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4-in-1 Hammer | Uncrate, #4in1 #Hammer #Uncrate

Along with the knife, a hammer is one of the tools that are a must for any kit. This 4-in-1 hammer combines a sturdy design with one Phillips head and two flat head screwdrivers that fit in the handle, Matryokshka doll-style. The screwdrivers slip one over the other and are secured by threading into a steel plug that then threads into the handle itself. The iron head is patterned after a 19th-century design and nickel-plated with knurled brass handles for both the hammer and the screwdrivers. It’s just like the one you found in the glove box of your granddad’s old pickup.

Length: 7.75″ x Width: 2.75″ x Height: 0.50″

In stock with easy returns.

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