Revamp Your Lifestyle With Noom and Start Your 7-Day Trial for Just 50 Cents

7-Day Trial For Only 50 Cents | Noom

7-Day Trial For Only 50 Cents | Noom

You’ve probably seen ads for Noom on TV or heard your favorite podcasters hyping them up. Noom has been called “Weight Watchers for Millennials”, but it’s so much more than that! The pandemic hit a lot of us hard and is still affecting so many people’s habits. This is probably why Noom has seen such a boost in visibility and membership. A great deal of their triumph stems from accessibility via mobile and in-depth personal coaching. With app-based fitness on the rise, Noom has been able to blow competitors out of the water with a high success rate and easy-to-use tools.

You’ll get started by signing up through the website and taking a pretty detailed survey. (I’ve done it, it’s long but worth it.) Don’t sweat, you’ll have a 7-day trial for only 50 cents before you have to fully commit.

“I tried Noom ‘just to see’, and here I am nine months later, with a whole new level of mindfulness, confidence, and optimism about my ability to manage my weight, manage my emotions around food, and live a healthy, happy, active life!” – Noomer Michael

Once you’ve given Noom some very specific information about you, your lifestyle, and your goals you’ll be presented with a plan the length of which will be determined by what you want to achieve. Noom will easily sync with your Fitbit or other wearables and health apps so all the important data is being shared. The selling point for Millennials is the next part. You get to seamlessly connect with a Goal Specialist and Group Coach through the app’s simple chat section.

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Each week through cognitive behavioral therapy you’ll learn more about nutrition and fitness to keep your head and body in the right place. Noom helps you unpack the “why” to what you want. This is all based on real psychology. Once you’re assigned your “hand-picked support group”, you can connect with peeps on the same journey, offer motivation, and hold each other accountable in a judgment-free space. This sense of community is a huge plus to something that can be scary and daunting.

“Get clear about your goals and your WHY. Life is full of ups and downs. In these “down” moments, your WHY can help you keep moving toward your goals. Knowing where you are headed and why you want to head there is important. Without your WHY, you would be starting a trip without knowing where you want to end up or why you want to go there; you’d just be driving around aimlessly forever!” – Coach Elizabeth Raynor

Part of Noom’s popularity is because the people it works for were completely committed to it because the next bit requires work. Over the course of your journey, you’ll be prompted to log all of your exercise and what you eat every day. There’s a checklist if you get stumped, but the continued practice of logging is crucial to success.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll get encouraging messages to keep you going. This is a huge asset to Noom as they really aim to overhaul your lifestyle, not just how and what you eat.

Noom was made for you not to be dependent on it but more to give you a blueprint of small changes to make to have a big impact down the road. There’s not a strict diet plan restricting what you can have, instead it’s like a little fitness angel whispering in your ear to rewire your eating habits. The idea is to approach your meals by being more mindful. They don’t want you to deny a craving but rather find a way to satisfy it in a healthier way.

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Your coach will check in with you regularly, again so you never feel like you are on your own. They’ll give you gentle reminders and help you better understand your behaviors around food and your frustrations with losing weight. Understanding why we eat so poorly when we stress out can turn the world around and really look at better ways to manage those reactions. Taking care of our minds is just as important as taking care of our bodies, and Noom gets that.

“If you’re looking for a regimented plan – exactly what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it, and what you can’t eat – Noom probably isn’t for you. Plans like that aren’t sustainable for most people. Instead, we help you understand what habits will complement your lifestyle so that you are better equipped to make good decisions that are sustainable for your long-term health and wellness journey.” – Andreas Michaelides, Chief of Psychology, Noom

Getting support from real people going through real-life struggles just like you brings this community together. Everyone struggles with eating the right thing at the right time throughout their lives but you don’t have to do it alone. Noom’s coaches, trained in psychology, fitness, and nutrition, and fellow users are here for you at the brush of a touchscreen. No challenge is too big throughout your day. You got this and they’ve got you. Good luck with whatever plan you pick!

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