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Russell Dauterman’s Incredible Marvel Art is Getting Its Own Book

Image: Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

Since 2014, Russell Dauterman has been an artist mainstay of Marvel comics, and one of the best working at the publisher today. From working with Jason Aaron to tell the story of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor to giving stylish looks to the X-Men for their annual Hellfire Galas (RIP), his work has consistently been pretty damn good, and it’s now being collected into a whole book you can have on your shelf.

Earlier in the week, BacketKit announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for The Marvel Art of Russell Dauterman. The 216-page hardcover will collect the past decade of his work, including covers (regular and variant), interiors and design work—from X-Men to Scarlet Witch and Thor, he says the book will include “as much as I can.” For those who are fans of his costume variant covers, he confirmed all of those would be featured, including one for Thor that hasn’t been seen before now. The book will also include commentary from Dauterman himself and other extras he says will feature “some things a few of you have asked for! I’ve been working on this for awhile,” he added, “[and I] eally hope you enjoy it!”

Dauterman first came into comics in 2011 with The Mis-Adventures of Adam West (written by Darren G. Davis, Reed Lackey, and West himself) and Annie Automatic (Sam Scott). After a brief stint with Boom! and DC Comics, he started at Marvel with Greg Rucka’s short Cyclops run before going to Aaron’s Thor book, and the rest is history. Since going to Marvel, his art has always been eyecatching, and the publisher knows it; his contributions have consistently been featured on outlets like The View and Entertainment Weekly.

The Marvel Art of Russell Dauterman Kickstarteer will begin soon—April 23 or 24, if the countdown math is right—and more details about what’s included in it and when it’s arriving—will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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