DeWalt is Your Oyster With 40% Off This 10-Piece Cordless Power Tool Kit

DeWalt 10-Piece Cordless Power Tool Kit | $599 | Amazon

DeWalt 10-Piece Cordless Power Tool Kit | $599 | Amazon

Even if you have a couple of these already, you should probably pick up this 10-piece cordless power tool kit from DeWalt, discounted by $400 at Amazon. All of them use the same 20V battery you may already have, and it comes with a charger and two more batteries. Also in this deal are a power drill, impact driver, blower, flashlight, grinder, reciprocating saw, and more, as well as two tool bags to put them all in. That’s quite a tool kit for $599, and would make a great gift for, say, your kid who will soon move out on their own, or for yourself if you need to fill some holes in your repertoire or just want a few back-ups for a rainy day.

This article was originally published by Wes Davis on 12/20/2021, and was updated on 01/21/2022.

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