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Stay healthy with vegan friendly Omega-3.
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Cute packaging, tons of healthy Omega-3, and no fishy smell either, I’m in. Calgee is on a mission to create sustainable health supplements bringing you a 10% savings with code CALGEE10 on a 30-day package of vegan Omega-3. These mini soft gels are 100% plant-based and derived from sustainably harvested algae oil with zero fishy aftertaste. Just healthy, vegan goodness with 450mg EPA & DHA per serving. Omega-3 from Calgee offers exceptional results for heart health and brain power and reduces joint inflammation for mobility. Try them out today to see for yourself.

Vegan Omega-3 Supplements | 10% Off | Calgee | Promo Code: CALGEE10

Vegan Omega-3 supplements from Calgee are 3rd party tested with sustainability at the front from the softgels to the super cute recyclable packaging. Omega-3 also plays a vital role in improving clarity of thought, reducing acne, and improving the immune system and unlike Omega-3 from fish oil, Calgee doesn’t harm the environment. The pouches Calgee uses are easily resealable and lower your carbon footprint so you can be sure you’re making an impact too.

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