Airbus x Pagani Infinio Jet Cabin


Pagani is known for its striking car designs. Now it can add aircraft design to its portfolio. The Airbus x Pagani Infinio Jet Cabin brings the Italian firm’s panache to the interior of a business aircraft. Based on the ACJ319neo, which already offered the widest and tallest cabin in its segment, the Infinio’s signature feature is the sky ceiling. This series of roof-mounted screens brings in a live view of the sky above the plane, providing a feeling of openness unmatched in traditional aircraft. Walls separating the different areas, such as the lounge and conference room, switch from transparent to opaque at the press of a button, furthering the open feel. The influence of Pagani’s supercars is felt throughout, with soft leather carpets, sculpted metal features, and carbon fiber furniture that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional — much like the aircraft itself.

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