The Best Deals to Shop on July 9, 2021

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If you’re looking for some dependable, low-cost headphones that’ll get the job done, get into these Skullcandy Sesh Evo Wireless Earbuds. They’re only $40 at Amazon, which is 33% off the original list price.

These have about 5 hours of listening time in the buds and another 19 hours’ worth of charge in the case. They’re also sweat and water resistant, so don’t be afraid to get your workouts in. Amazon customers give them a strong 4.3-star rating. Grab em’ before they’re gone!

This gaming headset is compatible with your PS4 or PS5, your Xbox, and your PC with options to use USB C/USB/3.5MM audio jack. The headset delivers great sound quality with ENC noise cancellation. It’s all got RGB lighting on the sides the fit in with the rest of your RGB lit computer setup. This headset will be down to $54 through July 11th with the code WYOWAPSM. That’s down from $90. If you’re in the market for a new headset, now is a great time to jump on one.

If you’ve been eyeing one of the gleaming stainless steel Apple Watch models with the sleek milanese loop, but the towering price tag kept you at bay, here’s an option. Right now, Amazon is offering the Wi-Fi + Cellular 40mm stainless steel Apple Watch Series 5 for $396, or 47% off the original list price.

True, it’s the last-gen model (not the current Series 6), but the only big feature you’re losing is the new blood oxygen sensor. And yes, that’s certainly not cheap, but it’s more than $300 off for a visibly premium version of the leading smartwatch.

Apple’s deluxe AirPods Max wireless headphones have been gradually slipping in price since their recent launch, and while the discounts aren’t enormous yet, we’ve now passed the 10% mark on certain styles at Amazon.

Right now, Amazon is offering up to $71 off the $549 list price of the AirPods Max, depending on color choice. Gizmodo describes these premium headphones as “annoyingly incredible,” praising the dazzling sound and active noise canceling, comfort, and integration with Apple devices, but panning the steep price and awkwardly-designed, purse-like case.

Edifier is fast becoming a quality and reliable brand. Until July 11, save 30% on their TWS1 PRO Earbuds. Use the code KINJAEDI30 at check out, but this will only work for both the white and black ones.

Once connected by Bluetooth, pick which listening experience is right for you. Mono or Stereo mode and these work independently of each other. So you take one out or like to work with just one in that’s no problem. These will run for about forty-two hours total, twelve hours off of a single charge and an additional thirty with the charging case. I will say about Edifier, the packaging is beautiful and really nicely designed. They took that sensibility right to their products as well. The charging cases I’ve seen are just as sleek. These little buds are comfy but come with three different ear tips to make sure it’s a snug fit. The TWS1 Pro Earbuds are also sweat, water, and dust resistant to they were built for gym sessions and anything else you can throw at them.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Apple iPad iPro 11” (2021) | $749 | Amazon, Walmart

Apple iPad iPro 11” (2021) | $749 | Amazon, Walmart
Image: Andrew Hayward

Apple’s brand new M1-powered iPad Pro models just started shipping in late May, and already you can save $50 on the base 11” model. That’s the discount seen at both Amazon and Walmart right now, where the 128GB version is selling for $749.

The 11” tablet isn’t vastly different from its predecessor, but alongside the performance boost from Apple’s wondrous new M1 chip, it also has a new ultra-wide front-facing camera with a Center Stage feature that keeps you in clear view during video calls (even if you move around). There are also versions with optional 5G cellular support, but not at a discount just yet.

There are a lot of very obvious AirPods-inspired wireless earbuds out there right now, but Samsung’s recent Galaxy Buds Live are different: they look like lil’ beans that you pop into your ears. These aural legumes are plenty powerful, however, packing active noise cancellation and strong audio quality. And the shape actually works well, as Gizmodo reviewer Sam Rutherford described:

“The Galaxy Buds Live are quite comfortable, and when combined with their relatively petite dimensions and low profile, they are some of the most unobtrusive wireless headphones on the market. In fact, I’ve even fallen asleep while wearing them and they are right up there with the Pixel Buds as being one of the most comfortable earbuds in my ears. And when it comes to staying in place during exercise, even after a sweaty one-mile run, the Galaxy Beans never budged.”

Prime members can save $40 off the list price in all four colors at Amazon right now. They were cheaper for Prime Day last month, but you don’t need a Prime subscription to take advantage of this deal.

Most of the Chromebooks we cover at Kinja Deals are bargain-centric builds, delivering a solidly capable laptop for a few hundred bucks or less. But if you’ve grown to love Google’s Chrome OS and want something with a bit more premium allure and perks, there are options.

Here’s one: the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can unfold into a tablet, plus it has more power than your average Chromebook thanks to an Intel Core i3 processor. Add in benefits like a fingerprint sensor and Wi-Fi 6 support, and it’s a bit more lavish than we usually see with Chromebooks. Save $120 off at Amazon right now.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones may have the worst dialogue and acting performances of the entire film franchise, but at least it has Yoda in his prime kicking ass like we’d never seen before. Relive his action-packed turn with this sizable 1,771-piece LEGO set, which produces a 16” tall Yoda build complete with lightsaber along with a posable head, eyebrows, fingers, and toes.

It even comes with a tiny Yoda minifigure and a placard for display purposes. Save $20 off the list price at Amazon right now, dropping the price to $80 and producing one of the best cost-per-brick ratios of any LEGO Star Wars set.

Okay, so you’ve bought a new Xbox. Now what? For starters, you’re going to want to get that sucker online. Xbox Live Gold (or whatever it’s called now) lets you play multiplayer games like Destiny 2 online, gives you access to big deals, and throws an occasional free game your way. It’s a necessity for anyone looking to play Series X|S games online, so it’s the kind of service you’ll likely need sooner or later. Fortunately, you can get a full year of Xbox Live Gold at Newegg right now for $50 by using the code EMCEYEA28 at checkout.

And here’s the best part. Xbox allows you to have up to 36 months prepaid on your account. If you buy three 1-year subscriptions, do not turn on recurring billing while redeeming the codes (this will add a free additional month which won’t allow you to add the last code). Then you can pay $1 to upgrade all of that to Game Pass Ultimate. Congratulations. You just paid super cheap for three years of access to Xbox Game Pass’ expansive library—something that would normally cost you $15 per month. You’ve beat the system. Good job. Take note though that this will only work if you are not already subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate.

It’s finally time: you can get stepped on by the tall vampire lady. While my peers have advised readers to not be killed by Lady Dimitrescu, I’m here to say that it’s actually cool and good to be crushed to death by a tall vampire. Forget the haters! Get trampled upon, comrades! If you just can’t wait for that moment, you can can buy the console versions on Amazon for $50. Now prepare to perish under Lady D’s 17.3 inch shoes.

Whether young or old, Yoshi’s Crafted World can warm any heart with its charm. This puzzler-platformer for Nintendo Switch can be played with one other friend, and today, you can buy it for just $45 at Amazon.

Its fun setting and mix of new and classic Nintendo characters make this a great game to sit back and relax with. Don’t be afraid to put all your Yoshi eggs into this basket if you’re looking for something new to play.

Gloomhaven | $96 | Amazon

Gloomhaven | $96 | Amazon
Image: Giovanni Colantonio

Do you have a cabinet where you keep all your board games? Get ready to clear the entire thing out, because Gloomhaven is $96 at Amazon today. “Surely the game isn’t that big,” you might ask. Well, try this on for size: the box weighs 22 pounds. We’re talking the weight equivalent of three healthy human newborns here. What’s in that box that justifies its mammoth size? Gloomhaven is a co-operative RPG with a deck-building battle system, so it comes packaged with tons of cards. Plus, the box includes figures, tokens, map panels and much more. The game has a huge fanbase gained from a successful Kickstarter campaign, so the price cut is a good excuse to find out what all the fuss is about. It also doubles as a sturdy barbell, if you’re just looking to work on your core.

It’s Kirby! Masahiro Sakurai’s very own affront to God! Or, perhaps Kirby is God himself. We know he is canonically the most powerful character in Super Smash Brothers or any Nintendo franchise. And here he is in Kirby Star Allies showing off his power again by taking hold of three “friends” and having them answer his every beck and call. Though, those three can actually even be real friends of yours in the all new four player co-op. Kirby Star Allies is down to $45 at Best Buy.

I know what you’re thinking right about now. “Boy, I could really use some digital horror to take me away from the constant terrors of the real world!” Cheekiness aside, video game horror is a perfectly good escape from reality, because at least you have control in your situation. So if you earnestly are looking for a new scary game to play right about now, the Switch version of Dead By Daylight: Definitive Edition is currently on sale for $18. The asymmetrical multiplayer game features a whole cast of horror icons from Freddy Krueger to Pyramid Head. You can play as a survivor and try to escape certain doom, or play as a monster and cause some havoc yourself. Whatever you need to do to cope.

The video game so nice, it lets you kill Bowser twice. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is one of the best Switch games out there and it just got even cheaper. Best Buy has the title down to $45 today. Considering that Nintendo rarely discounts first-party games, that’s a particularly rare bit of savings on a new release. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury includes two great games for the price of one. You’ll get one of Wii U’s best games and the all new Bowser’s Fury, which is a mini open world Mario game where you fight a kaiju-sized Bowser as a cat. It’s good.

Here at Kinja, we bring you all kinds of deals. Many of which are fun accessories with a nice Animal Crossing coat of paint. We’ve written to you about Animal Crossing controllers, the Animal Crossing soundtrack, Animal Crossing backpacks, Tom Nook hats and plushes, and so much more.

But here it is—the actual dang game it’s all based on is having a sale. If you missed out on what was the Animal Crossing New Horizons craze which genuinely helped a lot of people out through a difficult time early in lockdown, you’re in luck because really it is a single player game at its core. Even if you won’t know anyone else playing, you can pick this up now for $45 and easily be able to sink 100+ hours into this wonderful island escape. And then maybe after, you’ll also want a hat too.

Looking for something to spruce up the corner of the room? Consider this pinball machine. Featuring artwork of characters spanning the three separate trilogies, it will have something everyone loves. At the very least, it will at least give your guests an excuse to talk your ear off to let you know about how they feel about Rian Johnson. Or you can simply not invite anyone over and just play pinball! It’s $51 off the list price right now at Walmart.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) | $45 | Amazon, Best Buy

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) | $45 | Amazon, Best Buy
Screenshot: Nintendo

If you own a Nintendo Switch, but don’t have Breath of the Wild, first of all…huh? Second of all, physical versions are just $45 right now.

Oh my God. He’s back. Mario is alive! Super Mario 3D All-Stars is down to $45 at Walmart and Best Buy today, a familiar price for anyone who grew up playing the games included in the collection. Back in 2002, I remember getting $45 from my mom so I could go to the mall and gleefully pick up a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. Then there was 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy, one of the first games I bought on my own when I went off to college. At the time $45 seemed like a real investment. Seeing that price tag on these classic games is kind of nostalgic, isn’t it? Okay, I’m reaching. It’s a little bizarre that the collection was $60 to begin with, but the price reduction here is a welcome one. Super Mario 3D All-Stars literally vanished from shelves at the end of March, so this is some leftover stock kicking around. Truly, it’s your last chance to snag it.

If you live in an apartment where there’s little chance of growing some vegetables, the AeroGarden could scratch this itch easily. It looks like a pot at first glance, but once you start dropping the seeds into the machine, it helps guide you in taking care of the plants, from adding water and plant food to making sure its LED lights are on when needed.

The entry-level AeroGarden Sprout has a very smart, sleek design that makes it look like a futuristic plant pot. At just $54 right now at Amazon – a savings of $46 off the list price – you may be tempted to buy two of these, just to grow different vegetables at any time of the year. Ready to invest in a much, much larger setup? You can also save $217 on the AeroGarden Farm 24Plus right now at a discounted price of $578.

UGG is a brand that flies off the shelves once it’s on sale. This is a really great deal on their sheets, but you’re going to have to do a little work. There are five patterns still available in full or twin sizes. The best value of all of these seems to be the UGG Juvie Full Sheet Set in Rainbow. These premium sheets are 50% off, and they’re made out of soft flannel and cotton. These are comfortable and chic. The grey stars are nice as they won’t clash with the decor you already have. But again, play around with the other options, and you might find a better fit for your bedroom, there are other styles at the same price. Buy quickly, though; these will all be gone very soon.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

Outdoor gatherings are back, and it’s cool to hang with your friends and family, so as the warm weather approaches, start planning. Society6 wants you to be prepared for a picnic with your loved ones or a relaxing solo day at the beach. Take 20% Off Tabletop, Outdoor, and Lifestyle gear for the rest of the day.

Grab a new collapsable sling chair for a peaceful backyard lounge. Melt into the comfy polyester hammock-style seat with your favorite book or a glass of wine. Durable enough for a camping trip or a day on at the shore, it’s water-resistant. It’s easy to store and travel with. This flower pattern chair from artyguava is giving me real spring vibes.

Looking for some new outdoor cushions to revamp your fresh air sanctuary? Those are included in this sale too. You know I’m obsessed with Megan Galante’s Rainbow Cheetah print; well, now you can have it as a floor cushion. Made of woven polyester to withstand harsher elements, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t use them inside too. It’s spillproof and specially coated to protect against UV fading.

If you do plan on a picnic or two, a good blanket is needed. This one from colour poems is as bright and cheery as they come. The Golden Sun Pattern is the perfect design to inspire warm feelings about good weather. It’s made of the same water-resistant woven polyester on the top to keep it going all summer long. It’s got a hearty polyester canvas on the bottom to hold up against a variety of surfaces. They designed these with a carrying harness, making them super easy to travel with.

If you’re among the more motivated this year and overhauled your diet and exercise plan, this is a deal for you. This Blendtec Fit 120 Volt Blender could be just the thing you need to jump-start a whole new routine. But honestly, we won’t judge if you use it for margaritas too.

This ten-speed durable, and beautifully designed blender is easy to use and clean. There are preprogrammed buttons to help with smoothies, batters, soups, juices, and crushing ice. But it’s not all healthy fun and games; treat yourself to a little ice cream and make a shake too. Blendtec is a quality product and will have no problem pulverizing fruits and veggies for whole juices. The jar is BPA-free and clearly marked to aid in getting the right measurements no matter what you’re mixing.

This will ship free in one day for Prime members.

This Macy’s sale is so good you need to start overhauling old ratty towels and spruce up your bathroom for spring. Sunham’s soft spun cotton bath towels are just $3. This deal runs until July 12.

They come in six colors, so you’re sure to find the right hues to blend with your bathroom decor. Each towel is made of cozy machine washable cotton and is guaranteed to be ultra soft. The bath towels are a standard 27″ x 52″. Act fast because these will not last.

Free shipping on orders over $25.

Who has time to sweep? That’s especially true if you have kids running around the house, tracking in dirt from the outside, spilling Cheerios, and frightening the family dog into shedding record amounts of fur. Just let a robot help you out. Eufy RoboVacs are a great alternative to Roomba, and the RoboVac 15C MAX is well fit for the job, especially at today’s price.

It falls all the way to $176 at Amazon. That’s $104 in savings for a little helper with powerful 2,000Pa suction capabilities, one of the strongest available in its lineup. It’ll clean anything from hardwood floors to most carpet, has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, and it can go up to 100 minutes before needing a charge or bin dump.

I’m a huge fan of Daelmans. I got my first pack of these in a Try Treats box a few years ago, and they were amazing. I’ve seen pack at Amazon for an absurd amount of money (36 for $31!), so this is a nice deal for upgrading the snack section of your pantry. Get these cheap while supplies last.

These are only 120 calories on par with a granola bar and just as tasty. In this deal, you’ll get 64 tasty and satisfying Dutch caramel treats. This is a classic soft, bendy, and traditional treat straight from Holland you won’t regret grabbing. Plus, the handy windmill tin keeps these caramel snacks as fresh as can be. They come in honey, chocolate, or a combo of those two.

These sold out quickly last time, so we expect the same this go-round.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

I too know the unique pain of owning far too many single-use, gimmicky kitchen appliances that leave the countertop after a few months, banished to the basement to collect dust and generate regret every time you pass by.

But even I can get behind the Instant Pot Duo Plus, which is $40 off the regular price at Amazon today. This 6-quart model packs a lot of capabilities into a compact design, letting you pressure cook, slow cook, steam rice and more, sauté, cook eggs, sterilize, and more. It’s pretty great!

Find out why people have been raving over the Instant Pot in recent years by grabbing this Duo Plus edition for just $80 today.

I have a terrible habit of starting to drink a La Croix and then forgetting it somewhere in my apartment when there’s about 1/4 can left. That’s a wasteful habit I’d like to break, and I really am trying to cut down on the amount of waste in my life and budget these days.

One way to solve that dilemma (or the issue of the expense of canned sparkling waters and sodas) is to make your beverage of choice yourself, and they’ve got a deal for you over at Bed Bath and Beyond right now.

You can snag a SodaStream Fizzi kit for just $70 today, which comes with a 60L CO2 canister, a BPA-free water bottle, and the maker itself. Pick from white, black, ice blue, or rose gold.

You can make sodas and sparkling waters in a plethora of assorted flavors with this bad boy! According to the reviews, you can make a pretty close Red Bull copycat with the energy drink syrup for $12. Give it a try while it’s down to this fantastic price!

No one ever said getting in shape was easy, but it can be affordable, as evidenced by this Eufy Smart Scale C1 deal. For just $18 right now, you can start tracking your weight in a healthy way—from the comfort of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. That’s a solid savings from the $33 list price. Just clip the coupon on the page and then use code eufyscale at checkout.

A bespoke companion app breaks down granular metrics including overall weight, percent body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. Plus, one account supports up to 16 users, so even the biggest households can keep tabs on their fitness gains. And if you’re already invested in another app like Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit, you’ll be happy to know that the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is compatible with all three.

I’ve been using a few of 107’s products for a while and can say they know what they’re doing. As with most K-Beauty companies, their shining glory is skincare. 107 Beauty is no different, and one of their best-sellers is discounted for the rest of the month. Take 15% off anything on the site to celebrate the start of summer with glowing skin. Just used the code Honey107.

My favorite product from them is the Micro Drizzle Hydro Toner. Don’t be alarmed if you have a complexion a bit on the oily side. My t-zone can be a mess; this never made it worse, even with its hydration-focused formulation. Hyaluronic acid does wonders and is the main ingredient in many top skincare items on the market, so same here. After each use, my skin felt revitalized, refreshed, and ready for my moisturizer. It never disrupted anything for me and quickly became my number one toner. It’s absolutely lightweight and keeps my skin in top form for the majority of my day. It’s made from seven-year aged vinegar and Japanese camellia leaf extract, so it soothes your face even on your worst days or during a breakout. It was formulated to be used as often as you need and not upset your skin’s natural pH balance.

Free shipping on all orders over $40.

Hey, I get it. You’ve maybe not been as active as you should be these past few months. Maybe, like me, you took winter hibernation a little too seriously. Now that it’s summer, a lot of us are starting to think about getting more fit as the layers come off. Why not make it happen with a home gym?

If you want a great starting point, you can get a full-body workout with 50% off a Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine. I personally love this method of working out, as the LCD display shows your stats and keeps you pumped as you work to beat your last time, calories burned, or stroke count. Plus, rowing machines use over 80% of the body’s muscles with little impact on the body, meaning less stress on your joints! Get this one from Sunny with eight levels of resistance for $199.

Wanna pump some iron? You can grab a Sunny Health & Fitness power and squat rack for $251 right now at Amazon to help you do just that. This heavy duty squat rack has spotter arms for safety and can handle up to 880 lbs. of weights.

The sales on fitness don’t end there. Check out everything else on sale right here and below!

After escaping the lawless streets of the early days of pandemic, it’s only natural that we celebrate by introducing a new brand of chaos, complete with loud music, intoxicating ragers, and most importantly, a whole new summer wardrobe.

That’s why JACHS NY, a long-time Kinja Deals fave, is offering an unbeatable bundle discount, for a limited time only. When you purchase any pair of its signature shorts—stretch chino, pull-on dock, or otherwise—you can also snag a shirt for $39 total. The shirts themselves come in tee, henley, and polo styles and in a variety of colors. Just enter the promo code 2STR at checkout and start saving before the sale ends.

Be the envy of all your friends this summer (or send them the link to this post so they, too, can experience the kind of deep savings on high-quality, boutique clothing you can only find at JACHS NY). Why not skip the line at the big box chain fast-fashion retail stores and see what the independent company’s bespoke fabrics and modern, yet somehow vintage designs are all about. With prices like this, you really can’t go wrong.

What is a Stoggle, you ask? Think of it this way: If “style” and “goggles” had a baby, there is only one acceptable name for that newborn child. And now that eye protection is mandatory for health care workers, there is a market for more fashionable accessories that get the job done right. Among the more successful attempts at this is Stoggles.

Named one of the “100 best innovations of 2020” by Popular Mechanics, Stoggles is trying to position itself as “the Warby Parker of safety eyewear” (their words, not mine), making safety goggles that are lighter and more compact than the unwieldy protective gear of yesteryear. And with over 250,000 Stoggles sold so far, it’s proven successful as the largest eyewear crowdfunding campaign ever, having raked in $3 million from backers.

You can purchase Stoggles directly from the Stoggles website starting at $39 in both original and mini sizes. As for the shape of the frames, you can choose between square and round for no extra cost. Stoggles come in a variety of colors from sky blue to mint green to clear. Light responsive lenses can be tacked on for an extra $15. You can save 10% off your first order using the promo code AMB10, courtesy of Kinja Deals.


Looking to bulk up your collection of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray films? Amazon is currently offering a sci-fi sale spanning no-doubt classics and modern hits for $18 apiece—more than half-off the list price for many of the titles. Standout picks include The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Inception, but there are a few more worth considering at the sale page.

It’s rare that fans can whine about something and get what they want. Celebrate this victory by picking up the Snyder Cut in 4KUHD and then seeking out a 4K 4:3 television to watch it the way it was meant to be seen. This 4KUHD Blu-ray will release September 7th, 2021.

This super hero trilogy comes with 4K Blu-ray Man of Steel, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (yes that’s the Snyder Cut). I can’t get over the full title for Batman v Superman still. Was Dawn of Justice really necessary? We knew a Justice League movie would be coming out and there weren’t any full feature movies titled “Batman v Superman” before. And now with Ultimate Edition slapped on it, it sounds like a dang mobile game. Anyway this trilogy set also comes with brilliantly desaturated posters of each of our heroes as well as several illustrated posters. You can pre-order the trilogy on Amazon and it will be released September 7th, 2021.




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