Wayfair Has a Grill for Every Kind of Dad This Father’s Day – And They’re All 20% Off

Graphic: Austin Williams

Up to 20% off grills for Father’s Day | Wayfair

Forget ties, mugs, and shaving kits. Trust me, your dad wants a grill for Father’s Day. Just think about it. What could be a better gift for an aging man than the ability to cook meat alone in the backyard? Nothing. No matter what kind of dad you have, there’s a grill out there that’d put a smile on his face on June 16. Luckily for you, that happy-making grill is likely available at Wayfair for 20% off as a part of the site’s special Father’s Day promotion. Is your dad the showoff on the block? Use that 20% off to get an expensive grill with enough bells and whistles to impress his friends and send the neighbor dad he secretly hates into an envy-fueled mid-life crisis. Is he a no-frills, borderline barbarian who’d eat a fried egg off a hot driveway if he thought it was the most manly way to consume protein? Get him the cheapest grill Wayfair has to offer and relish in saving that much more money on his gift this year. If Pops is a wannabe pitmaster, go with a smoker grill. And if he’s the outdoorsy type, grab that traveling tabletop grill. You get the point. Dads love grills more than Southern rappers in the mid-2000s. Add one to your cart and go listen to “Grillz” by Nelly now that it’s definitely stuck in your head after reading this.

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