WALI Single Monitor Wall Mount, Now 60.01% Off

When creating the ideal workspace, versatility is key. With the WALI Single Monitor Wall Mount, you’re granted a dynamic range of positions and angles for your monitor. This feature not only makes your workspace clutter-free but also significantly reduces strain on your neck and eyes, consequently boosting your productivity. With its compatibility to hold monitors up to 32 inches, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless.

This wall mount doesn’t just promise flexibility, but also guarantees sturdy construction. The robust gas spring arm has the capacity to be extended by 21.2 inches and retracted as needed. Accompanied by a superior tilt range of +75°/-45° and swivel range of +90°/-90°, you can change your reading angles anytime you want. Adding to its dynamic feature is its 360° rotation capacity that allows you to switch your monitor from landscape to portrait mode effortlessly.

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