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Samson Switchblade Flying Car | Uncrate, #Samson #Switchblade #Flying #Car #Uncrate

With seating for two, room for 50 pounds of luggage, and the power-to-weight ratio of a Corvette, the Samson Switchblade sounds like a sports car. It’s only when you see the extendable wings and tail automatically appear and notice the Dynon avionics gear that you realize it’s a flying car. Classified as an experimental/homebuilt aircraft, it can hit airspeeds of up to 180 mph and has a max altitude of 13,000 feet. A Skybrid hybrid drive and fly system provides up to 450 miles of range, a built-in vehicle parachute keep you safe in the air, and front and rear crumple zones and rollover protection provide reassurance on the ground. It was recently deemed safe for flight testing by the FAA, so it will likely be on the road or in the clouds in short order.

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