Boost Your Internet Coverage With 34% Off a Netgear WiFi Range Extender

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NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX2800 | $26 | Amazon

Is your internet performance dipping in certain areas of your house? Or worse yet: Can it not even reach some rooms? Grab yourself a NETGEAR WiFi range extender EX2800 for 34% off today and take care of it! This nifty device provides 1200 square feet of coverage so you can continue your YouTube binge without dipping into your data plan.

This wifi range extender easily plugs into the outlet of your choice and can connect to 20 devices at a time. It’s also universally compatible with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem that uses wifi.

So whether you need to get wifi on your porch or on your second floor, you can grab this extender for just $26 right now over at Amazon.

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