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iPhone 12 Holds Value 22.4% More Than Samsung S21

The iPhone 12 range holds its value by 22.4% more than the Samsung S21 series, reports

According to the site, the Samsung S21 depreciated in value by up to 57% since January 21. That’s a pretty significant amount, especially if you plan on selling your device to fund a future upgrade.

Here’s a look at their findings…

Key Highlights
● The Apple iPhone 12 range has lost value by 18.1-33.7% since launch in 2020. The iPhone 12 Pro 512GB losing $438 of value since its launch.
● The Samsung Galaxy S21 series, has seen shocking depreciation of between 44.8-57.1% since launch in January 2021.
● The most expensive iPhone 12 (Pro Max 512 GB, $1,399) lost 30.7% (6.1% per month since launch) of its value when compared to the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S21 (Ultra 5G 512 GB, $1,599) at 53.3% (17.8% per month since launch).
● The iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB holds it’s value the most vs other’s in the range, with an 18.1% (3.6% per month) decrease in value since launch in October 2020 (five months at the time of writing).
● The Galaxy S21+ 5G 128 GB is the best performing of Samsung’s offerings. Not that that will mean much as it has lost a shocking 44.8% (14.9 % per month) of its value since launch in January 2021 (three months at the time of writing).
● The Galaxy S21 5G 256 GB has depreciated in value by a startling 57.1% (at a rate of 19% per month) despite only being on the market for three months.
● The cheapest Apple iPhone 12 model (standard 64 GB, $799) has lost the most value, depreciating by 33.7% (6.7% per month) in five months on the market.
● The cheapest Samsung S21 model (standard 5G 128 GB, $799) has lost a huge 50.8% (16.9% per month) of its value in only three months.
● Overall, the iPhone 12 range holds significantly more value than the Samsung S21 range.

More details in the full report linked below…

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iPhone 12 Holds Value 22.4% More Than Samsung S21

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