Book a Trip for Upcoming Holidays, Get 15% Off Your Vacation With’s Getaway Deals

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Not only does have sneakily memorable branding (I can never write that web address without thinking “Booking dot … yeah!”), it also has impeccable timing with its discounts. From now until September 30, the brand is offering Getaway Deals starting at 15% off of stays at participating properties. And just where are these participating properties located exactly? Good question. The answer is likely anywhere you can think of. There are over 1,000 such properties between Dubai, Paris, and Istanbul alone, for example. To earn this time-bound offer, your trip must be booked and traveled before September 30. But that’s not much of a caveat if you ask me – you deserve a summer vacation anyway!

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When I’m not hooking readers up with sweet deals, I teach as a college professor, meaning I usually get summers off. It’s always an excuse to travel, but this summer’s vacation is extra special since I’m getting married in late May and honeymooning in June. My bride-to-be and I already booked our accommodations in Jamaica. Had we procrastinated a little longer we could have saved some money! It’s not too late for you, though. I can’t be the only one with something to celebrate in the coming months.

Made it through another brutal Midwest winter? Then it’s Miami in May for you! Finally kicked that clown to the curb? Cancun in June is calling your name! And I know I don’t have to remind the Cancers and Leos what time it is. If you’re turning one year older, hotter, and smarter this July or August, why not do it in Vegas, Houston, or Disneyland? Wherever you decide to go, by the time you’re back from your Getaway Deal, I don’t want to just hear Booking dot yeah. For 15% off of a stay you should have already treated yourself to in the first place, I better hear a booking dot hell yeah.

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