Keep the Whole Family Stylish and on Track With These Fitbit Smartwatch Deals

$20–100 Off Fitbits | Macy’s

$20–100 Off Fitbits | Macy’s

Smartwatches are all the rage nowadays and if you don’t have one yet, you should. They make staying connected a lot easier and also provide insight into your health. The deals going on at Macy’s right now for Fitbits are pretty solid. They have the Fitbit Sense, which helps you understand your body’s response to stress with the EDA scan app. Get texts, calls, and smartphone notifications as well as play podcasts and songs from the apps on your watch when your phone is nearby. The Luxe model is a fashionable wellness tracker that gives you the motivation your mind and body deserve. Track your sleep and monitor your heart rate to reach your fitness goals. Don’t forget about the kids. There is also an activity tracker watch to keep them included in the health journey. They earn virtual badges for their progress. It’s also built to take on the daily banging around that kids partake in. Equip the whole family with brainiac watches today.

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