Save 20% on an Embark Pet DNA Test To Get To Know Your Pup Better

Learn more about your pet’s ancestry with a discounted Embark DNA test.
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Have you ever been curious about your dog’s breed or ancestry? Trace your pup’s origins with Embark dog DNA tests, the most accurate and highest rated dog DNA tests on the market. Embark helps you understand your furry best friends better than ever before. They go beyond basic breed identification to reveal your dog’s detailed ancestry breakdown across over 350 breeds and types. Your personalized breed analysis is backed by Embark’s proprietary platform, which provides the most accurate breed results possible. And right now, if you’re curious about getting more information about your dog’s breed, you can try Embark for $40 off with promo code BESTDOG through August 21.

Embark Pet DNA Testing | $40 Off | Promo Code: BESTDOG

In addition to breed analysis, Embark can also check for over 250 genetic health risks, which means you can get ahead of any potential issues. The service also offers a Canine Relative Finder to help connect your dog with their extended family based on shared DNA – your pup may have furry relatives you don’t even know about! And this is a service you can trust – Embark is the most popular and highest rated dog DNA test. It’s easy, quick, accurate, and now even more affordable than ever. Give the gift of knowledge and deeper connection with your furry friend, or see what that knowledge can do for you and your pet today.

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