The Best Deals to Shop on August 23, 2021

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KMOUK Bluetooth Earbuds | $16 | Amazon | Use code: HQCCBAB8

With the sad and horrific execution of the 3.5mm AUX port, our phones now require us to replace our old wired earbuds with something new. Luckily, you can get a very inexpensive pair of Bluetooth earbuds from KMOUK right now at $16. Just use the code HQCCBAB8 to get 60% off the list price. We don’t all need fancy noise-cancelling virtual surround sound devices. Maybe you just want to sneakily watch that YouTube video at work. These will get the job done.

ASUS ROG Keris Wireless Lightweight Gaming Mouse | $70 | Amazon

There’s something exciting about buying a new gaming mouse. It’s almost like going shopping for school supplies. And if you need a new piece of equipment to help power you through your next Apex Legends or League of Legends sesh, the ASUS ROG Keris Wireless Lightweight Gaming Mouse is a great place to start. Now $70 down from $99, it features a 70-million click lifespan with a specially-tuned sensor to help up your accuracy. It can connect via Bluetooth, wired USB, or 2.4 GHz. Charge it via USB-C, and adjust your DPI settings via scroll wheel. It’s an excellent option if you’re in the market for a new gaming mouse, or just use it as your everyday scrolling companion. And check out those pretty lights.

The Simpsons Arcade1Up | $529 | Walmart
The Simpsons Arcade1Up w/ stool + sign | $699 | Best Buy, GameStop, Target

Licensed games are weird. 99% of the time you get something like Superman 64, but some of these have risen above the filth to become video game classics. The Simpsons arcade game is one of them. This arcade game based on the characters of the beloved cartoon family remains one of the best beat ‘em ups of all time. Right up there with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men. Hmm.. I guess Konami is just really good at adapting licensed IPs as beat ‘em ups actually. Anyway, you can own The Simpsons arcade cabinet from Arcade1Up which will release in November this year for the price of $529 from Walmart. Other retailers also have the cabinet bundled with a stool and tin sign for $699.

Arcade1Up Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet | $247 | Walmart

Let me throw the gauntlet down: Ms. Pac-Man is one of the best video games of all time. More specifically, it is the best arcade game ever. I will not be taking debates on the matter; it’s just a fact. It’s always been my dream to own a Ms. Pac-Man cabinet and now that dream can be a reality. Arcade1Up’s faithfully reproduced Ms. Pac-Man cabinet is on sale for $247 at Walmart. It comes with a riser so you really get the full arcade experience. If you don’t care for Ms. Pac-Man: 1.) What’s wrong with you and 2.) It also has Pac-Mania, Pac-Man Plus, and Galaxian included. Now can someone find me a deal on a bigger apartment, please?

$50 Nintendo Gift Card | $43 | Eneba | Use code 50USDNINAUG
$35 Nintendo Gift Card | $30 | Eneba | Use code 35USDNINAUG
$20 Nintendo Gift Card | $18 | Eneba | Use code 20USDNINAUG

You can grab a $50 Nintendo gift card for $44 today at Eneba when using the promo code 50USDNINAUG. And you know what? Sure, why not? Here’s the thing: we all know that Nintendo is pretty reluctant when it comes to discounts on its big games. Though, even though in the last month or so, many of their Switch staples have gone for between $40 and $50, it’s not much compared to companies like Ubisoft who slash games by $30 within six months after release. We can get even more off from Nintendo though. See where I’m going with this? If you save money on a gift card and use it to buy first-party Nintendo games, it’s like using a $6 coupon. Don’t tell Nintendo about this. They will surely come after me for revealing this.

You can also grab a $35 Nintendo gift card or a $20 Nintendo gift card cheaper than usual, but the smaller valued card you get, the smaller value the savings are. Your best bang for your buck is to get the $50 card for $43. Don’t worry, you’ll have no problem spending that.

Roku Express 4K+ | $29 | Amazon

If your smart TV isn’t quite smart enough for your liking or you’re a Roku fan who needs something newer, then you might want to jump on this bargain. Right now, Amazon is offering 27% off the current Roku Express 4K+ streaming device, which connects to your TV to let you access all sorts of streaming video services. It comes with a remote, plus the compact box—which support’s Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit—can even attach to the bottom of your TV if you please. Grab it for $29 today.

Kodak FLIK X4 Home Projector | $80 | StackSocial

Since getting my projector, my general tv watching has been 100% better, especially sports. If you consume a lot of movies, games, and television, this might be just the thing you didn’t know you were missing. Kodak’s FLIK X4 Home Projector is ready to elevate any binge session and save $20 on it today.

This projector is a full entertainment system so you can do more than just watch films. View photos, slideshows, play games, and listen to music. If you plan on having a few get-togethers in the future, this will be an excellent addition to a night with friends and family. Do all this with a display of 150″ after a simple and painless setup. There are a few ways to connect to your chosen devices via HDMI and USB. It’s easy to focus with the manual wheel in the front with a resolution of around 480p, which is pretty dang sharp. The built-in speakers produce a robust sound that gets quite loud for its size. You will not want to watch anything any other way after you grab one of these. It’s truly life-changing.

This will ship for $3.

Google Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack | $150 | Amazon

There’s never a bad time to improve on your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can do just that with this three-pack of Google Mesh Wi-Fi System points, perfect for placing around your house. This set is now $150, which is $50 off its original $200 asking price. This three-pack covers up to 4500 square feet around your dwelling to create a mesh network for better coverage. It only takes a few moments to set up, includes easy to set up controls, and helps to ensure your system runs as fast as it can behind the scenes. Plus, this set will work with all Google Wi-Fi points and can be added to your Nest system. You can always expand later if needed, too.

Kindle Paperwhite | $80 | Amazon

If you’re the type of person who loves reading, but hates to amass a collection of physical books, you should absolutely pick up a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. You can pick up an ad-supported 8 GB version with 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited now for $50 off, making it just $80. The Paperwhite is Amazon’s thinnest, lightest version of the Kindle yet, and it features a 300 psi glare-free display. It’s also waterproof for beach or bath time reading. Take all your favorite books with you on this fun little device and stop worrying about whether you have room for one more book on your shelf. You don’t. Just throw it on this bad boy instead. Choose from Black, Twilight Blue, Plum, or Sage.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro | $121 | Amazon

Using an iPad for work is actually great. It may sound a little uncomfortable at first, because who wants to do a bunch of typing on an onscreen keyboard? Well, you don’t have to. With the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, and 5th-Generation), you can throw some tangible keys on your iPad Pro and go. This particular keyboard folio is now just $121 at Amazon, which is nearly $80 off its normal price. All you need to do to start using it is just attach it to your iPad Pro. It doesn’t need any fancy pairing tricks and it never has to charge. Just throw it on and go, and wonder why you ever dragged along a bulky laptop in the first place. It also acts as a cover for your iPad Pro, so it’s pulling double duty. If you use your iPad Pro regularly, this is a must-have accessory, even if you don’t really do that much typing. You’ll be surprised at how much it comes in handy.

Ergopixel 6.8ft Tripod with LED Ring Light | $60 | StackSocial

Ring lights are literal game-changers whether you are on an office zoom, recording a TikTok, or even just doing your makeup. These simple add-ons can completely change pictures and videos with almost no effort on your part. Take 14% off Ergopixel’s Ring Light accompanied by a sturdy 6.8-foot tripod,

This is a pretty standard ring light with three lighting modes, each with eleven levels of brightness. The tripod extends as high as six feet high and can get as low as four feet. It is pretty secure and will stay in place regardless of your phone weight. And yes, the phone holder is compatible with most models and brands, including iPhones and Samsungs. This setup offers a few features other cheaper ring lights don’t. Opal glass for smooth transmissions, a translucent grid pane to split beams, and an aluminum film for wider reflection. The ring light is eight inches across, and this set is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up anywhere. This is an excellent deal for a simple upgrade to all your creative endeavors.

This will ship for $3.

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct Watch | $180 | Amazon

One of the best new pieces of tech to show itself in the last decade or so has been what watches are capable of now in terms of fitness. GPS watches existed when I was a runner in high school, but they certainly weren’t in the price range that a high schooler could afford. But that price has come down quite a bit and now with all sorts of additional health data, a watch like this is now a must-own for anyone who takes fitness seriously. This one doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but if you’re just looking for something that can tell you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve gone, and what your heart rate is, this is all you need. You can get a Garmin Instinct for only $180 now on Amazon which is 40% off its usual price.

JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds | $37 | Amazon

I’ve had the pleasure of testing a few items from JLab over the last few weeks and was pleasantly surprised by the quality for not only the price but the size. If you’re unsure where to start with wireless and are worried about going too cheap, the JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds are a great option. They’re 24% off and in that nice space of moderate price but reliable performance. Of the three colors that are offered the white is currently the best deal.

The sound is crisp, clear, and they block out a fair amount of background noise. They turn on automatically and connect immediately, which is something I’m still getting used to with this brand. And being able to control everything by tapping one of the earbuds takes some time to figure out. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you remember how many taps to what, the transitions are seamless. The charging case is true to the twenty-four-hour claims of playtime. Expect around six hours of tune time for the earbuds off of one charge. These are sweatproof and waterproof, so workout approved whether indoors or outside. They are comfy for hours of wear, and the case is compact enough to toss in your bag or pocket. The JBuds will be a great addition to your audio collection.

This will ship for free, no need to be a Prime member.

Treblab Z2 Wireless Headphones | $63 | StackSocial | KJD20SAVE

The Z2s are quality, and I was extremely impressed with the ANC. These are perfect for working out or for someone who likes to tune out the world, literally. I’ve been using the Z2s on and off and can tell you they are extremely comfy. They paired quickly and seamlessly. For their size, they are pretty lightweight and fit perfectly into a rather fetching hardshell case when not in use. The built-in mic for calls was clear and crackle-free. I take a lot of calls, so this was a significant feature for me. You’ll get well over thirty hours of playtime off of one charge, and the three-hour quick charge has you taking these on the road a lot sooner than others on the market. There are easy button controls, and you can even link up with your chosen voice assistant, such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. If you need a more affordable pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones, these are a great option.

Beats Studio Buds | $130 | Amazon

The search for a great pair of true wireless earbuds can be a difficult one, what with so many pairs out there. If you’re interested in trying out Beats’ version, you’re in luck. The Beats Studio Buds are now just $130 at Amazon, which is $20 off their usual price. They’re available in Black, White, and Red, just in case you want to match them to the rest of your stuff, but more importantly, they’re a great option for on-the-go listening. They include active noise cancellation with transparency mode as well as support for Siri for delegating tasks while you’re zipping around town. Of course, they also include a USB-C powered battery case that offers up to 24 hours of charge and IPX4 water resistance just in case you drop them in a rain puddle or something. Other than that, I’ve used a pair of these, and they’re a favorite of mine. They’re definitely worth it for $20 off, so if you want another pair of true wireless buds, can’t go wrong here.

NuraTrue Earbuds + 3 Months of Endel | $200 | Nura

In 2018, Nura was a relatively unknown brand. Having just released its first product, the company was riding a wave of success prompted by the Red Dot Award in product design it achieved at CES — an award that had also been given to the Apple AirPods and Google Home in previous years. As the first company to ever introduce active noise canceling to a pair of headphones over a software update, Nura is a name worthy of your attention, and now it’s brought the same technology that yielded its over-ear headphones widespread acclaim to a pair of true wireless earbuds it calls NuraTrue.

Equipped with IPX4 water and sweat resistance, a 6-hour battery life, touch controls, and active noise-canceling, NuraTrue is a compelling product on its own. But when paired with the accompanying Nura app is when the earbuds’ value really starts to come to light. In addition to letting you customize features in-app, it can also set a profile tailored to your personal listening range. For a limited time, it also comes with 3 free months of Endel — a soundscapes app scientifically proven to help you focus and relax.

While NuraTrue true wireless earbuds are priced at $200, the brand offers a $5/month payment plan called NuraNow that nets you a new device every 2 years with additional perks including discounts and giveaways. Although NuraTrue is unfortunately excluded from that subscription, you can get a taste for the tech at a heavily discounted rate. And who knows, it could always be appended later on.

Tribit Bluetooth Speaker | $37 | Amazon
Tribit Bluetooth Earbuds | $70 | Amazon

Here at Kinja Deals, we tend to write a lot about Bluetooth earbuds and speakers. There are many options out there to choose from with different devices going on sale every day. Though, have you ever actually wondered where the term “Bluetooth” actually comes from? It might be older than you think.

The term actually dates back to Norway and Denmark circa 958. King Harald Gormsson united the two countries during his reign in the same way industry leaders of Intel, Ericcson, and Nokia sought out to unite PCs with cellular devices via a short-range wireless link. That’s it. So why Bluetooth though? Well King Harald Gormsson had a dead tooth giving it a dark bluish gray color earning him the nickname “Bluetooth.” The symbol for Bluetooth is actually a bind rune merging the runes for his initials—(Hagall) (ᚼ) and (Bjarkan) (ᛒ).

Engineers in the industry had planned to only use the term as a placeholder until marketing could come up with a better term. They weren’t able to in time for release so, well… Bluetooth

I’m sure you could probably find a podcast going into greater detail. And if you do, you can go ahead and listen to it on one of these Bluetooth devices—a Tribit speaker on sale for $37 or a Tribit pair of earbuds on sale for $70.

Apple AirPods Pro | $180 | Amazon

If you’re an iPhone user with some cash to blow, skip the pretenders and even the lesser AirPods to go for something better. The AirPods Pro step the game up with rubber tips, active noise cancellation, better overall audio quality, and a wirelessly-chargeable case as standard. They’re a bit expensive normally, but right now Amazon has ‘em for $69 off the list price.

Psychonauts (Xbox) | $1 | Microsoft Store

Psychonauts came out way back in 2005 to wide critical acclaim. Starring a kid named Raz with big dreams of becoming a psychonaut—and agent of an organization which can enter people’s subconscious minds. I being the stupid kid I was never played it. I didn’t even know anyone who had. It wasn’t until sometime after college I had heard the love surrounding this game and decided to pick it up for myself. I fell in love. This is a game I am constantly recommending to friends to the point of being annoying about it. But once they did play it, the response is overwhelmingly, “Damnit, it is really good.”

The long awaited sequel is finally near. It comes out in less than a week actually. If you have any interest in that but haven’t played the first… or perhaps you did back in 2005 and want the refresher… Psychonauts is only sale for only $1. That’s $1 for a game that is consistently ranking high in “best games of all time” lists.

Demon’s Souls (PS5) | $50 | Walmart, Amazon, Target

The Souls games have been a powerhouse of the past decade of gaming kicking off with the first game in the franchise, Dark Souls. What’s that? There was a game before Dark Souls? Interesting. For whatever reason, the 2009 release Demon’s Souls sole an estimated 1.7 million while is follow-up, Dark Souls, sold over 25 million copies worldwide. By my calculation, that still at least 23.3 million of you fans who still haven’t played this game. Now is the perfect time to play the game the that started it all in is upgraded glory.

(Pre-order) Back 4 Blood (XBO/XSX) | $60 | Amazon
(Pre-order) Back 4 Blood (PS4) | $60 | Amazon
(Pre-order) Back 4 Blood (PS5) | $60 | Amazon

Left 4 Dead came out over a decade ago yet still retains a dedicated following. A large reason for its replayability is its AI director which responds to how well your team is doing at any given moment. By either sending more waves of zombies at you or maybe sticking an extra health pack in a nearby cabinet, the director keeps the action tense so you always feel like you just barely make it through. Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor which launches later this year. If you pre-order the game, you’ll gain access to the Open Beta which starts August 5th. (And if you really want, you can just cancel the pre-order after the beta ends and get your money back. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)

Hitman 3 (XBO/XSX) | $35 | Amazon
Hitman 3 (PS4) | $35 | Amazon
Hitman 3 (PS5) | $35 | Amazon

If you haven’t jumped on the Hitman 3 bandwagon yet, you might want to. Critics and fans alike praised the stealth action game, calling it a perfect capper to the World of Assassination trilogy that features some of the series’ best murder playgrounds yet. If that’s enough to convince you to pick up a copy, the console versions of the game are down to $35. The game supports cross-progression with previous games so long as you stay within the same “family” of platform (PC to PC, PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X).

$25 PSN Gift Card | $22 | Eneba | Use code 25USDPROMO

Sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself. We’re always made to think that you buy gifts for other people, not yourself, but I’m here to squash that myth. It’s been a really hard two years! It’s okay to buy yourself a little something whenever you feel like it and call it a gift. In that spirit, you can currently get a $25 PlayStation Store gift card for just a smidge over $22 at Eneba when you use the code 25USDPROMO at checkout. That won’t get you all the way to a brand new full retail AAA game, but nothing is stopping you from piling up on several of these cards. If you get four of them that’s only $88. You’ve now saved $12. Wow. Perhaps you’d rather stock up on indies or use it to clear out the digital storefront during its next sale. The choice is yours. As long as you are buying video games, I am happy.

Returnal | $50 | Amazon

I, like many folks, do not have a PS5 yet. I just haven’t cared too much to spend time hunting on down as nothing so far seemed like a must-have that I can’t just play on a PS4 perfectly fine. That is until I saw Returnal. This is the first game to make me want to start really start scouring the internet for that PS5. I’m a big roguelike fan so this is very much my shit. Typically, we’re used to roguelikes being smaller, indie titles in pixel art (which I love!) but wow is it cool to see this genre expand into AAA levels. Returnal is now on sale for $50, down from the high PS5 standard of $70. I’m tempted to pick this up myself and hold onto it for when I finally do get my hands on the new console.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4) | $37 | Amazon
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5) | $39 | Amazon

Sackboy returns in a brand new, reimagining of the Little Big Planet series—Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Sackboy and up to 3 other friends can now explore a full 3D world. Look at his cute stupid face with that tongue sticking out. What a joy it would be to be Sackboy. The game even has dedicated co-op only levels so be sure to play online or invite some friends over for some on-the-couch platforming mayhem. The PS4 and PS5 versions are available for only $37 and $39, respectively, at Amazon.

Super Mario Odyssey | $39 | Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, buying a copy of Super Mario Odyssey is basically a requirement. If you don’t have yours yet, Amazon’s offering a rare discount down to $39 today, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD | $50 | Amazon

In the long list of Switch ports we’ve been receiving since 2017, the latest release is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Originally launched for the Wii and built around the use of motion controls, the new version has added the option for just using buttons like a typical Zelda game. Many already playing are saying this along with some other quality of life improvements have elevated this game to one you should not pass on, so why not save $10 when you pick it up?

Neon Pink & Neon Green Joy Con (L)/(R) | $69 | GameStop

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are both a marvel of engineering and a disastrous result of it. The brilliance is in their adaptability be it as part of the handheld, part of the grip controller, held sideways individually, or swung around with motion. The pain comes from this damn joystick drift which Nintendo has yet to do anything significant about to correct. Though the most remarkable thing to come out of these Joy-Cons are the wide variety of colors they’re offered in. As someone who grew up in the N64 era, I loved that all four of my controllers were different from each other and from my friend’s controllers which were also all different. There’s so much personality in the colors and Nintendo finally brought that back after several generations. You can get yourself these neon pink and neon green ones for $10 off at GameStop. The price will be reflected as $69 after adding to your cart.

Ori: The Collection (Switch) | $50 | GameStop

Both Ori games are beautiful, heartfelt challenging Metroidvania platformers that will leave you crying more than once. Seriously, these games are stunning to look at and will leave an impression on you so you are thinking about them for weeks to come. If you haven’t had a chance to play either yet, you won’t regret dipping into it on your Nintendo Switch so you can play handheld in a small closet where no one can see you cry. The physical collection comes with 6 collectible art cards and the soundtracks for both games. Ori: The Collection releases October 12th, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) | $23 | Eneba | Use code: CPPATCH13

It was arguably the most anticipated game of 2020, but after launching as a buggy mess in December, Cyberpunk 2077‘s price tag has bounced up and down in the months since. Right now, you can get the PC version for $23 at Eneba. That’s over 60% off the list price. Just use the code CPPATCH13 at checkout.

The game was widely criticized at launch for poor performance. CD Projekt Red recently released patch 1.2 which improved it, though there are still bugs. It’s in better shape now, but there is no guarantee of what its final performance quality will be, so jump in at your own risk. The good news though is that most of the performance issues were found on the console version of the game—specifically the last generation consoles so you may have a better time playing the PC version.

Cavity Sam | $10 |

First off, how did I just never know the Operation character’s name is Cavity Sam? That just adds a layer to how disturbing this is. Who’s the audience for this? Are there Operation enthusiasts clamoring for a Funko of a cadaver? This is quite possibly the most unnerving toy they’ve released to date. I mean Funko’s have their own weirdness. Each recreation is a full dead-eyed version of the source material and I’ve only ever really found it works for animals. But hey, to each their own. If you are a board game junkie and need a frightening figure to grace your space Cavity Sam is for you. I just hope he doesn’t haunt your dreams.

American Girl + Xbox Gaming Set | $60 | American Girl

Girls and women make up over 40% of gamers and have made up roughly that much of the market or more dating back as far as 2006. Yet, there is little representation outside (or let’s be honest, inside) the sphere of gaming. Though, finally we have a gamer American Girl doll which is pretty damn awesome.

This American Girl doll comes with a comfy chair to game in, two Xbox controllers, a phone with gaming clip controller attachment, a fucking fidget spinner (hell yeah), a gaming headset, pretend discs and cases for Camp Quest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and a miniature Xbox Series X console—something I’m still having trouble finding for myself. The Xbox even makes a sound when one of the miniature discs are put in. And that’s not all. The doll also comes bundled with 30 days of GamePass.

Now, GamePass is hands down the best deal in gaming. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Access an expanding library of excellent games for a small monthly fee. And it just keeps getting better as they are bundling subscriptions with various toys and products. The latest of which is of course this American Girl gamer doll which you can get yourself for only $60.

(Pre-order) R2-D2 Tamagotchi (Classic White) | $20 | Amazon
(Pre-order) R2-D2 Tamagotchi (Hologram Blue) | $20 | Amazon

Yeah, that’s right. R2-D2 is now a Tamagotchi and he needs you to be his mom or dad. He needs to be charged and cleaned every day and entertained by putting out fires or playing holochess. If you neglect your android child for too long, the Jawas will take him away. The R2-D2 Tamagotchi is available in either the white classic color or blue hologram color. and is available for pre-order at $20. Your new baby droid will arrive November 11th of this year.

Final Fantasy XV Official Works Limited Edition | $108 | Amazon

Hey do you like concept art? Of course you do. It’s practically the best thing to unlock in any game. But now you can check out all of Final Fantasy XV’s art in book form! Get it for only $109 on Amazon. That’s nearly 50% off its original price.

Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook | $19 | Amazon

In the world of Elder Scrolls, sweet rolls are serious business, and now you don’t have to use your imagination to pretend you know why. Grab The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook for just $19 and get access to that and dozens of other recipes inspired by the homeland cuisine of the Bosmer, Khajit, Nords, and more.

Feast on all of the delicious dishes found in Skyrim, Morrowind, and all of Tamriel in this beautifully crafted cookbook based on the award-winning Elder Scrolls game series. Immerse yourself in the diverse cuisines of the Nords, Bosmer, Khajit, and beyond with these recipes inspired by food found in the Old Kingdom, across Tamriel, and more. With over sixty delicious recipes for fan-favorite recipes including Apple Cabbage Stew, Sunlight Souffle, Sweetrolls, and more, The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook will delight every hungry Dragonborn.

And if anyone tries to steal a sweet roll from the, er, sweet roll pan, just shoot them with an arrow (preferably in the knee).

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition | $80 | Microsoft Store

If you’ve ever looked at the standard Xbox controller and thought, “This needs more glowing lights,” hold on to your hat cowboy. Razer’s Wolverine Tournament Edition is currently marked down to its lowest price at the Microsoft Store.

So, what do you get for twice the cost of a regular Xbox One controller? A number of customization options including extra programmable buttons and it glows. Obviously.

Be warned, though, this $80 controller exclusively a wired controller, which is a total bummer for couch gaming. However for serious console/PC gamers, this shouldn’t be an issue, since a wired connection is still considered necessary for optimal performance.

Woodland Creatures Plush Dog Toy Pack | $10 | Amazon

Our pups have been so good to us while we worked at home, and maybe you made the adoption leap during the pandemic. This means you find yourself taking your new pet to more places than you normally would. It’s ok we love a connected pupper parent. My friends bring their dogs to each outdoor meal, and I will never be mad at that. Because they are such well-behaved good floofs, they deserve a gift. This three-pack of plush noisemakers from ZippyPaws is the ideal surprise, and it’s $3 off today.

So yes, they are the crinkle paper type noisemakers, so maybe we don’t give them these when zoom calls are happening. But the fox, raccoon, and squirrel are pretty durable, even for a pooch with a tough set of chompers. There’s no stuffing in them, which is great for a more destructive doggo. This deal is only for the small dog pack. Each toy is eleven inches long and just fine for an adventurous tiny fluffball. These critters are cute, safe, and will provide hours of fun for fido.

Free shipping for Prime members.

Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge | $70 | StackSocial

Trim the savings and bring your knives back to factory pointiness in seconds with a safe and effective sharpener. The Angle Pro Knife Sharpener is just that, and it’s 64% off.

Just a few pulls at the designated slot is all it takes to return your knives to their brilliance. It’s quick and easy, two things that are not suspicious at all when returning a butcher knife to ultimate sharpness. The 3-in-1 knife sharpener helps you get just the right angle at any gauge. Three ceramic wheels straighten your blades and three tungsten carbide rods put a new edge on them too. Slice and dice with ease after minimal work and in the comfort of your own home. This also comes with a three-year warranty.

The sharpener will ship for $3.

2-Pack Fur Zapper Pet Hair Remover | $13 | StackSocial

We love our pets; we really do. We don’t love their fur on everything we own. I have a wirehaired terrier, and I can’t leave the house without taking most of him with me. If you have a shedding fluffer but need a hand in keeping hair-free, the Fur Zapper Pet Hair Remover can save the day and your outfit. This two-pack from StackSocial is the easiest solution you will ever find.

I adore my dog and all the other puppers in my life, but if I could have a day without his white hair on my clothes, that’d be amazing. The FurZappers not only help with hair but lint, dander, and anything else that might be causing you fuzzy annoyances when doing laundry. Just toss one of these in the washer and the dryer and magically separate that pet fur from your garments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewashed sweaters because of pet hair. When in the dryer, these actually heat up and become almost like sticky tape pulling everything you don’t want off and keeping your favorite items intact. Save time, energy, and water. You’re helping the environment and looking better while doing it.

This will ship for $3.

Bonne et Filou Dog Macarons | $19 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

National Dog Day is August 26 so it’s time to treat our best boys and girls. They deserve a fancy treat for being such gems and putting up with us during the pandemic. And what’s the fanciest treat of all? Macarons! Bonne et Filou specialize in pupper versions of the french patisseries, and right now, you can save 20% when you clip the coupon.

You’ll get six doggy macarons handmade from a 100% natural recipe crafted right here in the USA. This box specifically is made with oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and yogurt filling. The flavors include lavender, mint strawberry, vanilla, and rose. The mint is a nice option to help your furry best friend with bad breath. They’ve also been designed to give your pup a long-lasting chew so they won’t just be chowing these down. They can actually enjoy it. All dog sizes can partake, but if you have an itty bitty furball, maybe cut it into smaller portions. Each batch comes in a beautifully decorated box as if delivered right from a French cafe. They have a one-year shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated. This is the perfect luxury gift for the best pooch. They earned something nice.

Pet Craft Round Small Bed | $22 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

If you’re looking for a new snooze spot for your fur baby Pet Craft Supply’s Soho Round Pet Bed might be what you were looking for. This small size one is currently on sale. This is an ideal selection if you have a geriatric pooch or feline, as it’s made of orthopedic memory foam. It’s wrapped in premium cushiony material. The Soho bed is designed to provide ultimate comfort for muscles, joints, aches, and pain. Made as a wraparound, it works perfectly for pets who love the cinnamon roll nap style. When your pets feel safe, they can relax and get a purrfect night’s rest. Let them cuddle up as it works with their body heat, the bed will retain and radiate that warmth right back to them. Even being plush, it’s still durable and constructed with non-toxic, high-quality fabrics. You can machine wash it, so don’t fret if there is an accident. Surprise your four-legged bestie with this sweet sleep space now.

This will ship free for Prime members.

Gooloo OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool | $22 | Amazon | Use code FV937QE6

Next time you see that little ‘Check Engine’ light flashing on your dash, be prepared with this Gooloo OBD2 car engine diagnostic scanner tool, just $22 over at Amazon right now. To get that price, just add code FV937QE6 at checkout. Some auto shops and auto parts stores will charge you more than that just to check it once!

With this scanner tool, you can see what’s making your light go off and hopefully fix it yourself— and if that’s not possible, at least you’ll be better informed. The Gooloo scanner also give you information about your car and you can use it to turn off the check engine light.

Grab this Gooloo OBD2 scanner while the code FV937QE6 still works— the deal is on through August 21.

Yedi Mini 2-Quart Air Fryer | $40 | StackSocial

Air Fryers are such a wild trend, and just when I think its time has passed, a deal like this pops up, and everyone goes crazy. In all seriousness, my pals who have one love it. If you’re on the hunt, this Yedi Mini 2-Quart Air Fryer is 33% off.

This two-quart air fryer is powerful and efficient to turn all your goods crunchy and evenly cooked. It’s easy to use with just two controls, so all you need to do is set the timer to get cooking. Don’t let the size fool you; it can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees for ultimate crispness. Although it might seem small, it can handle quite a bit of food at one time, so if you’re thinking of making a ton of french fries, the Trudy can take it. There’s auto-shutoff, so no fear about accidentally leaving it on, but it can cook up to thirty minutes. It’s simple to use for frying and even dehydrating with very little oil. Literally savings all around. Plenty of new things to try once you get this appliance in your kitchen. It’s easy to clean out and won’t take up a lot of space on a cramped countertop

This will ship for $3.

GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Light Bulbs (2-Pack) | $14 | StackSocial
GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Light Bulbs (4-Pack) | $24 | StackSocial

If you haven’t set up a few lamps with smart bulbs yet, you’re seriously missing out. Setting specific timers so you know the lights will be on just before you get home, setting up routines and commands to dim the lights to the perfect movie viewing level, turning them on or off without getting up from the couch… And that’s doesn’t even make use of the RGB. When you pair this with other apps like IFTTT, you can have it do things like flash orange and blue every time the Mets score. Granted, all standard bulbs might also be capable of this since the Mets have never actually scored for us to find out. We’ll never know.

Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp | $90 | StackSocial

Set all kinds of moods with this Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp from the Lamp Depot. This sleek lamp is stylish and can elevate any room. It’s designed not to take up space, fit in the corner, and give off beautiful luminous light no matter the size of the area. The soft-white setting is great for reading without being too harsh. The LEDs are completely customizable and easy to set up with the remote. The color combinations are endless, so you’re sure to find the perfect hue for the ambiance that’s your vibe. The stand is sturdy and stable, so you won’t have to worry about it wobbling. Save $60 and enhance your living space with ease and innovation.

This will ship for $3.

U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock | $179 | Newegg

Safety is sexy. Wait no, smart. Wait no. Sexy and smart. If you’re looking for an upgrade in the home security realm but aren’t interested in a total overhaul this smart lock is what you want. Ultraloq has this U-bolt smart lock with a keypad and WiFi adapter for just $179. It’s still going for almost $20 more on competing sites.

This lock does in fact have smartie pants on. This deadbolt offers six ways to get into your house. You can use the app, a fingerprint, a code, the auto-lock, a magic shake, or the old-fashioned mechanical key. This fancy lock will also monitor your home for you while you’re away. You can also access your door remotely so say you forgot your pal was walking your dogs while you were on vacay, well you can still get them from afar without keys. It’s designed for any standard door and no drilling or wiring is needed. Easy to install and easy to use. Just think of a clever code only you will know.

CRUX Artisan Series 3 Cup Food Chopper | $28 | Bed Bath & Beyond

Make dinner prep go even smoother with 20% off this CRUX Artisan Series chopper today— that brings it down to just $28. This food chopper can handle 3 cups of food and it dices, minces, and purees in addition to chopping.

Whether you want to make your own guacamole or just chop veggies and the like for recipes without all the fuss, the CRUX chopper has you covered.

Get it while the deal is still on over at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Up to 65% off Thousands of Outdoor Items | Wayfair

Wayfair is known for its killer prices on anything and everything you could need. They are currently running an incredible sale on all their outdoor items with up to 65% in savings. So enjoy deeply discounted backyard pieces like furniture, decor, cookware, and whatever you need to make your space a perfect summer paradise. There’s still time for sunny fun.

Cool summer nights aren’t complete without a lounge around a firepit, all snuggled up in a cozy blanket. Good comfy furniture to relax in can really make or break the dog days too. So quality rattan and soft cushions are what you need. How about catching some sun while reading your favorite books in Wayfair’s best-selling hammock? I’m telling you they’ve got you covered.

But it’s no all about where do lay; it’s about what you do out there too. Cookout kings, we’ve got you covered with top-rated gas grills. And keep your beverage chill in a retro cooler as the temperatures rise.

And don’t forget Fido, not all dogs can be left to their own devices. So put your mind at ease and grab them a pet pen no matter how big or small the pup.

Wayfair offers two-day free shipping on all orders over $35. There’s plenty of time to explore all the fine products in this sale but move fast if you see something you like. It could be gone soon!

PS. Remember to buy sunscreen.

Cuisinart Convection Oven | $120 | Amazon

Leftovers make the world go round, but heating yesterday’s pizza or pasta in the microwave is unfulfilling. But you don’t want to fire up your stove for just these, either. The convection oven is your answer to this tasty dilemma. This reliable and sturdy Cuisinart Convection Oven is $10 off right now.

Cuisinart makes quality kitchen items, and this convection over is absolutely tops. This compact cooker fits snuggly on the countertop and will keep your kitchen cooler during the impending hot summer months. This lil guy can bake, broil, toast, and warm. This is especially handy if you live alone and are always worried about using the giant oven for a single serving. It’s equipped with a nonstick interior and slide-out crumb tray to make clean up easy. Cooks food quickly, evenly; it’s simple to operate and comes with a recipe book if you get stuck. This price is only for the black stainless steel and copper option, but it is, in my opinion, the sleekest looking of all of them.

Calphalon Classic Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set | $185 | Amazon

Finding good cookware can be a feat in and of itself. Sometimes you’re stuck with whatever you can find at the store in a pinch, and sometimes you amass a collection of reliable pots and pans by getting everything piecemeal. Grab your own set of reliable kitchen essentials by snagging the Calphalon Classic Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, now $185 at Amazon. You get an 8″ fry pan, 10″ fry pan, 1.5-qt. sauce pan with cover, 2.5-qt. sauce pan with cover, 3-qt. saute pan with cover, 6-qt. stock pot with cover, and more to get you started. All are stainless steel with long handles and tempered glass lids. You also get a lifetime warranty, just in case something happens while you’re whipping up your own specialty. It’s a great price, so get one of these sets while you can.

Coleman Insulated Stainless Steel Growler | $23 | Amazon

If you’re the type of person to take a large amount of liquids with you from place to place, the Coleman Insulated Stainless Steel Growler was practically made for you. Now just $23 at Amazon, this bad boy carries 64 ounces of liquid in its double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction. It can keep drinks cold up to 76 hours and hot up to 41 hours. So whether you want to cart around coffee to work or you’re taking some delicious punch to the beach for a weekend, you’re set here. It’s also sleek, matte black, and attractive — in case those things mattered to you in a vessel for your beverages.

Dublin Stainless Steel French Press | $47 | StackSocial

Nothing says I’m fancy quite like a French Press. It’s a beautiful and top-notch way to make your morning brew. This Stainless Steel French Press from Dublin is 21% off and not only offers style but durability. Get the richest flavors from whatever your hot beverage preference is with this. Because it is double-walled, your coffee and tea will stay hot for hours, keeping it at the right brewing temp. The multiple filters help with not only boldness but safety. When you are done, toss it in the dishwasher for a deep clean. You will also receive a manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

This will ship for $3.

Frigidaire Ice Maker | $109 | Amazon

Love ice in your drinks but hate dealing with ice trays? Samesies. Stop pouring water into those plastic contraptions and upgrade your ice game with the Frigidaire Ice Maker, now $109 at Amazon. It makes bullet-shaped ice cubes in under 9 minutes and can store up to 1.7 lbs of ice at once. Its 1.7-liter capacity means it can make about 26 lbs of ice every day, so you’re covered even if you decide to throw an end-of-summer bash. You can even watch your ice being made thanks to its see-through window. Its handy ice basket and scoop can help you stay tidy, and the machine will even let you know when it’s full or out of water. Easy-peasy.

Banner Canned Sausage, 10.5 OZ (Pack of 12) | $19 | Amazon

There’s nothing finer in this world then some ground up pig parts out of a tin can. Delectable. Sausage now and sausage later. Sausage every day. You can mush it up into a ball or flatten it into a circle. You choose because you are in charge. Sculpt a statue of Sonic the Hedgehog if you so desire. No one is going to stop you. It is your sausage and your choice of what you want to do with it. Stock up on building materials, twelve 10.5 oz. cans for only $19. A small price to breathe life into your new meat god.

12-Pack: Jelly Belly Harry Potter Magical Sweets | $19 | MorningSave

Right now, grab this 12 pack of Harry Potter Magical Sweets from Jelly Belly and add a little enchantment to your snack time. Each bag has five well-known shapes from the world of the boy who lived. The iconic lightning bolt, sorting hat, Hedwig, the Deathly Hallows symbol, and a potions bottle. These also have their own distinct flavors: blueberry, sour cherry, banana, tangerine, and watermelon. Freshness is guaranteed, and they should be good until November.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many.

Jackson Palmer 1,700 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit | $39 | Amazon

How many times have you wished you had more hardware around the house to complete a certain job? Maybe you needed a type of screw you didn’t have but didn’t want to run to the hardware store. Or perhaps you’re looking for an excellent gift for the handyman in your life. Pick up this Jackson Palmer 1,700 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit for just $39 at Amazon today. It comes in a sturdy case with nested dividers to keep parts separated, and comes with over 60 different hardware sizes to make sure you’ve got what you need. Stop digging around in that overflowing junk drawer for a screw or a nib and get organized with this set instead.

Summer Pack Sale | JACHS NY | Use Code SPK

Between climate change and the fact that it is currently July, it’s safe to say that summer is here to stay. And to get you into the right outfit for the occasion, JACHS NY is offering a triple-threat deal that’s too good to pass up. For a limited time, you can pick out any three items from this page—including shorts, polos, button-ups, henleys, crewnecks, and more—for $69 using the promo code SPK.

Considering each of these items would ordinarily set you back $79 a piece, this is an unbeatable deal you’ll definitely want to take advantage of while it lasts. Personally, I’d cop a navy floral print since that’s the exact one I got for myself recently. As an avid floral shirt enthusiast (and frequent Dan Flashes shopper), the pattern on this pink number is the perfect level of complicated. And while these shorts might seem simple, they’re accented with tiny hula girls and palm trees designed to bring out the islander inside us all.

If you’re in need of a wardrobe refresh, look no further than JACHS NY’s Summer Pack Sale. But act fast—there’s no telling how long these clothes will be marked down.

20% off What If...? Tees | Hot Topic

What If…? is here on Disney +, and it kicks off with Captain Carter. For those in the know, this show will reimagine our favorite Marvel characters in different roles. Throughout the show, they will touch on a few ideas that have happened on the printed page, like Peggy Carter as Captain America from Exiles #3. This is one of my favorite looks for Agent Carter, and this tee is a must for any Howling Commando fan.

This series will also have us come face to face with a zombie Captain America where my beloved Bucky will have to battle him. Zombies in Marvel are nothing new, especially if you’ve read anything from the Zombie Collection. This tee imagines that spooky undead Steve Rogers and his shield from beyond the grave.

In this series, we’ll also see T’Challa as Starlord, and we have to think he’ll be much less of an a-hole. If anyone is cool enough to traverse the universe being awesome, it’s the King of Wakanda. All hail our space king, don’t tell Thor.

Free shipping on all orders over $60.

30% off Sitewide | Famous in Real Life | Use Code COMEBACK30

Famous in Real Life is crushing it in showing love for some of the greatest movies and TV shows from the last few decades. Be it The Office, Parks and Rec, or even Step Brothers, they’ve got something for every fan. Use the code COMEBACK30 to grab 30% off anything on the site until August 24.

There are a million mugs to pick from, and honestly, they make the best gifts for anyone obsessed with one of these shows. I actually have the WUPHF mug on my desk and can actually hear Kelly Kapoor bark like a little dog every time I drink from it

Celebrate the partnership and BFFness of Huff and Doback with this Prestige Worldwide shirt. While the boats and hoes are not included, this shirt isn’t a bad look to rock at the next Catalina wine mixer.

There are tons of dad hats, socks, and can coolers too for all occasions. You’ll definitely find something you love in this huge sale.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Alternative| $43 | StackSocial

Are you an eco-conscious person and looking for a safe alternative to harsh laundry detergents? Maybe natural mineral pellets are what you’ve been in search of. Ecoegg laundry is a unique way to get your dirty duds clean without harmful chemicals. This Ecoegg Laundry Egg bundle lets you do up to seventy deep cleans and dries with safer ingredients.

Completely replace detergent and fabric softener with this pair of eggs. Toss one of the pellets in the egg and watch it do its foamy work. The formula for the detergent is highly rated by Dermatest, so it’s approved for those with sensitive skin. This kit also helps keep your washing machine in order too by removing limescale and soap scum build-up. The dryer eggs cut the time needed to do the task by 28% this saving energy. You can choose from unscented, fresh linen or spring blossom.

This will ship for $3.

Jorbest Giant Waffle Blanket | $19 | Amazon

“Waffles. Friends. Work.” Leslie Knope knew what was up as long as work always came last in those words. Treat yo self today to this huge plush waffle blanket, order in from JJ’s Diner, and pop on Mouse Rat. This giant blanket is 5% off and ready to keep you as toasty as a breakfast dish.

This soft flannel blanket is sixty inches in diameter and made from eco-friendly materials. It’s easy to wash on a gentle cycle in your machine. But waffles aren’t the only option on the menu, all the food blankets appear to be in this deal. If you’re pals with a taco belle, grab her the burrito blanket. There is also an option for a pizza prince in pepperoni. Get cozy and have a night in with your favorite snacks. This gives new meaning to comfort food.

Prime members get free shipping.

10lb Weighted Snuggie Blanket | $39 | SideDeal

The benefits of weighted blankets have been written about all over the internet and definitely here too. There’s nothing quite like the calming effects of a warm blanket tucked around you. This one takes it just a step further. The anti-anxiety snuggie blanket is 68% off today and here to offer all that.

Sit back, relax. Get wrapped up in the oversized contentment. Not only will it keep you toasty, but the weights go from the shoulders to the knee area to offer a bit of relief and peace. The built-in pocket lets you store snacks, a phone, game controller, remotes, really whatever you need close as you drift into ultimate contentment. Its size and shape will work for basically everyone. The outside is soft and plush fleece material, while the inside is full of evenly distributed glass beads and polyester fiber. The weight clocks in at ten pounds, and no worries if you have an accident. Just hand wash and tumble dry low. We can all use a little relief now and then, especially during this pandemic. No shame in alleviating some of that stress with cozy weighted hugs. There are twelve colors and patterns to pick from.

If you’ve read a few of our posts on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

TaoTronics Massage Gun | $80 | StackSocial

If your muscles are just as stressed as you are, grab a TaoTronics massage gun. Down to $80, you’ll have six gun attachments and 10-speed levels to really get into the deep tissue of your legs, shoulders, and wherever else you’ve got a little tension.

All told, it’s $19 off the list price right now when you clip the coupon and then pop in the code at checkout. It has a 4.8-star rating from 6,200+ reviews, too, so customers are loving the relief it brings.

Cornbread Hemp Free CBD Gummies With $100 Purchase | Use code SLEEP

It’s almost back to school time, which means it’s about time to get back into a solid routine. Sure, late summer nights can be fun— but if you’ve been skimping on those snoozing hours, Cornbread Hemp has a deal for you to reset your nighttime routine.

CBD is the part of marijuana that doesn’t get you high (that would be THC), but does help you relax and de-stress. It’s also great as a sleep aid. That’s why Cornbread Hemp, one of Kinja’s favorite CBD providers, is offering up a Back to Sleep special right now.

You can get a free bottle of gummies when you add code SLEEP to your cart of at least $100 worth of items. Just put in the code, and the gummies will be added to your cart automatically.

If you’re new to CBD, you should know there’s something for everyone. You can get CBD drops, gummies, capsules, and even smokeable flower. I recommend trying different methods, doses, and times of day to see what works best for you.

A good starting point might be this Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil, yours for $35. You can try the drops alone or add them to your coffee or other drink.

If you’re not into the taste of CBD in gummy or oil form, try these Full Spectrum CBD Capsules to get the effect instead.

You can check out all of Cornbread Hemp’s items right here— they even have CBD for your pets to find their chill! Just don’t forget to add code SLEEP once you hit $100 to get your free gummies!

Re-Athlete Full Leg Massager + Heat Treatment | $170 | StackSocial

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be treated like a top athlete after a hard-fought game? This Full Leg Massager ($170), complete with heat treatment, can definitely get you close to that. But even if you aren’t at peak physical condition, you still can benefit. If you stand for work, do a lot of walking, or are just on your feet all day you put an incredible amount of pressure on your knees and ankles. Compression therapy has been shown to help with those ailments and more. This is probably why it is a favorite among those athletic types.

Air compression massage therapy is a safe way to ease tension and heal sore areas. Massagers like this one help to increases blood flow, and good circulation is vital to your health. There are three heat levels and three intensities. The digital remote is easy to read and operate with an LED screen. Strap these bad boys on after a long hard, stressful day and get some soothing relaxation. The product is pretty standard and will fit most people. The upgraded rip-stop fabric makes them simple and sturdy. You’ll get a durable storage bag and a one-year warranty along with them.

This will ship for $3, and customers must be over 18 years old to purchase.

Marvel Black Widow Gaming Chair (Black) | $450 | AndaSeat
Marvel Black Widow Gaming Chair (White) | $450 | AndaSeat

Scarlett Johansson finally got her long overdue solo Black Widow movie this year and, due to a breach of contract, is now taking on the Mouse himself. You can cheer on Johansson in her lawsuit if you please from the comfort of a Black Widow themed gaming chair. Available in either black or white, the chair is equipped with a neck and lumbar pillow for maximum comfort while you game, watch Marvel movies, or browse Twitter to see what’s the latest news in this lawsuit against Disney. Pre-orders for the chair are $50 cheaper than what they will list for once released which should be in late October of this year.

Mouth Armor Oral Care Essentials Set | $67 | StackSocial

Oral care is important for a multitude of reasons. Simple measures and that extra step can make a huge difference almost immediately. Mouth Armor’s Oral Care Essentials Set is ready to be the hero your teeth were looking for. This comprehensive set is 76% and worth every penny.

This set contains a Mouth Armor Sonic Toothbrush with four changeable heads and a Mouth Armor Water Flosser with four different attachments. The toothbrush packs a lot of power for its size and has 38,00 sonic motions per minute. After multiple tests, it boasts that it can run up to six weeks off a single charge. The water pick has three pressure types depending on your gum sensitivity. The different tools for the pick will help with stuck food or debris for a cleaner mouthfeel. It’s also a more fun way to floss, which is a task none of us do enough. This set is a great way to fight plaque and bacteria efficiently. You’ll get a two-year Manufacturer’s warranty, and everything comes with a sleek travel case and bag.

This will ship for $3.

TaoTronics Air Purifier | $79 | StackSocial

If you’ve been in the market for a new air purifier, you may want to give this one a try. The TaoTronics Air Purifier is only $79 and is equipped with a true HEPA filter. It can sift out dander, mold, and pollutants for anyone with horrible allergies. Nothing much to say, so go ahead and clear the air with a fresh new purchase for your dusty-ass apartment. It’s $10 off right now.

LifePro FlexCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike | $150 | StackSocial

Whether you are comfortable going to the gym or not yet, working out at home is just convenient. And working out while you do your job is just smart time management. LifePro’s FlexCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike is all that and more. With this StackSocial deal, get it for just $150.

Don’t be intimidated by this exercise bike; it’s a lot easier than it looks. There are eight adjustable tension settings to help you build muscle and get fit while you file. The FlexCycle is actually incredibly portable and small enough to not just fit under a desk but store without taking up much space. You don’t need to shell out tons of money on a trainer when a little self-discipline and peddling while you work can get you to your fitness goals in no time. Who says your home office can’t double as your home gym? It’s sturdy, stable, and safe with non-slip grips and tethering straps. There are eight display options to make tracking each session simple. It comes in three colors, is about eighteen pounds, and has a lifetime warranty.

Relax Melodies Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription | $80 | StackSocial

Taking time for yourself and giving your mind and body time to recharge is important. Many people have found creative ways over the past year to tune out and give themselves a moment for, well themselves. We’ve talked about meditation apps before, like Calm, but what about instead of a monthly subscription you had one for a lifetime? The Relax Melodies Meditation App is here for you and only $80 forever.

It’s not just about relaxation. If you have trouble unwinding to fall asleep, have a touch of anxiety, or even just stress from life, this app can aid in putting you at ease. Serene soundscapes, tranquil bedtime stories, breathing/body-mind exercises are just a few of the offerings. I’m a big fan of campfire storm sounds to ease off into slumberland, and you can even create your own to ensure the perfect night’s sleep. This app has gotten the thumbs up from leading doctors and neuropsychologists as they see its benefits across various ailments. Don’t let nighttime anxieties keep you from getting your eight hours; this app can help. The Relax Melodies Meditation App is compatible with most Apple products and Androids. You get access for a lifetime and can access it on up to five devices, just to make sure to redeem the download code within thirty days of purchase. Sweet Dreams!

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick | $7 | Fenty Beauty

Summer calls for breezy showstopping outfits, and with that comes trying to find the perfect lipstick to match. It needs to be vibrant and long-lasting for the heat and humidity. A perfect smooth all-day lipstick is in your future, thanks to bad girl RiRi. Fenty’s Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick is just $7 right now and still available in twelve killer colors.

The ultra-slim tube will fit in the smallest of purses or even a pocket. This glides on as a matte but is soft and doesn’t dry out your lips. As mentioned, there are twelve colors available to match with any skin tone or ensemble you have dreamed up. These are highly pigmented, so that color is really going to pop on your pout. I roll with Dragon Mami, a tropical papaya shade, for special nights out. And Tiger Tini, an electric orange hue, is for days I just want a fun pop of color. You’ll absolutely find a shade that’s perfect for you or even give a unique one a try. Maybe deep teal or a vivid violet? You won’t need to reapply much, so these petite tubes last, and at 61% off, you might as well grab a few.

Free shipping on all orders today too.

Actigun: Percussion Massager | $55 | StackSocial

Working out a little too hard? Is there a nagging pain you want to soothe? Ease muscle soreness with power and accuracy thanks to the Actigun: Percussion Massager. It’s 72% off and a lot less than multiple trips to the spa or for a masseuse.

The Actigun has six different speeds with four interchangeable heads, each with a different purpose for different relief. The u-shaped attachment is best to work on the neck and even the Achilles. The ball one vibes with arms, thighs, calves, and the butt where all the tightness and tension sits after an intense exercise session. The flat attachment is great anywhere and is perfect for achieving ultimate relaxation. The bullet is perfect to target particular areas as well as joint injuries. Expect this to run around two hours off of one charge, and it’s pretty silent at that. The handle is shock-resistant, meaning you’ll be able to maintain control and grip no matter how fast you prefer this to go. It’s also pretty lightweight making it easy to operate and user-friendly. This also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This will ship for $3.

NuPearl Teeth Whitening Kit | $25 | SideDeal

A sparkling smile is a coveted thing. There have been plenty of tubes of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and strips to get your chompers back to pearly white. But what if you suffer from sensitive teeth? You might need to be more discerning about your methods. NuPearl Teeth Whitening Kit was made for delicate mouths and is only $25.

Each syringe is filled with a 100% peroxide-free gentle whitening formula. The teeth whitening pen helps with touch-ups in-between sessions, no matter where you are. You’ll see results within a week and have a smile that’s not eight shades lighter. Just fill the tray and click on it to start the fading process with NuBright’s own LED brightening technology. Again the formula is specially made for sensitive teeth and gums. For just ten minutes, start your journey to lightening stains from coffee, smoking, and life every few days. It’s enamel-safe, dentist recommended, and cleared by the FDA.

Up to 25% off Sitewide | Bellesa Boutique | SUMMER25

We hope you’re celebrating summer spectacularly. Fun in the sun and fun in the sheets. A summer of self care is important and our pals at Bellesa want to make it as blissful as possible with a special sale to celebrate you. This is one of their classic tiered deals. Here’s how it works: get 15% off everything, 20% off orders $79 plus, and 25% off orders $149 plus.

Nirvana is absolutely a favorite of the Bellesa line, plus it’s gorgeous. Soft, powerful, perfect. I’m not just describing womenkind; that’s this beautiful wand too. This is a great starter vibe if you aren’t sure yet. It can go as slow as you need, or take it to eleven and get yourself to a higher plane. Nirvana has been one of my reliables throughout the past year. So if you want an awesome sensual ride, grab this vibe.

BOGO 50% off Select Items | Honey Play Box | Use Code SUMMER

As we journey through a better summer than last year, it’s important to take time for yourself too. With National Orgasm Day on the way (July 31), be prepared a new toy from Honey Play Box. Buy one vibe and grab the next one for 50% off until August 15th with the code SUMMER. There are a few things discounted without the code too.

The name Angel says it all about this triple threat toy. I think it’s a really nice upgrade to the company’s Jubilee. The Angel fits better and offers more power all around. The tongue massager got a revamp and hits your spot perfectly. The shaft shape is made for tapping right where you need it, fast or slow. The motors are all independent, so you can control them to the level and pattern you desire. As always, this is made of body-safe silicone, is waterproof, charges via USB.

I’m a sucker for novelty vibes. I’m actually starting a collection, and I can say Piggie Puff will be added soon. The only thing this piggie is banking is a big ol’ punch of power if you choose to use this as it’s intended. There are ten air pulse vibration frequencies you can easily adjust to your needs. These tend to be a little quieter than a traditional vibe, but by no means are they just a whisper. Made of smooth, soft silicone, it charges by USB and is waterproof.

This Kingsley is an upgraded version of their old model. The dual motors are now more intense, and the material is more durable. And it’s got a bit more flexibility to hit just the right spot. Speaking of… it’s not often I get to cover a toy designed perfectly for gentlemanly bum play and handle a romp in the lady cave too. This toy’s wave motions and structure means it’s actually engined for both prostate pleasure and, indeed, a WAP. It’s waterproof, easy to charge, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

99% of orders ship the same day, and it’s free if you spend over $69.

MaiTai Couples Vibrator | $70 | Ella Paradis | Use Code FUN

Ella Paradis is just really too good to us. In their tradition of honoring wellness, they’ve been hitting us with some awesome deals, and today we have one for couples. If you’ve been lucky enough to shelter in place with your honey bunny, maybe you’ve gotten creative with snuggle time. Today the MaiTai couples vibrator will take that to a new level, and it’s 71% off. Just use the code FUN.

This vibrator has three motors, ten vibration modes and is definitely a way to change up whatever you’ve been doing. The round shape stimulates, is comfortable, and the vibes are distributed evenly, so like you and your significant other, it’s equal. Now Ella Paradis is boasting that you can create over one hundred combinations of good feels, and well, what better way to spend a rainy summer afternoon than trying to figure them all out. It’s USB rechargeable and completely waterproof, so you can take this off dry land. We say challenge accepted on discovering new things.

The MaiTai deal is only for today and free shipping for orders over $30.

Titan VR Experience | $180 | Kiiroo

Everyone has their own way of pursuing pleasure, and the Titan VR Experience is certainly a unique one. By combining a virtual reality headset with a vibrating stroker machine, you can treat yourself to a j.o. session bound to get your rocks off in an immersive simulation like no other. And now, for a limited time, it’s also on sale for $20 less than its usual $200 price tag—bringing your checkout total to $180—shipping included.

Employing nine built-in bullets, the vibrator itself is equipped with a no-slip grip, a real-feel sleeve, and touch-sensitive pads for commanding vibration patterns or even taking control of your partner’s device for one-on-one play. The headset is also designed specifically for adult content, thanks to its 42mm lenses intended to eliminate distortion and maximize picture quality and size, for only the best viewing experience. Over 4,000 adult films are compatible with the Titan, so you’ll never run out of material to enjoy. Each Titan VR Experience kit includes water-based lube and toy cleaner so that you can slop it up and wipe it down thereafter.

Let your curiosity get the best of you, and order a Titan VR Experience while it’s on sale. Who knows when the next virtual reality masturbation system savings opportunity will be?

Sonic the Hedgehog Blu-Ray + DVD | $11 | Amazon

Sonic the Hedgehog might be the last film you saw in a movie theater. Think about it. The movie came out in February, weeks before lockdowns started going into effect around the world. The last memory that you might have of sitting in a theater is watching Sonic talk about Olive Garden or watching James Marsden look at apartments on Zillow. Want to relive those precious moments forever? You can grab a DVD + Blu-ray copy (which includes a digital download) of the film on sale for $11 at Amazon today. Here’s hoping that movie theaters can reopen just in time for the sequel, which starts filming this year.

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia | $24 | Amazon

Mario has a long history from first appearing in the arcade game Donkey Kong to marrying then divorcing Donkey Kong. It’s almost impossible to follow this guy’s whole life story, but thankfully Nintendo has now published these classified documents on the first 30 years of his secret life in this Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. Why does he wear red? Well according to the encyclopedia, he isn’t wearing red. He is constantly bleeding under his clothes. How is Mario able to respawn when he dies? Well technically he doesn’t respawn. When he dies, he stays dead, but his death creates a new branch reality where he didn’t die. Quantum physicists have been able to prove the existence of a multiverse because you miss timed that jump and hit the side of a Goomba. There are many more secrets to be uncovered when you pick up the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia from Amazon for $24.

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook | $32 | Amazon

This year, Final Fantasy XIV overtook World of Warcraft as the most popular MMORPG—a title held by WoW for over a decade. So as video game based cookbooks are releasing left and right, it only makes sense for Square Enix to capitalize on the trend too. With over 70 recipes, this might even keep you away from playing the game with how much cooking you’ll do. A lot of these recipes call for dodo, but I’m sure substituting for duck will work in a pinch. Pre-order the Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook for only $32 which releases later this year on November 9th.

007: The Daniel Craig Collection (4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray) | $41 | Amazon

I’m more of a Pierce Brosnan guy myself (please don’t hate me!), but Bond is Bond, and if you refuse to watch him portrayed by anyone other than Daniel Craig, this deal is for you. Grab 007: The Daniel Craig Collection on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray for just $41. It comes with four films, two of which MI6 buffs consider to be infallible royalty:

  • Casino Royale
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre

And you’ll get digital copies of all these, too.




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