Put Your Nintendo Switch in Mario’s Pants for $11

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Mario’s Pants Switch Case | $11 | Amazon

I have been avoiding writing this deal up for months. Every few weeks, I see a sale on this Nintendo Switch carrying case, which looks like Mario’s pants. I stare at it in horror and think of all the bad ways a write-up about it could go. “Is that a Switch in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” “See what’s inside Mario’s pants for $11.” God, the possibilities are really endless. But I refuse to give in. I will tell you with a straight face that this is a Switch case that merely looks like Mario’s iconic overalls. It can fit a Switch, 10 game cards, and all necessary wires thanks to a mesh pouch. It is not his actual pants. Pull your mind out of the gutter and put it in Mario’s pants instead. No wait, I mean put your Switch in Mario’s pants. Whatever, I give up, this was a mistake.

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