MysteryVibe’s Labor Day Sale Is Their Biggest of the Year, Grab the Crescendo for $70 Off Right Now

  Crescendo Bendable Vibrator | $130 | MysteryVibe

Crescendo Bendable Vibrator | $130 | MysteryVibe

People often think vibrators are for solo aviators, but I’ve always thought it’s sometimes more fun to have a romp with a partner. MysteryVibes app-controlled vibrators add another layer of fun to sexy playdates. The Crescendo Bendable Vibrator is definitely an entertaining accessory to add to the mix. Celebrate the end of summer with this unique toy at the lowest price it’s ever been.

There are six powerful motors that you or your partner can control through the MysteryVibe app. A lot of happy customers are saying this rivals the rabbit. And honestly, it’s not hard :phrasing: to see why. The Crescendo is built for you, no literally. It’s made to mold to what you need. Its flexibility ensures it hits all the right spots and helps you discover new O zones. It’s made from safe silicone, is waterproof, and you can get it in teal or purple. It takes forty-five minutes to charge, and then you’re off to the races. Just remember to clean up when you’re done.

This will ship for free.

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