Limited Edition Audi Sport Racing Bike


Luxury auto maker Audi unveiled its latest bicycle design in Japan this week: an ultralight, high-end bicycle that comes with a price tag fit for a low-end car.

The limited edition Audi Sport Racing Bike, shown for the first time in Japan at Audi’s showroom in Shibuya, Tokyo on Tuesday, uses a lightweight carbon fiber material for its frame and comes with a price of about $19,650. That’s enough to buy a small car in Japan, though not a new Audi.

According to the German car maker, the frame of the sports bike weighs 790 grams (27.9 ounces), less than the weight of five iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. They are made of carbon fiber material called T1000 created by Japan’s Toray Industries Inc.which is also used in Audi’s racing cars. (WSJ)

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