Stop Hogging the TV and Play Your Video Games on Your Phone with the Razer Raiju Mobile Controller for $50

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Razer Raiju Mobile Controller | $50 | Amazon

Cloud gaming has been pushing it’s way front and center. Also as much as you’ve been pushing your partner into the other room so you can hog the living room TV. WTF, dude? Let them use the TV for once to catch up on their shows instead of being relegated to the bedroom again. Just play The Witcher 3 on your phone.

The Razer Raiju Mobile is on sale for the severely reduced price of $50. Save $100 converting your phone into a game system, baby. This controller has a similar form factor to the Xbox controller and features paddle buttons on the backside. This is honestly one of my favorite things a controller can have. Being able to jump and reload without taking your right thumb off its stick is something I’m surprised we hadn’t already figured out 10 years ago. The buttons here are also all remappable through the app. Alternatively you can consider the Razer Kishi which will give you more of a Nintendo Switch setup having parts of the controller on either side of the screen.

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