Tempus Machina 216A Rolex Submariner Watch


Original Bond Submariners are highly sought-after. Now you can get a lot of the same details with a brand-new movement in the Tempus Machina 216A Rolex Submariner Watch. This 114060 Sub has been completely redone as an homage to the Bond 6538 Sub, starting with a case that has been reshaped with new bevels and thinner lugs, along with visible lug holes and the crown guards ground off. The bezel has been re-profiled with a coin-edge profile, and its insert sports the iconic red triangle marker. The Tempus’ gilt dial is finished with 18k gold with red depth ratings, while C3 lume on the hands and indicators match those of the early timepieces. Finally, the Tempus adds a custom domed crystal (the only part that didn’t originate at Rolex) and a new old stock 8mm Brevet crown. A perfect marriage of new and old.

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