Get 35% off and Free Shipping on Caliper, the CBD Powder You Can Mix Into Any Drink—No Oil Required [Exclusive]

  30% off Sitewide | Caliper CBD | Use Code KINJA35

30% off Sitewide | Caliper CBD | Use Code KINJA35

Drink more water is easy advice to give, not so easy to follow. But hell, when you can mix it with CBD for maximum chillaximum, you’ve got more of an incentive to stay hydrated. The only problem is, mixing CBD oil into your drinks is often more trouble than it’s worth—take it from me, a guy who used to make CBD tea by dissolving the oil into melted butter, stirring it along the way, and then pouring that new solution into a hot cup o’ H20 with a steeped tea bag inside. Caliper CBD, on the other hand, cuts out that middle step, is completely tasteless, and blends in perfectly with any drink. And if you want a little flavor, Caliper Swiftsticks come in Cool Mint, Lemon Lime, and Mixed Berry variants to pack the ultimate cannabis-infused punch.

Take it from me, someone who’s tried it out and loves the concept but was initially skeptical of the execution—could CBD powder be as effective as oils or edibles? Although it has been vetted by scientists, I remained unconvinced until I was sent a pack myself. After mixing it into water, tea, and even La Croix, I can vouch for Caliper CBD. It serves its function, helping you relax and relieving chronic pain, with a pre-measured 20mg of cannabidiol in every pack. And for a limited time, Caliper is 35% off for Kinja Deals readers (with free shipping) using the promo code KINJA35. If you’re a frequent CBD user, my guess is you won’t regret it. But in case you do, Caliper offers full refunds for anyone unsatisfied with the product. Try it out while it’s on sale until November 29.

This story was originally published by Gabe Carey on 10/22/2020 and updated with new information by Sheilah Villari on 11/26/2021.

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