Make Bedside Screen Time More Convenient With the MagicOutlet

Graphic: Austin Williams

MagicOutlet | $20 | The Grommet

As far as first-world problems go, inconvenient outlet locations are up there among the worst. As I write this very post, I’m sitting on a couch that’s rendered the outlet behind it completely useless. The piece of furniture that’s the biggest nuisance in this regard is the bedside nightstand blocking the space where I’d otherwise doom-scroll X before falling asleep. Both that nightstand and the outlet it’s impeding are in such awkward positions that I’ve nearly kicked my nighttime social media habit. (They say blue light just before bed is bad for sleep anyway.) But just when I thought I was out, the MagicOutlet may be the power hack that pulls me back in. Essentially an extension cord that sticks to the wall, the gadget, which is now 20% off on The Grommet, allows you to “move” the location of an inconvenient outlet without having to fuss with wiring or tools. It features two AC outlets, two USB ports, and a built-in phone shelf, and it uses an industrial-strength adhesive to stay attached to whichever surface you place it on. After adding this thing to my cart, my only first-world problem will be waking up late for work because I spent all night looking at election memes.

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