Select Streaming Services are $0.99/month on Prime Video Today

Select Streaming Services | $0.99/Month for 2 Months | Amazon

Select Streaming Services | $0.99/Month for 2 Months | Amazon

Have you been waiting until you’re in a hotel with Showtime to watch Dexter: New Blood? Because that’s what I did. And I’m sitting here, wondering what happens in episode three, like an absolute joker. Don’t be like me! Select streaming services, including Starz, Showtime, Paramount+, Discovery+, PBS Kids, and so many more, are all on sale for $0.99 per month. This deal only lasts until January 3, so make sure to stock up on all your favorite channels so you can spend the first months of 2022 binging your favorite TV. (That’s what we’re all going to be doing anyway, right?) Check out all the channels on offer here.

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