Turn Your Front Door Into a Smart Door With a Wi-Fi Enabled Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock for $35 off

Smonet Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt Lock | $125 | Amazon

Smonet Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt Lock | $125 | Amazon

Want that extra peace of mind when stepping out of the house? This keyless entry door lock uses your unique fingerprint you unlock. You can actually use a combination of any five ways to unlock your front door—fingerprint unlock, IC card, anti-peep keypad, app control, or a traditional mechanical key. It is also Wi-Fi and Alexa enabled. Have you ever been expecting company, they get to the door but you had forgotten to unlock it and you just can’t be bothered to get up from the couch? Just ask Alexa to unlock the front door. Success. The smart lock is down from $160 to $125 at the moment.

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