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CSHope Wireless Doorbell ? : LGTV Review

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ In this show, I’ll be unboxing/reviewing the CSHope wireless doorbell, the easiest way to replace/add a doorbell to your apartment, house or cabin. This doorbell can operate at 900 feet range with 36 Melodies, 4 levels of volume, IP44 waterproof and dustproof. Thanks for checking out my review! Let me know what you guys think!

Amazon link: https://goo.gl/RHgC82

This review is sponsored by CSHope: https://fbit.co/5y8t


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● Simple Design- Wireless remote control, 12V23A battery for transmitter, AC110-220V and 50/60Hz power supply for the receiver.
● High performance- Waterproof and dust-free structure, double-sided circuit design by LCH Dr team from the USA, Over 1000ft operating distance in open areas.
● Energy efficiency- Super-low power consumption by using advanced technology of standby sleep mode.
● Easy to set up- Superheterodyne learning code system can be easily adjusted, double-sided adhesive tapes included for quick installation.
● Friendly Service- Friendly customer service with 13-month worry-free guarantee to ensure the high product quality

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