Why Have Two Shoes When You Could Have One Electric Foot Warmer for $79 at Macy’s

Micro Flannel Electric Footwarmer | $79 | Macy’s

Micro Flannel Electric Footwarmer | $79 | Macy’s

You know how your cozy slippers are never quite cozy enough? Look no further. Micro Flannel’s electric foot warmer is basically a big shoe for your feet, except this shoe is wired to warm up at the click of a button. It’s also lined with cozy Sherpa fleece, so you can warm up with or without the heater. Cold toes are a recipe for disaster, at least for me, a person who is always chilly. This thing also shuts off after two hours, so you can fall asleep on the couch with your feet tucked in, warming up, and not at risk for a house fire. Check it out here.

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