MetMo’s Multi Drive Desktop Tool is Like a Swiss Army Knife For Craftspeople

Graphic: Austin Williams

Multi Drive Desktop Tool | About $107 – $379 | MetMo

If you’re a craftsperson – a creator, tinkerer, whittler, etc. – chances are the moment you use one tool you’re only about half a task away from needing another. Whatever you mark or scribble you eventually have to drill or file. Before long, you start to wonder if your work is only as good as your ability to cycle through the things you use to get it done. That’s why MetMo created the Multi Drive Desktop Tool – so that doers can do without being slowed down by tools that can’t. Simply put, the Multi Drive is a versatile implement that’s part knife, pencil, scribe, drill, file, and micro driver. Its collet attachment system allows you to change out its bits faster than it’d take for you to grab a new tool altogether, meaning you can focus on the complex project at hand knowing you have a device that’s just as dynamic. The handles come in black, black steel, stainless steel, and 24k gold. And the prices for each set range from about $107 – $379 (converted to US dollars from UK pounds).

Based in Leeds, MetMo launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Multi Drive with a goal of $3,157. With 38 days left before funding closes and orders get shipped, the brand has already exceeded that goal by more than 150x. That’s more than 1,700 backers who’ll receive their Multi Drives in February 2025. Become one of those backers to help revolutionize the way things get made.

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