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Who Is Your Obscure Star Wars Obsession?

Yaddle, looking senatorial.

If you look up “fan favorite” in the dictionary, this is the image you will see.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Star Wars is full of forgettable side characters that some people refuse to forget. From the man carrying an ice cream maker in Empire Strikes Back (who has a name, and it’s Willow Hood, for some reason) to my editor’s suggestions of Captain Fordo, Ooryl Qrygg, and Voort “Piggy” saBinring, there’s a lot to choose from. If there’s any franchise that has a larger, weirder, and over all stranger encyclopedia of obscure and nearly-anonymous characters, I’ve yet to see it.

I mean, we’re just halfway through Obi-Wan Kenobi and we’ve already got a Lola action figure. I’m not complaining, mind you, but it’s pretty apparent that there is a toy-first marketing strategy around some of these characters.

There’s a lot of reasons weird, nonsense characters stick around; odd imagery, excellent graphics, funny names, strange outfits, colorful descriptions in encyclopedias… it’s really impossible to tell which characters are going to be a hit with the audience and which ones are going to mysteriously disappear into the Star Wars ether. But if I’ve learned anything about Star Wars it’s that everyone has a character that they love, regardless of the fact that they only had two seconds of screen time, or an offhand mention in a book, or an appearance as an NPC in a video game.

So here we go, Star Wars nerds (said with affection): who is your obscure Star Wars fave from any era, edition, or media?

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