Mengfan Upgraded 5304506518 Dishwasher Soil Trap, Now 74.54% Off

Enhance the performance of your dishwasher today with the Mengfan Upgraded 5304506518 Dishwasher Soil Trap. This versatile dishwasher upgrade is currently discounted by a whopping 74.54%, only on Amazon, making it a cost-effective solution to revamp your dishwasher’s cleaning capabilities.

This product is crafted out of durable grey plastic and designed as a seamless replacement part for various dishwasher brand models. The 5304506518 Dishwasher Soil Trap is the exact equivalent of part numbers AP6036337, 154252702, 4456335, and PS11770485, fitting perfectly between the spray arm and the lower spray arm hub, and is compatible with Frigidaire, Kenmore, Crosley, and many more.

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