Save $380 When You Pre-Order The New Galaxy Book4 Edge, Plus Get A Free 50″ 4K TV

A fancy new laptop and a free TV for one single price?
Image: Jason Coles

Any laptop buffs out there might know that the Galaxy Book4 Edge is coming and is going to be released in full starting on June 18th. What you might not know though, is that if you decide to pre-order the Galaxy Book4 Edge, you’ll actually be able to get a free 50″ crystal 4K TV worth $380 from Samsung right now.

Galaxy Book4 Edge | $1350 | Free 50″ 4K TV

The laptop has incredible processing power thanks to the implementation of good AI that allows you to just do everything more efficiently, including integrating with your phone, generating live captions, and having an amazing battery life. It’s an astounding piece of tech, and the free TV is just the icing on top of your Pop Tart.

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