Stanley’s New All Day Slim Bottle is the Perfect Excuse to Get 10% Off Your First Online Order

Image: Austin Williams

All Day Slim Bottle | 34oz $40, 20oz $30 | Stanley

I know you’ve seen them lately, those hydration-goal hitters strutting through the office with their iconic Stanley Quenchers. Each time they hoist that handle up and proudly slurp from that perfectly straight straw, it’s like they’re lifting a championship trophy reminding you to drink more water. Well, now you can get like them with Stanley’s new All Day Slim Bottle. Its sleek, tote-bag-friendly design makes it more convenient for people who skimp on their water intake because they prefer to pack light on the go. (I’m sure that’s the only reason.) For you realists out there less likely to kid yourselves, it might also interest you to know the 34oz All Day Slim (“Big Slim,” as I affectionately call it) can hold an entire bottle of wine. Hello, inconspicuous boozy beach days! Its double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your drink of choice cool for hours. Its leakproof design will keep everything else in your bag dry. Its recycled stainless steel is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. And, if it’s the first purchase you make with your brand new Stanley subscription that you’re definitely going to get today, it’ll earn you 10% off your order! The All Day Slim Bottle may not be shaped like a trophy, but trust me, you’re still winning if you get your hands on this baby.

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