Sorry to Get Political, But This 50% Off Asus Chromebook Deal is Pretty Good

Asus 14" Chromebook | $149 | Best Buy

Asus 14″ Chromebook | $149 | Best Buy

What’s nicer than buying an incredibly useful laptop for less than $200? Well, probably when that laptop is normally $299, as in the case of this Asus Chromebook. With an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of memory, 32GB of onboard eMMC storage, and more than 10 hours of battery, it’s a perfect machine for sitting down in your favorite night club and slapping out a letter to your representative in Congress to let them know about the great deal you just got on a Chrome OS-running laptop. Or you could throw Linux on it and write to them about not just your deal, but also how you subverted the OS it was born with to install an OS that’s more appropriate for your use case.

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