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OtterBox’s New Baby Yoda-Inspired Amazon Echo Dot Stand Is Here

Illustration for article titled Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into an Aging Baby Yoda With Male Pattern Baldness

Image: OtterBox

A few months after OtterBox gave the Echo Dot a Baby Yoda facelift last year, Amazon revealed a complete redesign of the smart speaker, making it rounder to squeeze better speakers inside. So OtterBox is back with another Grogu-themed stand for the fourth-generation Echo Dot, but this time around, the Child isn’t looking as adorable.

Admittedly, OtterBox’s first Baby Yoda smart speaker stand made the Force-wielding alien look like it was the victim of a vengeful Sith (or clumsy Jedi) who’d accidentally lopped off the top of his head with a lightsaber, leaving mostly just Grogu’s green pointy ears behind.


Image: OtterBox

But we’re not sure the Child fares much better this time around, because when the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot is paired with OtterBox’s new stand, Grogu looks less like an infant and more like a middle-aged alien who has yet to figure out how to use the Force to battle a severely receding hairline.

If it’s an aesthetic that works for you, however, the $25 smart speaker stand is now available on Amazon to help your May the Fourth celebrations be as happy as possible—just the way the Jedis wanted.

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