Save Up to 30% on Tile Trackers This Father’s Day

Graphic: Joe Tilleli

My dad is forgetful as all hell. He’ll misplace his phone, his keys, you name it. I’m of the mind that he should try bringing back the wallet chain, but knowing that will never happen, Tile is the next best thing. These long-range trackers can connect to anything you don’t want to lose. Stick one on your keychain, water bottle, or even a pet tag. The tag will connect to an app on your phone where you can look up its location, and when you’re within range, you can ring the title so you can find it right away.

Father’s Day Sale | Up to 30% off | Tile

For Father’s Day, Tile has a range of products on sale for up to 30% off. If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for Dad this year, don’t worry. We found it for you.

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