Get Yoku’s Island Express and More Delightful Indies With Prime Gaming in May

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With May right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead to another month of games. For Prime Gaming subscribers, that means another batch of freebies is about to drop. Starting on May 3, players can grab five games through the service and the list is headlined by a big hidden gem: Yoku’s Island Express. The delightful indie is a cross between a pinball game and a Metroidvania (not to be confused with Metroid Prime Pinball). It’s a clever genre mash-up that personally combines my two favorite things in the whole world.

On top of that, subscribers will be able to grab Healer’s Quest, Beholder, The Blind Prophet, and A Blind Legend. The latter of those is a full audio game that uses binaural sound to tell a story rather than images. On top of all that, Prime Gaming subscribers can get exclusive in-game content for League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and more throughout May. With all of that, there’s certainly going to be no shortage of games to play this month.

There are more drops coming than what’s mentioned here, so grab a 30-day Prime Gaming trial if this has your interest piqued. Frankly, that’s a good excuse to hop in and play Yoku’s Island Express, which deserves all the love.

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