Get a Withings Smart Scale for 41% Off Today Only

Withings Body+ Smart Scale | $59 | Amazon

Withings Body+ Smart Scale | $59 | Amazon

If you’re looking out for a Wi-Fi smart scale, particularly one that will connect with your Apple Health app, this Withings Body+ scale is the one. It’s $41 off right now, and although this thing goes on sale fairly often, it’s rarely this low—maybe four times in the last two or three years has it reached this price or lower. If you don’t know, this scale can keep track of individual users’ weight and show you, on the digital display, your recent progress, current BMI, as well as a breakdown of your weight by fat, muscle, and bone. It will even tell you how much water you have. It accomplishes this by sending imperceptible electrical impulses through your body and, based on the resistance, is able to roughly calculate those percentages. Because of the way electricity travels, seeking the shortest route from point a to point b—in this case, from one foot, up your leg, and down the other—it’s not as accurate as you’ll get with a pricier machine that has you holding measurement devices in your hands, but tracking the changes over time should still give you an idea how well you’re doing.

Best part is, it’s Wi-Fi-connected, and it will talk to your phone and your Apple Health account, so you can keep a record over time and see how you’ve changed. I own one of these, and while I hate that I have to open Withings’ Health Mate app to get it to sync with Apple Health, it’s still a convenient thing to have, as I no longer have to remember to enter my weight myself. I just open the Health Mate app once a week or so to let it sync, and I’m done. That said, I find that it very accurately tracks mine and my wife’s progress over time, without any real fuss.

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