The Best Deals to Shop on May 25, 2021

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You can snag the newest iPad Air (4th Generation) at Amazon right now and save $49 off any color of the 64GB edition, selling for $550 each. Looking for even more storage? You’ll get bigger savings on the 256GB edition, which is $79 off the list price in any color, down to $670.

If you’re looking for something more robust than the base iPad model, the iPad Air is arguably the best value of the premium bunch. It shares a lot in common with the bigger, perk-packed, and much more expensive iPad Pro. The Air doesn’t have the 120Hz display, Face ID smarts, or LiDAR camera, but it has the powerful Apple A14 Bionic chipset and Apple Pencil support, making this a sweet option for casual artists and multimedia buffs. And it comes in those fun colors, too.

Samsung’s long-running Galaxy Note line has delivered some serious large and feature-rich Android phones over the years, and they’ve been consistently super expensive and packed with a pop-out S Pen stylus. Last fall’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is the apex of the line: larger, more luxurious-feeling, and even more feature-rich than ever. Also the most expensive ever.

As Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote:

“Frankly, the S-Pen is just a bonus, and when it comes to taking notes during meetings or just drawing silly captions on photos, I’m glad it’s still around. But even without it, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still so much more thoughtful and refined than the S20 Ultra, or any other super premium phone. Yes, even at $1,300, this thing is still exceedingly expensive, but at long last, Samsung has finally made something truly worthy of that ‘Ultra’ tag.”

But if you’ve been eyeing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, now might be the time to strike: Amazon is taking $200 off the list price in all three colors. Yes, that’s still $1,000 for a phone—but a 15% knock is hard to ignore if you’ve been considering the Note 20 Ultra anyway.

The Apple Watch Series 6 rolled out last fall with enhancements over the previous edition, including a blood oxygen sensor to join the ECG test and other health smarts. After about half a year on the market, we’re starting to see significant discounts roll in on the entry-level models.

Luckily, if you’ve been waiting for a bargain on a new Apple Watch and don’t mind a bright red smartwatch, now’s the time to strike. Right now, Amazon has the 40mm Product(RED) model of the base Apple Watch Series 6 for just $329, a savings of $170 off the list price, while the larger 44mm edition is $375 (that’s $54 off).

Bose’s Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones 700 deliver pristine sound and epic active noise canceling, but they’re pretty pricey at MSRP. Many of you threatened to cancel me when I disqualified them from last year’s headphones co-op since the list price still sits around $379, noting that sales often bring this wireless audio sublimity within reach. This one takes the Arctic White model down to $249. Please don’t cancel me. Kthxbai.

We’ve covered a lot of products from TaoTronics on this site, and they’re all reliable and quality. Their SoundLiberty 88 TWS Earbuds are another great entry to that catalog of items. Until the end of the month, you can get these for 58% off the listing price by clipping the coupon and using the JFOO8GDZ code.

These don’t have ANC tech, but you will still get crisp tunes and clear phone calls. This links easy via Bluetooth with whatever device you desire to pair it with. It’s seamless to transfer between calls and whatever you are listening to. Given the size, you’ll still get exceptional bass, intense treble, and full robust sounds. These are designed to be comfy for hours of wear, no matter if you’re at home or on the go. You’ll get around five hours of listening time on a single charge but an additional twenty-five with the pocket-sized charging case. You won’t be disappointed by adding these to your rotation.

These will ship free for Prime members.

Wow! As a keychain collector for many years, deals like this come far and few. My collection tends to be in the lower tier, spending only a few bucks on a keychain. This one may be a bit pricier, but what’s cool is it comes with the entire game Streets of Rage 4 for Nintendo Switch. This hand drawn retro beat’ em up’s slick style is a pretty neat adaptation of the keychain. I can’t wait to explore the expansive lore behind this thing I carry on my car fob.

My student debt, medical debt, and mortgage have piled up to insurmountable levels that I will be be paying off for years to come. Why not add $13 more onto the pile so I can have the satisfaction of choking the life out of the physical personification of that debt in the form of this Little Buddy Animal Crossing Tom Nook Plush. Smashing his dumb face between the door and doorframe a few times before wrapping my hands around his small stitched neck tightly until his bottom half falls down and the stuffing pours out will give me the momentary relief I very much need as I slowly chip away at a lifetime debt. $13 more will just be a well worth drop in the bucket for that.

Ah, memories. Remember playing Mass Effect for the first time? What a brave new world it was. BioWare’s sci-fi RPG seemed like a leap forward for video game storytelling with its branching dialogue trees and alien smooching. I remember those days well … because it was just a few years ago. Okay, look, I was late on the bandwagon. I only played the trilogy four or five years ago, but I can confirm that it really held up. So I can only imagine that the new remastered collection feels even better. If you’re looking for a blast from the past, you can grab Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on PC for $40 at Eneba (you’ll get a digital code for the PC version). Just use the promo code MASSEFFECTLEG at checkout and you’ll get that sweet $20 discount.

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4 and Xbox) | $10 | Amazon

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4 and Xbox) | $10 | Amazon
Screenshot: Square Enix

If you’ve somehow managed to keep track of Kingdom Hearts’ story over the years—or even if you haven’t, and just want to enjoy a bizarre mashup of Disney and Square Enix IPKingdom Hearts III is down to an all-time low $10 on PS4 and Xbox One today.

Back at the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, I made my not-so triumphant return to the Crucible, the game’s PVP mode. As it turned out, everyone had gotten better at the game, and I’d gotten much worse. If you want to raise your K/D ratio fast, here’s a tip: all you have to do is log into a match that I’m in and wait for me to shoot hand cannon shots 20 feet above your head, giving you ample time to one-shot me with just about any weapon, it seems.

If you’re a PlayStation owner and you want in on this easy target practice, you’ll need to make sure you have PlayStation Plus, which allows you to play games like Destiny 2 online. You can get a full year of Sony’s online service for $35 after service fees from Eneba by using the code PSPLUSMAYEND at checkout. Make sure to wave emote in my direction before you embarrass me into orbit.

With the rise of cloud gaming services like Project xCloud, it only makes sense you’re going to want to game in the most comfortable way possible. This PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip is designed for Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One wireless controllers and is officially licensed by Xbox. How do you plan on playing Xbox games on your phone without this? Are you going to hold your phone in one hand and your controller in the other, swapping hands to alternate between the two different analog sticks? That’s not going to work. At only $9, why not pick this up? You’re telling me for under ten bucks, I can play Halo on the toilet? This is a no brainer.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new gaming monitor, this MSI 27″ HD option is currently $220 at Newegg.

This gaming monitor has a fast refresh rate that optimal PC gaming needs, and it even has some RGB accents on the back— not necessary, but pretty dang cool.

Treat yourself to a little something new for your PC setup!

Imagine the adventures you and Mario can go on. Dress in your finest blue overalls and take the Little Buddy Super Mario All Star Stuffed Plush about town for only $13. Go to the park with you plush Mario. Go to the zoo with your plush Mario. The possibilities are nearly endless. Unlike the real Mario, this plush does not have bones so you can hug and squeeze him with all your might without fear of him breaking under the stress. Let your dog chew on him. You chew on him. It’s your plush now—no one is going to say you can’t. And best of all, since this plush toy can’t talk, he won’t correct you when you call him Marry-o.

Looking for a fun new LEGO kit to build? The new-for-2021 LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter is a nice medium-sized kit at 474 pieces, letting you build the iconic ship with expandable wings, a cockpit that opens, retractable landing gear, and even spring-loaded blasters. It comes with Luke, R2-D2, Princess Leia, and even General Dodonna… you know, the Yavin 4 military base leader. That guy!

Amazon is taking 20% off the list price right now, knocking it down to $40. And if you’re more inclined towards the Dark Side, there’s also a new-for-2021 LEGO Imperial TIE Fighter at the same level discount, now available for $32.

You’ll never see it coming! Okay, actually you probably saw it coming. Now that it’s been two month since the launch of Persona 5 Strikers, the price is starting to drop. It’s now down to $33 on Switch and $40 on PS4 at Amazon. Persona 5 Strikers is half spinoff, half sequel. It continues the story of the Phantom Thieves, but trades in turn based gameplay for Dynasty Warriors-esque action. If you love the characters and world of Persona 5, you’ll likely love this sort of summer vacation special. I’m also running out of Persona 5 jokes, so I hope they stop making spin-offs soon so nobody realizes I recycle the same two references over and over again for these write-ups.

Here’s a real moral dilemma for the “never pre-order games” crowd. Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming out next month and it looks delightful. It’s got all sorts of hectic multiplayer modes that look like a Nintendofied version of Golf With Your Friends. Of course, it’s always good to wait for reviews to drop before making a $60 investment. But here’s the challenge: if you pre-order it from Best Buy, you get a golf bag tag. Oho, now what? I see you’re in a pickle here. Wait for reviews and miss getting a golf bag tag? Hmmmmmm. You must be sweating. In all seriousness, it’s Mario Golf. You kind of know exactly what you’re getting here. So if you’re just a golf-head, why not pick it up early and get a golf bag tag? Life is short, who cares. I just wanna golf for God’s sake!

Warmer weather is arriving, and you might’ve already gotten a taste of the heat ahead. I’ve already pulled out the fans several times here in Chicago, especially for our upstairs rooms that are often either too hot or too cold depending on season.

If you don’t have enough fans for your home with summer on the horizon, then future you will surely thank you for picking up some extra equipment right now. TaoTronics’ adjustable 36″-42″ oscillating tower fan is currently on sale for just $56 at Amazon when you clip the coupon on the page and pop in promo code KJLP7UOR at checkout, marking a $24 total savings off the list price.

With multiple speed settings and timer options, as well as two height settings, TaoTronics’ quiet-running fan can keep you cool day and night. It even comes with a remote for handy adjustments from the bed or couch.

Swimline has been making pool animals since the ‘70s, and they are known for size and quality. This flamingo from them is no different. One of their floaties can cost up to $100. Yes, that’s correct. But today, you can save 56% on this glorious pastel pool monster. With Memorial Day on the way, it’s time to start playing for your summer water buddy.

Let the sunshine state come to wherever you are with all the flamboyance of the flamingo. That’s what a group of them are called, a flamboyance. Given the savings on this one, you could, in fact, fill your yard with your own flamboyance. Inflated one of these is 116″ x 100″ x 68″, which is sizable. The manufacturers say you can fit four adults (850 lb. capacity), but I’m not so sure I’d chance it. But I guess that’s why there are four cupholders built-in. It can also just be you floating along in a pink paradise quadruple fisting. If you’ve been thinking of throwing an island party saving $42 on a hilarious prop for inside or out isn’t bad. Just don’t tiki your time to think about it.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy free one-day shipping.

Get that unsightly Gladware mess under control with this kitchen deal of the day: YouCopia food storage lid organizers are as low as $14 right now at Amazon.

These StoraLid organizers can hold both square and round lids, and has adjustable slots so you can customize it to fit the needs of your inventory of lids you need to organize. It’s $14 for the medium option, and $16 for the large.

If you want to get your saran wrap and other kitchen essentials organized, check out this YouCopia box organizer for $18.

Why not start the spring cleaning with sparkling clean cabinets!? Grab some YouCopia organizing essentials for your home and make it happen!

This deal was originally published 1/02/21 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 5/22/21.

Cooling tech has been around for a bit when it comes to sheets and pillows. These are heaven-sent items for those who tend to run a little hot, especially when sleeping. Take $6 off this SensorGel memory foam pillow today and get that iCOOL Technology for a peaceful night of slumber.

That iCOOL tech gives your pillow more breathability for built-in ventilation and tests cooler than other foams on the market. SensorGel offers relief for the head and neck and works with all sleeping styles. It’s US certified for its performance, emissions, and durability. The EcoShape foam was built to last but also to eliminate waste. The zip-off cover is easy to clean and will always remain cool to the touch.

If you occupy the east coast or southeast, the temperatures have skyrocketed in the last week. It’s time to let your legs breathe; grab a few pairs of fashionable shorts right now. JACHS is having a sale on thirty different colors and patterns, so something for all styles. Each is 63% off and the perfect way to kick off the summer. These are JACHS NY’s best-selling shorts that will bring the perfect level of chicness and comfort throughout the season. With prices as low as $29, snag a few to keep your rotation fresh. With stretchy cool material, each has the classic five-pocket chino design for function and sophistication. No worries now; your summer outfits are all set.

All other orders under $100 are shipped for $8.

No one ever said getting in shape was easy, but it can be affordable, as evidenced by this Eufy C1 smart scale deal. For less than $19 right now when you clip the coupon and use promo code eufyscale at checkout, you can start tracking your weight in a healthy way—from the comfort of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. That’s a solid savings from the $30 list price.

A bespoke companion app breaks down granular metrics including overall weight, percent body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. Plus, one account supports up to 16 users, so even the biggest households can keep tabs on their fitness gains. And if you’re already invested in another app like Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit, you’ll be happy to know that the Eufy C1 smart scale is compatible with all three.

You want to keep your earrings and necklaces and such organized, but you also want to easily take them on the go? Take a look at this IMHO travel jewelry armoire, which can be yours for just $12 right now.

This cute little mock armoire is available in both white and green, and either would look perfect on any vanity or bathroom shelf. Make sure to clip the coupon below the full $28 price, and add coupon code 50556JOF at checkout to bring it down to the more nice price.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for the legendary NBA JAM game series, then you’ll love these officially licensed shirts from Homage. These comfy crewneck tees capture the iconic look of the classic JAM lineup cards, but update the rosters with the league’s latest stars, including Curry and Thompson from the Warriors, Harden and Durant from the Nets, and Butler and Adebayo from the Heat.

Right now, you can save 20% on any of the NBA JAM shirts when you use the Kinja Deals-exclusive promo code KINJAJAM at checkout. Actually, this code works sitewide, so you can use it on Homage’s Nickelodeon or The Office apparel, or even its MLB JAM baseball line. And if you need cozy basics to fill out your closet, Homage’s Go-To collection has you covered. This deal has been extended through the rest of May, so you still have plenty of time to pick out some rad new fits.

The French definitely have a glowing look about them, and it’s can’t just be from wine and cheese. Beauty is definitely an attribute I’d connect to french culture, so I would definitely trust them to know how to get skin flawless. SkinCareRX brings some of that to the masses and offers 27% off all French products with code FRANCE27.

I will absolutely recommend anything from La Roche-Posay. Dermatologists worldwide hold them in high regard for their products, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Got an oily t-zone? The Micro-Exfoliant Effaclar Toner is tops. Looking to treat an acne flare-up? Give this Foaming Cleanser With Retinoid a try. And it is that time of year to get a new sunscreen for summer.

Free shipping on orders over $49.

If your muscles are just as stressed as you are, grab a TaoTronics massage gun. Down to $60 with a coupon clip and promo code KINJAOWT, you’ll have six gun attachments and 20 speed levels to really get into the deep tissue of your legs, shoulders, and wherever else you’ve got a little tension.

All told, it’s $40 off the list price right now when you clip the coupon and then pop in the code at checkout. It has a 4.8-star rating from 3,400+ reviews, too, so customers are loving the relief it brings.

Now is a great time to start planning for sunny days and lounging. With the CDC saying outdoor gatherings are all good, a day at the beach or lake is just what you need after the last year. So it’s time to get prepared. Disney is giving the house of mouse fans 30% off swimwear and accessories, and no code is needed.

There is a lot of items for the little ones, obviously. If you have a tot or tween in your life that loves Disney or anything under their umbrella, you’re sure to find the right fit.

My beach towel from last year is included in this sale, and it held up just fine as my park/shore blanket. The Mickey Mouse and Friends Cupcakes Beach Towel is adorable, colorful, and can even be personalized with a name.

Bring your friendly neighborhood Spiderman poolside with these cute slides. Featuring Spidey’s mask, these fit comfy on your little superhero’s feet and will protect them even on the hottest of sands. Built for the summer elements and a killer accessory for this year’s vacation or beach trip.

Now for a bag to keep all your beach goodies safe while playing in the sand and sea. There are a few to pick from, but there is something charming about this Winnie the Pooh Swim Bag. The bag is made of durable PVC material on the outside and has a striped drawstring bag on the inside to keep your most important contains safe from the elements. There’s a Pooh bag joke in here somewhere, I’m sure. But it’s definitely charming with the delightful face of the beloved bear.

You can also grab free shipping on orders over $75 with the code SHIPMAGIC.


The Inventory editor-in-chief Sonic the Hedgehog has passed down another deal he wants me to share today. He points out that you can now pre-order the official Sonic Encyclo-spedia-ia for $42 or the Deluxe Edition for $56. The upcoming book is an officially licensed, 288-page book from Dark Horse that explains everything you need to know about Sonic. It’ll officially be out in November, but you can save some money by ordering it early. In fact, Sonic demands that you do. Defy his dark rule at your own risk. I don’t think the book mentions the part where he ate Wario and took control of our website, though. Seems like an important detail Dark Horse should get in there before it comes out.

I’ll never forget the first time a friend showed me Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. At that point, the idea of a good video game movie was a myth. And yet, here was this legitimately great CG animation featuring your boy Cloud. With my brain still amped up from the excellent Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’ve been itching to revisit Advent Children for the past year and see if it holds up. Here’s a good excuse to do just that. Amazon currently has the new complete 4K ultra HD edition of the film up for pre-order. You can get it for $24 right now, which is down from its $31 list price. This new version is an extended, remastered cut of the film and features some behind the scenes footage too. Perhaps we will finally learn all of the animation secrets that make Cloud’s Jnco’s work.




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LG CX 65" OLED TV | $1,897 | Amazon, BuyDig

LG CX 65″ OLED TV | $1,897 | Amazon, BuyDig
Image: Gabe Carey

If you’re going to give OLED a try, this might be the time to start considering. I’ll contend you can still get away with an LG B7, the baseline from a couple of generations ago, but the TVs have gotten exceptional. Burn-in and input lag are two of the biggest knocks against OLED, especially for gamers, but according to reviews, that should be a non-issue on the LG CX. So long as you’re not watching the news or playing games with the same HUD for many consecutive hours on end, you shouldn’t run into any nasty image retention issues anytime soon.

Now down to the low price of $1,997 for the 65″ model at both Amazon and BuyDig, the CX is one of the best LG currently has to offer. It begins with that beautiful OLED panel, of course, which bids sayonara to muddy grays and backlight bleed thanks to its per-pixel lighting. For movies, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR return to give you the best cinematic experience possible, the latter adding a feature that automatically tunes the picture around your ambient lighting conditions and the content you’re watching.

Note that only BuyDig is offering a free $100 Visa gift card with the purchase, so you’ll get more bang for your buck from that retailer. Still, if you prefer Amazon, the price is the same without the bonus gift card in tow. With either retailer, you can also get a free LG XBOOM Go PL5 Bluetooth speaker via this LG promotional website, so don’t forget that detail after purchase!

The TV also includes both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, both of which are gaming features that eliminate screen tearing with little (if any) added input lag. Because of these tailored features, along with its gorgeous visuals and uniquely low price point, I’ve seen countless people in the gaming industry—including Bugsnax co-creator Philip Tibotoski, PCMag and Tom’s Guide writer Tony Polanco, and IGN’s Wesley DeBlanc—raving about the LG CX on Twitter.

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