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Noria Air Conditioner

Window air units might keep you cool, but their design is the stuff of nightmares: heavy, awkward boxes that block your view, are a pain to install, and sound like a robot with pertussis. The Noria Air Conditioner is a reimagining of the window unit from the ground up, with the aim of alleviating all those problems. Easy to install, it has a low profile design that’s less than 6″ tall and lets you reclaim the view from your window. Quiet, efficient fans direct air upwards, creating a convective cycle that spreads the coolness throughout the room, and a fresh air mode lets in outside air on cool nights. You can set the temperature via the simple dial on the front, or open the app to access smart features like a scheduling system. And thanks to a special frame that lets you close the window before sliding the main unit into place, you don’t have to worry about it tumbling through the open window onto unsuspecting objects/animals/people below.

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