Legendary Edition for $40 and Relive Your Golden Years

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PC Game Code - Origin) | $40 | Amazon

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PC Game Code – Origin) | $40 | Amazon

Ah, memories. Remember playing Mass Effect for the first time? What a brave new world it was. BioWare’s sci-fi RPG seemed like a leap forward for video game storytelling with its branching dialogue trees and alien smooching. I remember those days well … because it was just a few years ago. Okay, look, I was late on the bandwagon. I only played the trilogy four or five years ago, but I can confirm that it really held up. So I can only imagine that the new remastered collection feels even better. If you’re looking for a blast from the past, you can pick up Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for $40 from Amazon.

And if you waited like I did to play through this, now is your chance to meet Garrus, Mordin, Tali, Liara, and every other squadmate the internet hasn’t shut up about. Though in all honestly I get it. After playing, I can confirm that the squadmates are easily the best part of the series which is why I can confirm Mass Effect 2 is the best of the three. Fight me.

This story was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio on 04/30/2021 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 10/13/2021. 

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