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Voitures Extravert quintessenza RS Coupe, #Voitures #Extravert #quintessenza #Coupe

With the 911 soldiering on as an ICE-based sports car, the job of electrification has fallen to third-party shops for the transformation. Dutch company Voitures Extravert is introducing the second model in their vintage electrified 911 lineup, the quintessenza RS. The RS name has meant the best in performance from Porsche, and the quintessenza RS bring 20-percent more power to the table along with improved suspension. 308 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque is now on tap, along with an active damper system to control body movement for even better handling, and larger brakes. Voitures Extravert is taking orders now, with deliveries beginning in early 2023.

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