Temu Week is Competing With Prime Day, up to 90% off Sitewide

Graphic: Austin Williams

Temu Week | Up to 90% off until July 18 | Temu

If you were planning on once again handing over your mid-July paycheck directly to Jeff Bezos, you might want to check out what Temu has to offer first. Amazon’s biggest competitor currently has Prime-Day-level deals set to last for much longer than the standard 24 or 48 hours. From now until July 18, Temu is celebrating Temu Week with up to 90% off sitewide. This means those of you who missed any of the deals on Temu products I recently recommended can now get those same items for similar discounts. Who says life doesn’t come with second chances? If you whiffed on that Music Boxing Machine, slept on that Camping Cot, or took an L on that Game Table, Temu Week is your opportunity to get your act together and finally take advantage of some of the steals I’ve been sending your way. It’s about time you started taking my advice. If I were to leave you with one more nugget of wisdom, it’s don’t spend all your money in one place like you usually do this time of year. Why wait for a one-day sale when there are blowouts like this one lasting all week?

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