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Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army Knife, #Victorinox #OffWhite #Swiss #Army #Knife

Designed in collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, this limited-edition Swiss Army knife brings high design to the famous functionality of Victorinox. The knife features Corian scales, a hard-wearing material made from acrylic resin, bauxite ore, and natural minerals for a look and feel like natural stone. The black-print graphics represent mankind’s journey from stone to metal tools, depicting stones used to crush grains, arrowheads, and finally, the blades in the knife itself. The blades can be positioned to resemble a fig leaf, a nod to Adam and Eve, with the rounded edges continuing the stone motif from the graphic on the scales. The Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army knife is limited to 3,000 sequentially-numbered units worldwide.

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