Sleep Softly on World Sleep Day With This Works Deep Sleep Spray

Vegan and cruelty free sleep spray.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having trouble sleeping since Daylight Savings kicked in. If the Spring forward knocks you for a loop, take 20% off This Works Deep Sleep Spray to save the night on March 15, World Sleep Day. Toss the sleep aid that might make you too drowsy the next day, it only takes a few sprays on a pillow to drift off to dreamland. The blend of lavender, camomile, and vetiver in this sleep spray helps ease you into a more relaxing sleep each night.

This Works Sleep Pillow Spray | 20% Off | Amazon

World Sleep Day is the perfect time to take control of your sleep habits! Make sleep a priority and save on deeper, more restful nights, tested in 4 independent studies to help 96% of ex-sleep aid users fall asleep faster. Drift off to sleep with a sleep aid that smells amazing instead of downing pills and start the day restored at last.

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