Purify Your Water Wherever You Go With the GoPure Pod

GOPure is a trusted portable water purification system that you can use to take drinkable water wherever you go.
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If you tend to travel a lot to locations that you might consider “off the grid,” you’re probably familiar with the idea of needing to boil water to make it drinkable. Or you might live in an area where the water isn’t safe to imbibe. Whatever the case may be, you can always use a personal water filter, and the GoPure Pod is a fantastic choice. It can eliminate all the impurities in your water to turn any contaminated water into safe, delicious drinking water.

$5 Off One GoPure Pod | $25 | GoPure
Buy 2 GoPure Pods, Get 1 Free | $60 | GoPure

It’s 99% effective at removing impurities, and each singlepod can purify up to 2000 water bottles. Plus, it’s portable and easy to stow. Right now, you can take advantage of an offer that’ll score you $5 off one GoPure Pod for $25, or you can buy one and get one free for just $60. Be sure and act quickly, because this deal won’t last long. And you’ll always need to have water around to drink. For more information about the GOPure Pod, check out the official site here.

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