massage head attachments for targeting different areas of your body.

A previous Amazon listing for this item showed a 4.8-star rating with more than 4,400 reviews, so customers are loving the powerful relief it brings.

Save 25% on Clueless Items | Ulta

Clueless defined a generation and continues to charm audiences to this day. Based on Jane Austen’s Emma, it is absolutely one of the most loyal adaptations. Beyond being a charming story, it was known for its fashion and slang that sparked a TV show and inspired every teen who watched. HipDot got a hold of the property and made this killer set to make you the most beautiful Betty at all of Bronson Alcott High. Save 25% on any one of these Clueless items and get a free gift with your purchase too.

This Lip Tinted Oil Set has three colors in red, nude, and mauve. Of course, these are named after the most popular girls in school Cher, Dionne, and Tai. It’s always good to draw attention to your mouth, especially when your crush is around. Let this set hydrate your pout and make it as glossy as possible.

HipDot makes beautifully designed palettes with vibrant colors that are formulated to last the whole day. Their 411 Pressed Palette for this line is no different. Mimicking Cher’s classic pink fluffy pen, never be a fashion victim with these twelve shades. The gorgeous pastels will have everyone calling you dollface.

Modeled after Cher’s iconic flip phone (what an era for technology), the Totally Clueless Blush Palette brings this whole vintage look together. Pick from any four colors and roll with the homies to your next party in the Valley.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

15% off Sitewide | 107 Beauty | Use Code Honey107

I’ve been using a few of 107’s products for a while and can say they know what they’re doing. As with most K-Beauty companies, their shining glory is skincare. 107 Beauty is no different, and one of their best-sellers is discounted for the rest of the month. Take 15% off anything on the site to celebrate the start of summer with glowing skin. Just used the code Honey107.

My favorite product from them is the Micro Drizzle Hydro Toner. Don’t be alarmed if you have a complexion a bit on the oily side. My t-zone can be a mess; this never made it worse, even with its hydration-focused formulation. Hyaluronic acid does wonders and is the main ingredient in many top skincare items on the market, so same here. After each use, my skin felt revitalized, refreshed, and ready for my moisturizer. It never disrupted anything for me and quickly became my number one toner. It’s absolutely lightweight and keeps my skin in top form for the majority of my day. It’s made from seven-year aged vinegar and Japanese camellia leaf extract, so it soothes your face even on your worst days or during a breakout. It was formulated to be used as often as you need and not upset your skin’s natural pH balance.

Free shipping on all orders over $40.


Halo Encyclopedia| $38 | Amazon

Halo: Combat Evolved released in 2001 and has since breathed life into an expansive universe of games and novels. The Halo Encyclopedia gives you a history lesson spanning over a hundred millennia and encompassing over a hundred thousand light years. Amazon has the hardcover book available to pre-order at the discounted price of $38. The book will release March 29, 2022.

007: The Daniel Craig Collection (4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray) | $43 | Amazon

I’m more of a Pierce Brosnan guy myself (please don’t hate me!), but Bond is Bond, and if you refuse to watch him portrayed by anyone other than Daniel Craig, this deal is for you. Grab 007: The Daniel Craig Collection on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray for just $43. It comes with four films, two of which MI6 buffs consider to be infallible royalty:

  • Casino Royale
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre

And you’ll get digital copies of all these, too.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (4KUHD Blu-ray) | $31 | Amazon

It’s rare that fans can whine about something and get what they want. Celebrate this victory by picking up the Snyder Cut in 4KUHD and then seeking out a 4K 4:3 television to watch it the way it was meant to be seen. This 4KUHD Blu-ray will release September 7th, 2021.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trilogy [4K Blu-ray] (Pre-order) | $85 | Amazon

This super hero trilogy comes with 4K Blu-ray Man of Steel, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (yes that’s the Snyder Cut). I can’t get over the full title for Batman v Superman still. Was Dawn of Justice really necessary? We knew a Justice League movie would be coming out and there weren’t any full feature movies titled “Batman v Superman” before. And now with Ultimate Edition slapped on it, it sounds like a dang mobile game. Anyway this trilogy set also comes with brilliantly desaturated posters of each of our heroes as well as several illustrated posters. You can pre-order the trilogy on Amazon and it will be released September 7th, 2021.




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