The Best Deals to Shop on June 25, 2021

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Spotty Wi-Fi isn’t just a bummer; it can seriously inhibit your ability to get work or a good DnD session going. There’s a few ways you can solve this: move your rig closer to your router (not fun!), buy a beefier router, or invest in a mesh system. Mesh systems work better for larger households, though, and it might save you a headache or two down the road. That said, they’re pricey, so it’s worth waiting for a good deal if you can help it.

Right now, Amazon is offering the Eero 6 mesh router 3-pack – which includes a core router and two extender nodes – for just $195, which is 30% off the list price. If this seems like a good fit for your space, this is one of the best discounts we’ve seen on the popular Eero 6 line to date.

Apple’s deluxe AirPods Max wireless headphones have been gradually slipping in price since their recent launch, and while the discounts aren’t enormous yet, we’ve now passed the 10% mark on certain styles at Amazon.

Right now, Amazon is offering up to $60 off the $549 list price of the AirPods Max, depending on color choice. Gizmodo describes these premium headphones as “annoyingly incredible,” praising the dazzling sound and active noise canceling, comfort, and integration with Apple devices, but panning the steep price and awkwardly-designed, purse-like case.

When I built my PC, I was starting from scratch pretty much. To make the investment easier on myself, I had just used some old monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a bit to spread out some of the costs before upgrading. If you’re like me and are ready for an upgrade, consider the Razer Ornata V2 which is on sale at Amazon for $74. The high-performance mecha-membrane switches provide tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard, but are soft and cushioned. Also, you get full RGB lighting if that’s your sort of thing. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, you may also want to consider instead the V1 model currently available for $57.

Motorola’s budget phones are some of the best around, and right now the company is offering a few of its brand new 2021 releases at a discount at Amazon—all unlocked models that you can use with any US carrier.

The Moto G Play is the cheapest of the bunch, offering a 3-day battery and 720p 6.5” screen for just $150, a $20 savings off the list price. The Moto G Power offers faster performance and a slightly larger screen for $200, or $50 off.

If you want a stylus for productivity needs, the Moto G Stylus gives you both a pop-out stylus and a larger, crisper 1080p screen, but the battery isn’t quite as robust. That model sells for $280, or $20 off the list price. Higher up the price scale, the Motorola One 5G Ace pairs mid-range power with 5G connectivity for $350, or $50 off the list price.

If you’re in need of a new home workstation, now’s a good time to buy. Apple’s recently refreshed Mac Mini, powered by the company’s M1 chip, offers speeds up to eight times faster than competing processors, and reviews have all noted how impressive the chip’s performance gains are. The chip is in the company’s new 13″ MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but the Mini is notably cheaper. As long as you won’t need to lug your computer around, the Mini’s a great computer for home use.

Right now, the base 256GB model is $99 off the list price, marked down to $600 with the full savings reflected at checkout. You’ll save even more on the higher-capacity 512GB model, which is $119 off with full savings shown at checkout, landing at $780.

True wireless earbuds are all the rage these days, but if you don’t want to spend big bucks on brand name earbuds (like Apple’s AirPods) or just prefer a different approach, then perhaps the Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds will be more your speed.

They’re connected together by a cord and the buds snap together magnetically when not in use, but they pair wirelessly to your phone and other devices via Bluetooth and last for up to 12 hours per charge. Just launched last fall, you can save 22% off the list price at Amazon right now where they’re $39.

There’s no worse time to lose all your movies and tunes than when there’s not much else to do. There are lots of ways to remedy this, but having an external drive with plenty of space can give you some peace of mind by giving you a place to back everything up, and help you bring all your info with you everywhere without weighing down your bag. SanDisk’s 500GB Portable USB-C drive is down to $90 today at Amazon, a savings of $60 off the list price.

You can grab a $50 Nintendo Gift Card for $45 today at Eneba when using the promo code 93XRH33. And you know what? Sure, why not? Here’s the thing: we all know that Nintendo is pretty reluctant when it comes to discounts on its big games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out over a year ago and it’s still full price. Compare that to companies like Ubisoft who slash games by $30 within six months. See where I’m going with this? If you save money on a gift card and use it to buy first-party Nintendo games, it’s like using a $5 coupon. Don’t tell Nintendo about this. They will surely come after me for revealing this.

LEGO builds can help keep the boredom (or madness) away when you’re stuck inside, and if you’re on the hunt for a big set right now, here’s a great option: the 1,685-piece LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty is marked down $24 right now to $95. Also, the 1,767-piece LEGO Architecture Empire State Building is nearly $31 off the list price at just over $99.

It’s been quite a while since the last BioShock game came out. BioShock Infinite came out seven years ago and everyone wants to know where the series will go next. We went underwater. We flew up to the sky. What’s next? Prey is already BioShock in space. Maybe we could go to the center of the Earth, like the movie The Core.

While you all think on that million-dollar idea, BioShock: The Collection is just $16 on Nintendo Switch over at Amazon. The package features BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, so you can revisit all of your favorite philosophical questions and decide if they’re very outdated now. You can also grab a digital download of Bioshock 2 for $10. Or would you kindly grab a copy?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own arcade cabinet? C’mon, admit it. Just a little right? How cool would it be to have your own personal arcade at home? While these can usually be pretty pricey, Walmart currently has a solid deal on Arcade1Up’s X-Men Vs. Street Fighter machine. You can grab a genuine cabinet that plays the game for $399, down from $499. And that’s not all! This cabinet also plays X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, and X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. It’s certainly a statement piece, that’s for sure.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the top-selling video games in Kinja Deals history, and you can get the Royal Edition, which includes all of the season pass content, for an all-time low $10 right now at Walmart.

Sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself. We’re always made to think that you buy gifts for other people, not yourself, but I’m here to squash that myth. It’s been a really hard year! It’s okay to buy yourself a little something whenever you feel like it and call it a gift. In that spirit, you can currently get a $50 PlayStation Store gift card for just a smidge over $40 at Eneba when you use the code 50USDPSN at checkout. That can get you a partway toward a brand new full retail AAA game. Stock up on indies or use it to clear out the digital storefront during its next sale. The choice is yours. As long as you are buying video games, I am happy.

The Souls games have been a powerhouse of the past decade of gaming kicking off with the first game in the franchise, Dark Souls. What’s that? There was a game before Dark Souls? Interesting. For whatever reason, the 2009 release Demon’s Souls sole an estimated 1.7 million while is follow-up, Dark Souls, sold over 25 million copies worldwide. By my calculation, that still at least 23.3 million of you fans who still haven’t played this game. Now is the perfect time to play the game the that started it all in is upgraded glory.

All LEGO sets can be fantastic projects for all ages, but the LEGO Architecture sets hold special appeal for some adults, letting you build real-life sights and favorite destinations and end up with a classy-looking result to place on your shelf or desk.

We don’t consistently see discounts on these sets, but right now Amazon has a bunch of them at 20% each off the list price. That means the 740-piece Dubai skyline set is $48, the 547-piece Tokyo skyline is also $48, and the 565-piece San Francisco skyline set is just $40. You’ll find a few others below, too.

Yes. Moses was a blader. There is a tremendous power within Beys. Since ancient times, the existence of Beys can be found in moments throughout history. The power of Beyblades have been used to change the course of rivers and oceans. They have been used to defeat many armies and create huge empires. Or maybe they’re just a fun toy with a pull cord that spin around hitting into each other. You can pick up Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set from Walmart for $16 and find out yourself.

“Roll for Initiative.” See, that’s Dungeons & Dragons terminology. A phrase you’ll be either saying or hearing a lot once you pick up the starter set of this iconic tabletop RPG. The starter set is one of the best ways to learn how to play D&D if you and your friends are completely new to the hobby. Included are the basic rulebook, six dice, five premade character sheets, one blank character sheet (which you can copy if you’d like to create your own characters), and one adventure book. The Lost Mines of Phandelver, which is the prewritten campaign here, will take your characters from level 1 to level 5 and is honestly one of the best published adventures from Wizards of the Coast. You can pick up this starter set for only $13 which is good because once you fall in love with D&D, you’re going to be spending a significant portion of your savings on your new dice addiction.

There’s no shame in wanting new things. If you still prefer to bet at home more, make it as cute and cozy as possible. Give your sleep space a little makeover and ensure your slumber is comfy as can be. All the sizes for Charter Club are currently 45% in this 4 piece sheet set deal. This sale will run until July 5, and add the code SAVE to get all the savings you can at checkout.

New sheets are an easy way to refresh your bedroom and even class it up a bit. We may not be traveling to hotels with big beautiful beds and astronomical thread counts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recreate that at home. This Charter Club set is made of 100% Egyptian hygro cotton, and that count is 400. The chic stripes on this Sleep Cool collection come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. These are easy to wash in the machine, and fabric softer is unnecessary as they are lush and plush. There are seven color options in various sizes for your mattress needs. If you think you want these, I’d purchase them quickly. At this price, they will likely sell out.

These will ship for free.

If you’re still holding true to eating better in 2021, that’s marvelous. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Suppose you aren’t but want to try again, no worries. This Crux Digital Juice Extractor is 59% off and here to make you healthier and happier.

This five-speed juicer can handle both soft and hard fruits/vegetables. The wide openly allows for an array of healthy treats to be tossed in even long leafy greens. There is an easy-to-read digital LCD panel, so no fear of getting stumped. The sturdy stainless steel mesh on the inside is strong enough to strain any ingredients producing up to one liter of liquid in one go. You can’t get much fresher than serving your juice right from the BPA-free jug that accompanies your juicer. You’ll also get a cleaning brush that’s tough to scrub out even the tiniest of particles. There’s a pulp collector for larger pieces, and it’s simple to dump out that section. Those parts come off this juice without struggle and can even be put in the dishwasher.

This will ship for free.

Being home all the time is no fun, and if you’re anything like us, you may be filling the hours rage cleaning, just because. At this point, any further efforts to clean can only be seen as a desperate, cryptic cry for some sort of help. After you’ve resolved your internal conflict and made some attempted return to normalcy (what’s that?), let someone else do the job.

It could be your kids, but not all of us have them… and barring expensive nanny care, a Eufy RoboVac just might be the next best thing. The BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is a quality budget option that’s even cheaper right now: it’s down to just $130 in either color, and has a strong 4.5-star rating from customers.

Leftovers make the world go round, but heating yesterday’s pizza or pasta in the microwave is unfulfilling. But you don’t want to fire up your stove for just these, either. The convection oven is your answer to this tasty dilemma. This reliable and sturdy Cuisinart Convection Oven is 35% off right now.

Cuisinart makes quality kitchen items, and this convection over is absolutely tops. This compact cooker fits snuggly on the countertop and will keep your kitchen cooler during the impending hot summer months. This lil guy can bake, broil, toast, and warm. This is especially handy if you live alone and are always worried about using the giant oven for a single serving. It’s equipped with a nonstick interior and slide-out crumb tray to make clean up easy. Cooks food quickly, evenly; it’s simple to operate and comes with a recipe book if you get stuck. This price is only for the classic stainless steel option, but it is, in my opinion, the sleekest looking of all of them.

This item ships for free for Prime members.

Pet owners, you haven’t lived until you’ve used a ChomChom. It has transformed my life and the two dogs I cohabitate with. Both are very sheddy old puppers. While I love having them on the sofa and pretty much everywhere, I’m not a fan of being cover in fur after. The ChomChom has been such a blessing. No more sticky tape or adhesive paper to solve this hairy nightmare. Just roll this back and forth on the desired area and watch the fluff disappear. The waste compartment can hold quite a large amount of pet hair and doesn’t need to be emptied too often. But when you need to it’s easy to do so. The best part is no batteries or power is needed to get going; use it anywhere anytime. This works for cat fur, too, and even picks up dust and any other unwanted bits. You will never need another roller or fur picker-upper after you experience the ChomChom.

One-day shipping for Prime members.

Making the most delicious smoothie is an art. Not only do you have to worry about the freshest best ingredients, but there’s also the work of achieving the right balance. But there’s also the endeavor of blending it all to perfection. Ninja is one of if not the best at this. Today take $10 off on their Nutri Auto-IQ Blender and never worry about messing up a smoothie or shake again.

The Auto-IQ tech ensures the pro extractor blades for extracting the vitamins and nutrients you’re going through all this for. In the quest to get the most elite blend of veggies, fruits, and/or protein powders, taste and fusion are important in your concoctions. The 1000 watt motor helps with that, and the high speed can liquefy pretty much anything in seconds. The Ninja is easy to clean and comes with everything you need on your journey to fruit fusion. You’ll get the eighteen-ounce Nutri Ninja cup, a twenty-four-ounce Nutri Ninja cup, two sip & seal lids, and an instruction book full of recipes to get you started so you’ll never be without ideas.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, you should moisturize and moisturize often. I really don’t want to hear arguments otherwise—using lotion every day should be a part of your overall grooming routine, and no I won’t elaborate. Luckily, Ulta agrees with me and is offering a cool BOGO sale for Hempz lotion. If you buy one, you get the other 50% off. Grab a bottle or two before they’re gone. This deal will run until June 26.

After escaping the lawless streets of the early days of pandemic, it’s only natural that we celebrate by introducing a new brand of chaos, complete with loud music, intoxicating ragers, and most importantly, a whole new summer wardrobe.

That’s why JACHS NY, a long-time Kinja Deals fave, is offering an unbeatable bundle discount, for a limited time only. When you purchase any pair of its signature shorts—stretch chino, pull-on dock, or otherwise—you can also snag a shirt for $39 total. The shirts themselves come in tee, henley, and polo styles and in a variety of colors. Just enter the promo code 2STR at checkout and start saving before the sale ends.

Be the envy of all your friends this summer (or send them the link to this post so they, too, can experience the kind of deep savings on high-quality, boutique clothing you can only find at JACHS NY). Why not skip the line at the big box chain fast-fashion retail stores and see what the independent company’s bespoke fabrics and modern, yet somehow vintage designs are all about. With prices like this, you really can’t go wrong.

What is a Stoggle, you ask? Think of it this way: If “style” and “goggles” had a baby, there is only one acceptable name for that newborn child. And now that eye protection is mandatory for health care workers, there is a market for more fashionable accessories that get the job done right. Among the more successful attempts at this is Stoggles.

Named one of the “100 best innovations of 2020” by Popular Mechanics, Stoggles is trying to position itself as “the Warby Parker of safety eyewear” (their words, not mine), making safety goggles that are lighter and more compact than the unwieldy protective gear of yesteryear. And with over 250,000 Stoggles sold so far, it’s proven successful as the largest eyewear crowdfunding campaign ever, having raked in $3 million from backers.

You can purchase Stoggles directly from the Stoggles website starting at $39 in both original and mini sizes. As for the shape of the frames, you can choose between square and round for no extra cost. Stoggles come in a variety of colors from sky blue to mint green to clear. Light responsive lenses can be tacked on for an extra $15. You can save 10% off your first order using the promo code AMB10, courtesy of Kinja Deals.

Now is a great time to start planning for sunny days and lounging. With the CDC saying gatherings are all good for the vaccinated, a day at the beach or lake is just what you need after the last year. So it’s time to get prepared. Disney is giving the house of mouse fans 25% off swimwear and accessories, and no code is needed.

There is a lot of items for the little ones, obviously. If you have a tot or tween in your life that loves Disney or anything under their umbrella, you’re sure to find the right fit.

My beach towel from last year is included in this sale, and it held up just fine as my park/shore blanket. The R2-D2 Beach Towel is adorable, colorful, and can even be personalized with a name. It’s a great summer accessory for someone out of the world.

Bring your friendly neighborhood Spiderman poolside with these cute swim shoes. Featuring Spidey’s logo, these fit comfy on your little superhero’s feet and will protect them even on the hottest of sands. Built for the summer elements and a killer accessory for this year’s vacation or beach trip.

Now for a bag to keep all your beach goodies safe while playing in the sand and sea. There are a few to pick from, but there is something charming about this Daisy Duck Swim Bag. The bag is made of durable PVC material on the outside and has a striped drawstring bag on the inside to keep your most important contains safe from the elements. But it’s definitely charming with the delightful face of this darling duck.

You can also grab free shipping on orders over $75 with the code SHIPMAGIC.

Every whitening strip boasts you will see results after one use; with Zimba, I actually did. Zimba Whitening Strips are far and away the best I’ve tested. As an avid coffee drinker, strips like these do wonders after decades of caffeine abuse. Grab their 28 pack right now for more than half off; remember to use the code Get15 at checkout.

At the end of the process of roughly two weeks, you should see your smile become six shade lighter from where you started. You get fourteen strips for the top and fourteen for the bottom. I like that they are actually sticky and a little thicker. They seem much more durable and actually stay where they need to during the thirty-minute process. They do have an option for those who have more sensitive teeth if that’s a concern. Although with the regular ones, the most I felt was a very slight minty tingle. That being said, most of these companies only have a mint/spearmint/wintergreen type “flavor.” Zimba has those types but also watermelon, strawberry, coconut, peach, and cinnamon. At no point did they feel overly harsh; they do have a bit of a gritty residue once you remove the strip, but you can rinse your mouth out to get rid of that. The ingredients are not only inviting, but Zimba uses natural flavoring, where others on the market go the artificial route. Overall, Zimba was the easiest and best strip I’ve used. It checks all the boxes of what you’re looking for, and the price is very affordable. You can bundle and save even more if you like to stock up. I can’t recommend these enough.

This will ship for $4.

Loki fans rejoice! Today is your day; the trickster god has arrived on Disney Plus. Join him and Mobius at the Time Variance Authority and monitor timelines, alternates, and variants that can change history. Today only save 30% on select Loki items at Hot Topic and have the most mischievous summer you can.

There’s tons of merch just for Marvel’s newest organization, Time Variance Authority. I love this very official-looking crest cotton tee. In a classic heather grey, you have to be comfortable when chasing baddies across universes. Now you need something to store all your space tools in like the tesseract. Grab this adorable and durable backpack featuring not only the silhouette of Loki but a key fob with Miss Minutes, the mascot of TVA. This bag has a sleeve for your laptop and a place for two water bottles because you need to stay hydrated when time hoping. This is a preorder, and the bag will ship on June 29. Now slap on a cute little Chibi Loki pin and let the world know you’ve got a soft spot for bad boys and anti-heroes.

Free shipping on all orders over $60


Batman, the caped crusader, is a hero. And as we know, heroes never go down. Can’t say the same about prices though. Batman: Under the Red Hood on Blu-ray is on sale for $9 at Amazon. Give it a watch and maybe learn what exactly he’s talking about in this clip here.

Looking for something to do? Why not grab yourself a new anime to binge— or an old favorite?

You can get up to 63% off top Funimation anime titles right now at Amazon, a deal you shouldn’t miss out on!

My Hero Academia’s first season on blu-ray is just $24 right now, not a bad find at all. This one’s pretty popular— why not check it out and see what the fuss is about? Or add it to your collection if you love it already!

If you want some more intense fare to watch, check out Psycho Pass. I saw a bit of season one of this anime and it is a bit intense for me personally, but it kind of has Minority Report vibes so if that’s your thing, check it out!

Jumping back to comedy, Fruits Basket is a classic. Get the entire series on Blu-ray for just $40— you know you want it!

Anyone else remember Outlaw Star from their Cartoon Network Days? Grab the whole series for $25 on Blu-ray today.

If none of these anime titles are quite your thing, check out everything on sale right here! There’s something for everyone.




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